XY4+ From XY Find It Review – All About This Tracking Device

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XY4+ From XY Find It Review

In today’s hustle bustle, you would definitely not want yourself to be burdened with an extra task and that is to find out the misplaced items. Yeah, we often end up keeping the things at a wrong place, and this particularly happen when we tend to be in a hurry. The greatest demerit of this is that we end up losing them, and thus, don’t get it at times of emergency. As a result, it leads to a situation of re-investment which is indeed pretty annoying, as well as, a wastage of money. Whatsoever, this XY Find It is a solution to this trouble. Since misplacing has always been an issue for me, and I end up being duper in frustration, here I got to know about this Bluetooth tracking device that allows you to you find any of your items in just some time. All you need is to attach this device with the item that you tend to misplace more often, and you will be able to track it successfully the next time you end up losing it.

While I was looking for such a device, I came across several products that claim to be the best in the market, but trust me, none of those gimmick devices were actually worth it. You will probably find several devices that will promise you to track your misplaced items, and I have tried almost all of them until I found this life saver. The XY Find It came to be like a blessing in disguise and I was certainly satisfied with it. Hence, I decided to write a review in order to help people who have got a similar habit of ‘misplacing things’ just as me. Without wasting further time, let’s begin!

 XY4+ From XY Find It Review

What is XY Find It?

XY Find It is basically a small device that has got a host of features. It may be apparently small in stature, but the purpose it serves, is indeed huge! You won’t lose any device from now onwards, once you have this little device with you. All you need is to get your item equipped with the XY Find It and you can free yourself from the stress of losing any of them any further. You can attach this Bluetooth powered location device to a myriad of items, thereby making sure that you will be able to track them whenever you lose them. This gadget will help you locate itr via trackable sound and signal without any hassle. Without a doubt, it offers the simplest way to find any lost or misplaced item.

This particular product is usually available in five variants of colors that include, red, blue, black, purple and silver. The XY Find It is gaining immense popularity over the years, not just because of its compact size and minimalistic design, but due to its functionality. More than 1 million of these devices have been sold till date and the reviews reveal that the customers who have used it are not just satisfied, but they have also suggested their friends and acquaintances to get one.

XY Find It – The company and when did they come in business?

Well, after knowing so much about its functionality and popularity, it is quite obvious for you to be curious about its origin. The XY Find It was manufactured by a company that is presently based in San Diego. It is primarily a location-servicers disruptor. The brand came into business in the year 2012 and this particular gadget has become a real hit since then.

Why do you need XY Find It?

If you are one of those people who end up losing your keys, every small useful thing, or end up misplacing your wallet all the time, this XY Find It is going to be the best solution for you. Misplacing these things and not being able to find them in hurry can be one of the worst situations ever! Suppose, you are heading to your office, and you have already been too late, what would you do to find out the wallet that you don’t remember where you have kept it the last time. You have no other choice other than to leave for the day without any cash. You end up making digital transactions all throughout the day. Certainly, you had no time left to search for it early in the morning since you have already been running late. This is where the requirement of a XY Find It comes into the picture. It allows you to fetch your items whenever and wherever you feel like, without adding onto your stress.

Where can you attach the XY Find It?

You are allowed to attach this XY Find It to any of the items that you frequently lose. There is no restriction mentioned anywhere. Some of the common items where people tend to attach this finder include a computer or a laptop, a handbag, a camera equipment and more. You can also attach it to your bunch of keys or even your wallet. It depends totally upon you where you want to attach this finder. I tried out this device for the very first time with my wallet and my keys since I end up losing them more frequently than any other thing. However, I have been quite satisfied after I could actually find them and use this tracker to locate them for me. Well, one of the most amazing ideas that you may try out is to attach the XY Find It with your pet. Losing your pet could be one of the most painful emotions one can ever witness. However, at times, they lose their way and you seem to have no idea where to search for them. With this XY Find It, you can be sure of being able to relocate your pet, no matter where it goes!

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A release from XY Find It: XY4+

The brand XY Find It comes with a product, XY4+ which is basically a hexagon shaped tracking device that is approximately of the size of a coin. Its prime functionality is to help you relocate your misplaced items all over again, and it does so, by making use of the latest technologies. It is one of the best products that will help you decipher how innovation joined hands with creativity to solve our day-to-day problems. It allows you to track the items that you are most likely to replace all the time.

The hexagonal shape of this device sets a style statement, such that you won’t hesitate to attach it to anything you wish to! It looks really stylish and is sure to enhance the look and feel of the item you attach it with! It is sleek and compact, and thus, you won’t mind tying it with your keys or wallet. Also, it will not put any extra weight to your item. Not just this, it has such a long list of features that would just seem to be benefits for you in a way that you will have friends looking for it, and asking you about where did you get it from!

Note: XY4+ is indeed a unique innovation that is ideally meant to serve your purpose of relocating the misplaced items. It is certainly a tracking device that works with the help of Bluetooth, which means that you need to connect it via your smart phone. However, make sure that you aren’t misinterpreting it with that of a GPS tracking device that is capable of tracking objects that are in motion. The former just uses the Bluetooth connectivity to track the signal and sound of your belongings that you have misplaced somewhere. Besides, this XY4+ is small enough to fit on almost all items. It also has low energy consumption which means that you will not have to stress yourself about investing upon its power source over and over again. Not just this, the product does not charge any additional fee at the time of purchase for its added functionality.

