VIZR Review – How Good Is This Driver Companion?

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VIZR Review

While you are driving a car, taking your eyes off the road can be extremely fatal. You never know what happens the very next moment. An accident may take place in just a split of a second. A road will examine you each and every second and there’s no second chance that you get! That’s where even the silliest of your mistakes get counted. A road accident can cause serious damage to you, and even worse, it may pose a threat to the lives of the passengers. An accident is not always the result of your negligence in driving, or any vehicle hitting you; it may also cause due to a momentary lack of focus just because you turned back to talk to someone, or in case you were trying to lower the volume of your music system. It’s that severe!

Taking your eyes off the road can lead to incidents that you can never even imagine of! In order to escape such uncanny situations, here we bring to you this brand-new product, VIZR which will help you go wherever you need, as well as assist you to stay focused on the road. This is one of the latest products that will help you cater to all your needs while you drive on the road. Its basic functionality is to devoid the drivers from all kinds of risks, and thus, help them settle all their mundane tasks at ease. It does so, by simply changing the smart phone into a into a heads-up display (HUD), thereby offering you all the convenience that you would need to handle all the significant apps that you tend to use on a regular basis. In a nutshell, this system is here to make sure that you are able to reach your destination safely.

VIZR Review

What could be the possible threats of distracted driving?

Driving can be risky, to the extent that it can take away lives too! A little negligence on the road can pose a serious threat to the lives. Some of the common risks include damage to the vehicles as well as personal property including that of the lives of the passengers, high fines and fees, serious body injuries, possible jail time, increased insurance rates, and death.

What makes VIZR stand out in the market?

VIZR is compatible with all kinds of smart phones, and that’s the best thing about it. Whether you have the Samsung galaxy or an iPhone, you can use this gadget with any of these without any hassle. No matter if you own different models, each and every unit will work with the universal design of the product. You may either mount it at the center of your dashboard or position it right above your steering wheel. All these features together make this device one of the best in the list. Certainly, you are going to love it the way it is!

VIZR Review – Your driving companion!

You can easily mount your VIZR either at the center of the dashboard or above the steering wheel. It can easily stay rooted at a single location and you can even choose to use the navigation app while you are driving. It will show you the directions as well as the routes, while ensuring that your visuals on the road is clear. Thus, you can consider VIZR as your driving companion without a doubt.

Features Of VIZR:

  1. VIZR comes with a top-notch design: 

VIZR comes with a top-notch design and the versatility of the application is indeed very notable. You can easily mount it on the dashboard. While majority of the newest models come with built-in HUDs, you can still renovate your old car with this tool.

  1. It comes with a multi-layered coating:

With a multi-layered coating, the display remains protected from all sorts of scratches and smudges. This makes sure that the display remains clean.

  1. Compatible with HUD apps:

This app is available for free. However, you can set it to the HUD mode which ensures you the facility of using any other application according to your personal preference.

  1. Wireless installation is an added advantage:

You do not need to get hold of any sophisticated software installation process with a lot of wires. It assists you to fetch an easy wireless installation

  1. Capable of working both day and night:

It is capable of working both day and night. No matter if you are travelling in the day or at night, this tool will work great at both the times of the day.

  1. It comes with a non-slip surface material:

The smart phone holder is built out of a non-slip material which makes sure that you aren’t causing any damage to your phone while mounting it to the dashboard.

In-car HUD displays with VIZR:

In-car HUD displays have been extremely famous in brands such as that of Audi or Mercedes Benz. However, with the VIZR, you can install this HUD displays of your own. You do not need to ensure whether or not there is a provision for HUD in your car, you are still eligible to do so all by yourself. With the VIZR, you will be able to get it in each and every car model. Not just this, you can even use this third-party HUD, VIZR with any other application such as the FIXD app. Consequently, you will be able to speed up your car, get a thorough idea of the navigation directions, traffic conditions and a lot more.

VIZR and FIXD – Pairing them up

FIXD and VIZR are two different applications from the same manufacturer. They are compatible with one another and are meant to administer the entire functionality of your car. Even when you have multiple applications downloaded in your device, pairing these two, will indeed be one of the best ideas you could ever think of!

FIXD offers a diagnostic scan to your vehicle which means that if in any case there is something wrong with the engine in your car, you will see a light popping up immediately. It means that you would now need to check the engine. It may even the result of an electric short in the wiring. Instead of visiting the mechanic, this FIXD app will give you a diagnostic report resembling the areas of trouble and all that you would need to fix it. In a nutshell, this app is here to save your dollars that you would otherwise give to the mechanic.

Frequently Asked Questions about VIZR

  1. Who would need a VIZR?

if you are one of them who tend to get behind the wheel quite often, this VIZR is the solution for you. the stool basically comes with the mounting device, that stays connected to your phone and thus, to your dashboard. There is a HUD which pops up on the top of your phone, thereby helping you with the navigation. It doesn’t only show you the road as it is usually shown, rather it makes use of bright colors to mark the road. Some other features include the fighter jet mode, or some other mode along with the display of information such as the miles you have drove, and the average speed that you had maintained while driving. VIZR is extremely handy when it comes to going on a road trip with your near and dear ones without any hassle. The navigation is there right before you to help you deal with the GPS. Not just that it allows you to fetch the convenience during the daylight, but it is equally helpful while driving at the night.

