Steven Rinella’s Wife Catherine Finch: Everything About Them

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Steven Rinella Wife Catherine Finch

We all are a fan of someone and loves watching them on television. Well, many fans do not know about the personal life of the person they are a fan of, and the same goes for Steven Rinella too. Although he is a very big television personality, no one really knows about his wife or personal life.

Well, don’t worry because we have dug deep and found a lot of interesting information about Steven Rinella that everyone will love reading about. So, if you want to know about Steven Rinella, his wife, his net worth, and more, read this post until the end. Remember that all the information is verified and obtained from trusted sources, so you will get legitimate information only as many people have been searching for it.

Steven Rinella Wife Catherine Finch

Who Is Steven Rinella & His Early Life

Steven Rinella is an American outdoorsman, conservationist, writer, hunter, and T.V. personality. His full name is Steven John Rinella, and he was born on February 13, 1974, in Twin Lake, Michigan, U.S. He has done B.A. in English from ake Superior State University and MFA in creative writing from the University of Montana.

His parents, Rosemary Johnson and Frank J. Rinella, were both very interested in fishing, so they started teaching it to Steven Rinella and their two other sons. Both of his brothers, Daniel Rinella and Matthew Rinella said in an interview that Steve learned all the fishing techniques pretty quickly and hunted a deer at the age of thirteen.

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According to Steven, he worked as a writer, and it was the beginning of this career. Several writings of him are published in the New York Times, Oprah Magazine, Men’s Journal, and many more. After writing a few books, he started hosting a T.V. show named The WildWithin, and that’s when he started loving hunting and living in the wild.

Catherine Finch Steven Rinella

After working for a few years in the show, he started his own hunting show named MeatEater. In this show, he goes to various locations like Arizona, New Zealand, Mexico, California, Alaska, etc., showing his hunting and fishing skills. The show became a huge hit worldwide because it showcased the efforts and difficulties a hunter has to face while in the wild.

How Did Steven Rinella and Catherine Met?

Well, it is not clear where they actually met, but according to their close friends, they both met in a public program in New York when Catherine was working as a publicist. In an interview, Steven said that he approached Catherine first and asked her to go out on a date with him. When she said yes, they both started dating.

In 2008, they got married and have been together since then. Currently, they both have three children (one daughter and two sons) and often post family photos on Steven’s Instagram page. The names of their children are not known as they have appeared very few in public and on social networking sites.

Steven Rinella Catherine Finch

Steve Rinella’s Wife Catherine Finch Bio, Net Worth & More

The full name of Catherine Finch is Catherine Parlette Finch, and she was born on May 18, 1979, in Naugatuck, Michigan, USA. While she had her primary school and university in Michigan, she later moved to Colombia for further studies. In 2002, she began working as a senior publicist at Simon and Schuster until 2011. In 2015, she started working at Amazon Publishing as the director of strategic programs. Right now, she is working as Chief Communications Office at her husband’s company MeatEater Inc.

Catherine has been a constant support system for Steven throughout his career. She has encouraged and motivated him to follow his passion for hunting and writing. She has also helped him in his professional life by being his editor and proofreader. Catherine has also been a big part of Steven’s T.V. show, MeatEater, as she has appeared on the show several times.

Steven Rinella Kids

Catherine is a private person and does not like to share much about her personal life. He is on Instagram with the username – @kfinchrinella, but the account is private, so her posts are not displayed publically. However, it is known that she is a loving mother to their two children and a dedicated wife to Steven. She is also a great cook and often prepares meals for her family using the game that Steven brings home from his hunting trips.

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What Is Catherine Finch’s Net Worth?

There’s no information about the salary of Catherine Finch as the CCO at MeatEater is available, but her total net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. A lot of her income comes from being a publicist and editor at various organisations in the United States. She has been an active part of various NGOs too, and can be seen during donation drives.

Final Words

Steven Rinella, a well-known hunter, author, and T.V. personality, has a beautiful and strong support system in his life – his wife, Catherine Finch. She has been a constant in his life, standing by him through thick and thin. We have tried to gather all possible information about the two, and we hope you know a lot more about them.

We will keep adding more information on Steven Rinella’s wife, Catherine Finch, so keep visiting the Certain Doubts website if you want to know about her. Also, if you have some other information that can be helpful to other readers, then do share your views on this story with us; else, you can connect to get assistance with the details posted above.

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