How does the XY Find It work?

The XY4+ simply uses the latest Bluetooth technology that has made it so very efficient in tracking your last belongings. It uses the Dialog 14585 Bluetooth chip that is well known for producing a strong signal. This device gets connected with a free app, commonly known as the ‘XY Find It.’ Each and every device comes with a unique signature that is revealed only when you have successfully paired up the device with your user account in the application. This is the procedure through which the app and the trackers are able to recognize each other. Other outsiders will only be able to track your misplaced items when you grant them the permission to do so!

How to set up your account and start using the XY4+?

  1. At first, you would need to attach your XY4+ tracking devices to the items you frequently misplace.
  2. Now, download the official application on your Android or iOS smart phone.
  3. Next, you need to create your account by filling up all the required credentials as asked therein.
  4. Enable your phone’s Bluetooth setting.
  5. Next, open the account that you have recent set up and tap the “+” icon situated right there.
  6. In order to pair your tracking device with that of your smart phone, simply tap the option that says, “Claim your XY#.”
  7. You will find the XY button right at the corner of your tracker. Simply press it and you will be notified with a beep sound just as the pairing is completed.
  8. Once the pairing is done, you can name the tagged item and attach a picture alongside the title. You have all these provisions available in the application itself. These images would make it easier for you to track your items while you are using the crowd GPS feature. You can update pictures whenever you feel like!
  9. Simply open the application and tap the “Find” option in order to get a track of your lost item.
  10. The XY4+ will start producing the beep sound immediately, and you can find your last st valuable by following the sound.

Key Features:

  1. It is lightweight, which means that you can carry it anywhere you want to, without having to think of its weight or feel as if you are carrying anything that’s extra.
  2. It is composed of a resilient synthetic material which makes it extremely durable. Hence, you do not have to worry about knocking it down and end up breaking it.
  3. It is compact in size and measures approximately four by four centimeters (dimension). It comes with a loophole at the top which allows you to attach it to a keychain or a ring without any hassle.
  4. The XY4+ is weather and water resistant which means that it won’t be damaged if exposed to extremes of temperature or downpour.
  5. It features a Bluetooth connectivity which means that your XY4+ will pair up with your smart phone via Bluetooth connection. The Bluetooth allows you to pair and sync your gadget with the smart phone.
  6. It serves massive range of 300 feet, which means that it is offering 1.5x the range that its competitors provide.
  7. The sound of the alarm is relatively loud which means that you will easily be able to find out the item even if you have misplaced it in a public space amidst a crowd. The loud range goes up to 112 Decibels, thereby helping you to find your belongings even more easily.
  8. It features a Crowd GPS which allows you to activate the crowd GPS feature in case you ever lose your belonging in the crowd. This has an added advantage as well. It allows millions of other XY4+ users in the crowd to look out for your misplaced item and thus, help you recover it.
  9. The application comes at a free of cost, which means that you will not have to bang your head about paying any recurring fees every time you go for a renewal. All you need is to pay for the device just once, and you will have a free subscription to the app as well. There is no other hidden cost.
  10. It comes with a reverse tracking mechanism as well, wherein it allows you to find your smart phone in case you lose it. All you need is to press the top of the tracker and place a call.
  11. It delivers a 5-year battery life which is way better than the 1-year lifespan that most other devices in the market offer!
  12. It also comes with a replaceable battery which means that you will not have to worry about purchasing a device all over again. Just call for a battery replacement and you are done!
  13. The application will allow you to connect multiple XY and XY4+ finders without any hassle.
  14. It comes with a Keep Near Feature which will alert you in case you are getting away from your belonging. This means that you have got a lesser chance of misplacing them at the first place itself.
  15. The low energy consumption of this device makes it energy efficient which means that your phone’s battery won’t get drained at ease.

Downsides of using the XY4+:

  1. The XY4+ doesn’t allow you to live track your belongings. All you can do is to have a knowledge of the most recent location of the item.
  2. XY4+ is said to be a little more expensive than other devices of the same category. However, it serves a lot of extra purposes and is way more reliable over the others. Hence, it is absolutely worth the extra bucks that you pay for!


The XY4+ costs a reasonable price of $39.99 only. We would usually recommend you to purchase this tracker from the official website to ensure that the product you receive is genuine. It comes with a 30 Days guarantee with full refund wherein you can return the device and claim your money in case you find it faulty. Also, it features a 2-year warranty with free repairs and replacements in case there is any manufacturing defect.

XY Find It Overview:


Frequently Asked Questions about XY Find It:

  • Can I use XY Find It in any country?

Yeah, without a doubt. It is absolutely legit and you can access it from any nation.

  • How long is the delivery span for countries outside the U.S.?

Countries outside USA can expect the delivery within a span of 7-12 business days.

  • Is it permissible to take the XY4+ through airport security?

Yeah, being a simple Bluetooth device, you shouldn’t have any trouble travelling with it.

Wrapping up:

XY4+ is something that I can rely upon, and I think you would have the say the same about it. This is certainly going to be an investment that you won’t have to regret upon later on!

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