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Peacock TV, an NBC Universal-owned online video streaming service providing a platform, was established for people to witness NBC TV shows on the go. This American-based video streamer has every other new and popular program integrated into an easy-to-access buffering facility. 

If this is your first time looking forward to exploring television programs and movies through them, then we’ve got your back. Keep reading as we present every other detail related to, along with the right steps to enter your activation code as bought for their accumulated services.


The Peacock TV is quite popular among online content watchers for its simplified video streaming window. Their android device application lets you stay up to date with live news and sports streams and events, namely, NFL Sunday Night Football, WWE, and much more. 

You can vitally pick out movies, series, games, or television programs in one go, given the easy-to-filter options. With much popularity happening to the application day by day, NBC made sure to create exclusive original content casting their favorite stars in one place. 

The plans as derived to start online streaming through are quite affordable. Also, the streaming fee varies from one plan to another, giving the unique set of content the user gets to access in the first place. The monthly plans are popularly used to stream television and movie content online, along with sports and news channels. 

Activating your plans after purchasing plans from Peacock is quite an easy process. The distinctive activation code as created post confirming your plan purchase can be vitally used to activate different devices, such as Apple TV, Roku, and Smart TVs. If you have recently purchased a plan and are looking for the right steps to activate the code in your television, then follow up with the upcoming section.

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How To Enter Activation Code For

If you are bored of watching video content on a small screen, like your mobile screen and tablet, then streaming Peacock application content on your smart TV shall be a wise decision. Activating Peacock TV app services right into your android enabled television shall be a cakewalk. Follow the upcoming set of instructions as it is to start streaming all your favorite shows and movies right from your television.  

Activating TV on Smart TVs

You can either visit from any of your internet-enabled browsers or search and locate Peacock TV within the android application store to install the application to the smart TV. 

  • Make use of the television remote to type in, search and locate the Peacock app through the smart TV integrated application store.
  • Click on the Install button to start and complete the installation process by itself.
  • After this step, you must launch the program from the television
  • An activation code shall get displayed on the smart television 
  • Visit from your mobile phone or tablet to login into the app using your exclusive credentials
  • After logging in, enter the activation code as displayed on your smart TV into the browser to start streaming content on your television.

This is the verification process followed by Peacock TV to make sure you are using a compatible device in the first place. 

Subscribers who wish to watch Peacock TV right through their television must make use of the activation code for access purposes. The activation code has a time limit, and if the limit has expired, you can reload the page to generate a new code.

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Activating Peacock TV on Apple TV

Before starting with the activation process, you must first create a new Peacock account providing your username and email address credentials. Go through the account creation process as integrated into the official website of Peacock from any of your smartphones or personal computer.

  • From your Apple TV, open up the Apple App Store and search for the Peacock TV app on them.
  • The search results will let you go through the app 
  • Select and click on the Install button using your apple television-connected remote
  • The installation process takes a few seconds of your time, and post its completion, you need to open the app
  • Sign in using your Peacock TV credentials as created before
  • Now, an activation code shall get displayed on the Apple TV-connected screen
  • Visit from a web browser to enter the six-digit activation code as shown on the television
  • Post entering the code, click on the ‘Continue’ button
  • The app shall reload in your television, confirming the verification process.

You are now all set to start streaming from the comprehensive library of TV shows and movies right from the Peacock TV app on your Apple TV.

Activating TV on Roku Streaming Stick

If you own a Roku video streaming device, then it can be used to stream content from the Peacock application too. Roku is well-known for creating streaming sticks that can be connected to bring every other smart TV feature right into your monitors and age-old televisions.

Activating NBC’s exclusive Peacock TV channel through your Roku streaming stick shall be an easy task; if you get to perform the upcoming steps as it is.

  • Open up the Roku official app store from your stick-connected television or monitor
  • Search and locate ‘Peacock TV’
  • Once you have found it, you need to select ‘Add Channel’
  • The Peacock TV gets installed to the streaming device on its own
  • Once the installation process gets completed, open the app and select the option that requests you to sign in using an activation code
  • Now, move on to your mobile phone or tablet, and visit using the internet
  • You need to sign In to your Peacock user account, providing your unique set of username and password in the respective box
  • After signing in, take note of the activation code as displayed on the Roku streaming stick-connected screen 
  • Type them down as it is into the mobile phone or tablet that you have used to sign in to your account
  • The app gets instantly activated, and you are now all set to explore the explosive world of video content of Peacock TV using your Roku streaming stick. 

Alternatively, you can scan the barcode as displayed on the television screen using your mobile phone to complete the activation process as well.

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With freestanding streaming services becoming much more popular among potential television audiences, Peacock TV has certainly made its big stamp in the same. Instant access to different forms of video content is the main goal of such services. 

NBC’s Peacock TV certainly stands as the number service provider with its well-developed application and multiple-device accessibility options.

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