  1. How does the VIZR work?

The VIZR tends to remain mounted to the dashboard with a heads-up display. It reflects the display of your phone screen, which means that you are not required to look down again and again at your phone. This is indeed a great way to make sure that you can use all the desired apps whenever and wherever you feel like at the level of your eye wherein there’s no deviation of the driver’s sight from the road. In short, it reduces the pain of the driver of shifting his or her focus of sight all the time.

In order to explain it even more elaborately, we have neurons in our brain that get stimulated as well as the eyes or any other sensory organs receive a message and transports it to that of the brain. As brain receives it, the brain tries to perceive it, and there is a continuous shift in the process, as you go on giving messages from different genres while driving. In certain cases, when the brain fails to perceive the message, or gets a little slow in doing so, it leads to accidents. Checking your smart phone no longer entail to that of shifting your gaze from the road. You can still have all the focus on the way while doing your job.

  1. Mention the apps that are compatible with the VIZR.

compatible apps of VIZR

VIZR is known for its flexibility and thus, it allows you to use a wide range of applications along with it. You can use the popular navigation app such as the Google Maps or any other app that is already installed in your mobile phone. This application gives you a fair idea of the miles you have drove, and all other info that you would probably need while you have been on the road. Some of the recommended apps that the VIZR manufacturers spoke about include:

  • FIXD app: The creators of VIZR made the FIXD app as well. Both the applications work with each other. This application offers easy monitoring and is consequently capable of diagnosing your vehicle. Not just this, the app is also capable of reminding you about the required maintenance that your vehicle would need in the days to come.
  • HUDWAY Go: It is yet another amazing navigation app. This is extremely handy and allows a user to find ways between two locations much more easily. It also comprises of a voice navigation feature as well as there is a turn-by-turn directional display to ease your travel experience. The voice navigation feature is certainly an added advantage as you get the direction even without looking at the dash, just hear the commands and act accordingly, fair enough? Also, you get to see multiple paths to reach the same destination from your source, which means that you have your own liberty to choose which one of them would you go along!

Note: Some of the other compatible applications with VIZR include Sygic, Heads-up display widgets, Navmii, and Speedometer.

  1. Is this Home Diagnostic scanning with the FIXD app reliable?

Well, it is absolutely reliable. Besides, it is easy to do and you can settle the things in just a couple of minutes, instead of taking out hours from your busy schedule and meeting the mechanic. You can repair the things all by yourself, and most importantly, it allowed we you to cut down your costs of repairing. Also, it saves a lot of your time. In case you are still not able to fix it, you may finally visit the mechanic.

  1. How to set up the VIZR?

Setting up the VIZR and using it isn’t any rocket science. It is absolutely simple and easy to deal with! Here are the steps listed below:

  • At first, you would need to get rid of the package post receiving the order. Now, take out the small mounting device which has a plastic screen popping up. It’s the VIZR!
  • Now clean the dashboard: Prior to the installation, you ought to make sure that your dashboard is near and clean. There should not be any debris, as that would otherwise prevent your VIZR to adhere to the dash appropriately.
  • Next, you need to set up the device in your car: In order to set up your VIZR in the car, position it flat on the dashboard. Keep the adhesive portion situated in a downward facing direction. Just as you feel that you have set the device right, simply remove the adhesive strip. Push the device in a downward direction to ensure that the adhesive is struck to the dash.
  • Next, choose the application. As we have already mentioned that the VIZR works with a wide range of applications, you need to set it accordingly to ensure the proper functionality of this smart phone. Simply choose the right application from your home page. Wait till it gets downloaded and once the loading is over, you can start using it all by yourself.
  • Display adjustment is extremely crucial. Once the VIZR is installed in your car, and you have paired up your phone with the device, you need to adjust the display. Simply sit behind the wheel in the same position, just as you use it to drive. Move and adjust the screen until and unless you are able to have clear visuals.
  1. How to maintain the cleanliness of your dash?

Since the VIZR is installed in the dash of your car, it is high time that you ensure that there’s no dust and dirt particles on the surface. Also, it is important to make sure that you maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle. It’s all for your own good, isn’t it? Do you prefer living in an untidy house? No, isn’t it? The same goes for your car too! Well, here are a few simple steps to cleaning your dash. Repeat these steps at least twice in a week.

  • At first, you will need to use any cleaner or rubbing alcohol for your car interiors.
  • Now, apply the cleaning product directly to the dash.
  • Use a soft cloth and run it over the surface. This will remove all the dust and dirt particles from the surface of the car.
  • Next, use a dry cloth to extract the excess moisture from the surface.
  • Allow the surface of the dash to dry completely.

Note: You should have done all these steps prior to the VIZR installation in your car.

VIZR Overview:


vizr pricing

We would usually recommend you to visit the official website to purchase the VIZR tool. Also, you will get the best deals and discounts right from there. You can purchase a VIZR at a cost of $39.99. As you buy 3 tools at a time, the price frogs to $79.99, which means that you purchase 2 units and get the 3rd one for free of cost. Customers residing in the United States can get the shipping free in case they are purchasing 3 or more units in a single order. Also, it comes with a 30 days money back warranty.

Wrapping up:

This VIZR tool intends to keep your family safe while travelling. It is super easy to deal with, and most importantly, it comes at a really affordable price. Thanks for reading till the end. We hope that this information has been useful to you!

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