T-Watch Smart Tactical Watch Review – How Much Rugged?

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T-Watch Smart Tactical Watch Review

A traditional watch is only confined to tell you the time, and with the growing utility of smart phones among people across all ages, this function of the watch does not seem to be that impressive anymore. Well, this is where a smartwatch comes into the picture. These smartwatches are gaining immense popularity over the years, and of course, their use, style and convenience are some of the coolest reasons that are so much in use today. Also, the merits of a smart watch over a traditional model is yet another reason why people seem to look for it! From answering the phone calls to that of using your social media and tracking your fitness regimen, a smartwatch will serve to be the best companion you could ever have!

Big brands like Apple and Samsung have already acknowledged this craze among the users, and recently, we have been seeing quite a lot of other models popping up in the market. The greatest advantage of a smartphone is that it allows you to click and upload images, send and receive messages, use social media, check your mail box as well as access your bank account, and do almost everything that you need doing on a regular basis in just a swipe of your finger. Also, they add a style statement to your overall appearance, such that you can wear it with any attire you wish to! They look just stunning and you are sure to not get a reason to place your complaint regarding the design of this smartwatch.

T-Watch Smart Tactical Watch Review

A traditional smartwatch has got limited number of uses, and with the growing updates in people’s way of living, people seem to want more of the technology. This smartwatch, thus, comes with advanced technology, that has made it even more useful among the customers. While you can purchase a traditional watch more often, that’s not the same with this smartwatch. Smartwatches come at a higher price, and most importantly, they are quite expensive when it comes to repair. Hence, one needs to handle it with utmost care. Also, you should make sure that you cannot purchase it over and over again, and thus, choosing one that’s trendy, good to your eyes and meeting your requirements seem to be some of the popular reasons for which you should be looking for this gadget. So, if you have got any recent plan to purchase a smartwatch, you can certainly consider this T-watch!

What is a Tact Watch?

A Tact watch is basically a full packed gadget. It is a lot beyond just an accessory. If you want to replace your old traditional watch with something that is unique, innovative and appealing, this is the one for you! It is much more than just a wrist watch and comes with some really cool features that include provisions like connecting your smartphone to that of keeping a count of the calories you have burnt in a day and monitoring your heart beat. It comes with a robust design and you can easily wear it like any other wristwatches. In short, it is more like that all-in-one gadget which does almost everything for you. Another amazing thing about this smartwatch is its long-lasting battery life. The battery will last for almost 3 years, and would be your perfect companion on the go! Be it hiking, training, camping or working out, this gadget is going to be your savior all the time.

It is a tactical smartwatch that is designed by the Hyper SLS, that is built with DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) material with a unique shade of black. It is both stylish as well as durable at the same time. It comes with a crystal Corning Gorilla glass 4 (a hard mineral) screen which means that you don’t have to worry about breakage any further. Also, it allows you to read the time and see other notifications on the screen even in direct sunlight. The carbon coated body is both dust and waterproof. Besides, you access it through various languages such as English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese and Italian.

How does this T-watch origin?

The T-watch is a Tact watch that is designed by a group of military engineers who have been looking forward to come up with an elite watch that would be durable enough for anyone to wear it even during active duty hours. Well, this would give you a fair idea about the rock-solid built of this watch. Even if you are not heading towards a battle, you can still keep wearing it and not bang your head about ending up breaking it the very next day. This doesn’t mean that only the military troops could wear it, even the civilians would love it as well. This T-watch is an epitome of toughness combined with ease of usage and stylish design, all embedded together. It is a perfect device particularly for the ones who are more into outdoor activities and high-impact games. Last but not the least, it comes with high capacity TAC25 battery and 4th Gen Gorilla glass technology and military grade steel.

Are T-watches filmy?

Well, it is usually easy to end up breaking down or getting a scratch on your T-watch due to their flimsiness. However, they are extremely useful and feature-rich that count to be some of the major reasons for which you would want to go for it. They are absolutely trendy and that’s yet another reason for which most people prefer to own it. Even the regular wear and tear can cause trouble to these watches. Whatsoever, this T-watch positioned itself as a military inspired brand and referred itself as a ‘tactical’ smartwatch. The best thing about this smartwatch is that it is potent of integrating with laptops, cell phones, tablets and technology, which is indeed amazing! Hence, even if it’s a little flimsy, it doesn’t count much into the growing popularity of this watch.

Technology in every corner of our lives – T-watch

With the growing advances in the field of technology, and it paving its path almost into our bedroom, from laptops, to TVs, smart phones and refrigerators, it has become a mandate that we get it in the form of a time keeper as well. The T-watch is something that I can rely upon whenever I feel its need and wherever I go! This Tact watch comes with a rugged look and a lot of added functionality, that you are sure to love it once you start owning it!

t1 tact watch first

Key Features:

T-Watch is undoubtedly one of those smartwatches with all the latest features incorporated together. It is no less than expensive brands like Apple and Samsung but is worth almost a fraction of their price.

