Alexia Putellas Boyfriend, Husband or Partner? Here’s The Truth

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Alexia Putellas Bio

Are you curious to learn more about the personal life of Alexia Putellas, the talented football player from Spain? You have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss Alexia Putellas’ partner or husband, as well as provide a detailed bio of the athlete. While a lot of sports personalities share their personal life openly on the internet, Alexia Putellas is an exception.

There’s very little to no information about her partner or husband is available. Don’t worry if you are her fan because we’ve got some insider information for you. We have searched a lot about her and came to know about many things that aren’t known to many. So, read this post till the end if you want to know more about Alexia Putellas’s boyfriend or husband.

Alexia Putellas Bio

Who Is Alexia Putellas?

Alexia Putellas is a Spanish football player born on February 4, 1994, in Mollet del Vallès, Spain. She started playing football at the age of five and soon became a part of the local football club. She was just 16 when she made her debut for FC Barcelona’s women’s team. Not only this, but in an interview, the player has revealed that her family have always been fanatic supporters of the FC Barcelona club, with the exception of a cousin who supports Real Madrid.

Also, she belongs to a basketball-playing family, so she played basketball, hockey, and tennis as well when she was in school. Putellas showed leadership qualities from a young age as she was among those first players that got picked up in the team, and sometimes she played as a captain of the team.

Alexia Putellas Career and Relationship With Football

Growing up, Alexia Putellas played football with boys and was often the only girl on the team. Her dedication and hard work paid off, and she was quickly recognized for her talent. At the age of 14, she joined the Catalan Football Federation’s U-16 team, where she made a name for herself as a skilled midfielder.

Alexia Putellas Family

In 2011, at the age of 17, Alexia Putellas joined FC Barcelona’s women’s team. She quickly established herself as a key player, helping the team win numerous titles, including the UEFA Women’s Champions League and the Copa de la Reina. She also made her debut for the Spanish national team in 2013.

Alexia Putellas Boyfriend/Partner | Alexia Putellas Husband

As a private person, Alexia Putellas does not share much about her personal life in public. It is unclear if she has a partner or husband at the moment. However, her focus on football suggests that her career is currently her top priority. Although in 2021, she shared a photo on Instagram with another girl and a heart caption.

This led to numerous speculations that Alexia Putellas might be bisexual and can be dating a girl. Later, everyone came to know that the lady in the photo was none other than Alexia Putellas’s sister Alba Putellas. After that, her fans started searching more about her partner and who Alexia Putellas was dating. Well, she is not dating anyone right now, and she is not married too.

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Alexia Putellas Sister

Alexia Putellas Family and Personal Information

When she is not on the football field, Alexia Putellas enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Her father’s and mother’s name is Jaume Putellas Rota and Elisabet “Eli” Segura Sabaté, and she currently lives in Barcelona, Spain. She is also passionate about fashion and style, and her social media accounts often feature her showcasing her outfits and accessories.

In an interview, she revealed that everyone in her family has always been a great fan of football and she would travel with the other FC Barcelona supporters of Mollet del Vallès to watch matches at Camp Nou with her father. Also, it was her mother who supported her ever since she started playing football.

Alexia Putellas Age, Height, Stats, Net Worth & More

When the 2012 UEFA Women’s Under-19 Championship was about to start, her father passed away, and since then, you can see her pointing her finger to the sky, dedicating the joyous moment to her late father. She also has a pet dog named Nala, and she often posts pictures and videos of her dog on her social media profiles.

Alexia Putellas Boyfriend Husband

She has also got a lot of tattoos on her body, and all of them are written in different phrases. In 2021, she became the first female Spanish football player to win Ballon d’Or. Currently, she has about 90 goals and 30 assists in total while being an active player for the FC Barcelona club. Some more personal information about her is shred below, so do give it a read too.

Full Name Alexia Putellas Segura
Date of Birth 4 February 1994
Birth Place Mollet del Vallès, Spain
Profession Professional Football Player
Current Team FC Barcelona
Height 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Weight 66 kg (146 lbs)
Net Worth $3.5 Million
Relationship Status Single, Never Married

Final Words

Alexia Putellas is one of the most talented football players from Spain as of now. Her dedication and hard work have earned her numerous titles and awards. While her personal life remains private, her achievements on the field speak volumes about her character and talent, and you must watch her games if you haven’t watched them.

If you are interested in following Alexia Putellas’ career, make sure to check out her social media accounts and watch her play for FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team. You can keep visiting the Certain Doubts website, too, as we will keep this post updated with the latest information about her, and you can share your views on it with us.

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