  1. Comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface

The T-watch comes with a user-friendly interface which is absolutely easy to access. You do not need to be a tech freak in order to use this device. This is super easy and you won’t mind using it even if you are just a newbie!

  1. There is a customizable clock interface

It comes with a customizable clock interface wherein you are allowed to alter the time based on your requirement. This is certainly one of the best features of this gadget which allows you to change the settings based on your time zone.

  1. Incoming call reminder is one of the best features

Even if you do not have your smartphone along with yourself, this incoming call reminder is here to help you out! It allows you to see who is calling you right on the wristwatch.

  1. Motion effect function is certainly one of the best deals of the lot

This Tact Watch allows you to keep a track of all your daily activities wherein you can monitor your daily motion all by itself.

  1. Smart heart rate monitor keeps a track of your heart rate

If you have been exercising, this smart heart rate allows you to check the real time heart rate to learn about your progress during the exercise sessions.

  1. It keeps a count of the calories burnt

It allows you to keep a track of the number of calories that you have burnt. Hence, you can keep an idea about the calories that you have burning all day. It tracks the steps you take and the distance travelled as well.

  1. It has a smart sleep monitoring provision

This allows you to find out whether you are sleeping well, and living a healthier life.

  1. It comes with an inbuilt pedometer

The Tact Watch comes with an inbuilt pedometer that is meant to track the steps. You can view the data on the corresponding smartphone application. Hence, it allows you to track your steps while walking, running as well as during hiking.

  1. It has social sharing and app notification features 

The T-watch allows you to access the social sharing features wherein you get a chance to use the social media right from your smartphone. Hence, you get to see the notifications on your Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and more.

  1. There is a remote camera

This allows you to click and upload photos right from your smartwatch. Therefore, you get a provision to take snaps wherever you feel like!

  1. Features IP67 Dust-proof and Waterproof

T-Watch comes with IP67 dust-proof and water-proof, which means that you need not stress yourself about saving your smartwatch from dust and water. It is resistant to both of them, and thus, you can be sure that your device remains protected all the while.

  1. Gravity sensor

This is yet another amazing feature of this device, and you would need it particularly during hiking. Isn’t it nice to have such an additional feature in your device?

  1. Calendar and alarm setting

This feature allows you to set the date and time on the calendar and alarm. Hence, it allows you to alter the date, and you can do so when you feel like!

  1. Sunlight visibility – FSTN/Full view

You will not have to trouble yourself anymore while looking on the screen. This feature allows you to get a clear visibility of the screen even in the scorching heat of the sun.

  1. It is available in 3 different colors – volcano red, carbon black and ocean blue

Thus T-watch is available in the most primary colors, including that of the volcano red, and the ocean blue hue. Also, you get a smartwatch that is your all-time favorite – the carbon black.

  1. It is compatible with both iOS and Android platform

If you are thinking that you would need to get yourself a new smartphone just to make sure that the features of this T-watch match your device, that’s not the case at all. This smartphone is compatible with both iOS and Android phones. You can still keep the same phone and ensure its compatibility with your smartwatch.

  1. It is extremely affordable

The T-watch is extremely affordable, which means that you are able to get it at a really affordable price range. You do not need to break your bank or burn a hole in your pocket in order to be able to purchase this smartwatch.

t1 tact watch second

A few alternatives to the T-watch

The T-watch has got a few other alternatives to it. Some of them commonly include Islandgimzo smartwatch, Ovanpa Amazing Military grade, and the SMA-M1 Built-in GPS sport smart watch. Although these 3 alternatives are doing well in the market, it is usually ideal to go for the Tact watch as it is the best product available as of now. It is indeed the first product you could ever have, and once you have already got it, you may opt for a second choice and consider opting for any of these three! I have personally used all of them, and have witnessed for myself that the T-watch offers a lot more, and the best thing about it is that it produces all that it promises!

Price of T-watch:

Smartwatches come at a really expensive price. Their repairs also charge good. Well, if you are going for the top brands of smartwatches, you would probably not get anything at a rate less than $500. Looking around, you will find that the average price is somewhere near to $180. However, you would also get your smartwatch at an incredible 50% discount now, and it would cost just $89.95. So, place your order today!

Other available packages include the Buy 2, Get 1 Free for $178, and the Buy 3, Get 2 Free wherein you would just need to pay $267. You may choose to make the payment through either MasterCard, PayPal, Visa or Amex. Your payment information is secured with a 256 Bit SSL encryption, and hence, you would not require to worry about the security of your payment information. Also, it comes with a 100% satisfaction and 30 days money back guarantee. Besides, you won’t be charged even a single penny for shipping as the team is offering worldwide free deliveries.

Frequently asked questions about T-watch

  1. Is the Tact watch actually good?

The Tact watch is certainly a durable smartwatch. It does not only offer you all the perks that any other smartwatch would do, but at the same time, it makes sure that you get all the features at a really affordable price. It is one of the most versatile pieces you could ever own, and the best thing about it is that it doesn’t spoil easily.

  1. Is the T-watch meant for daily usage?

Yeah, I have personally used it, and I found that you can easily use it on a regular basis without any hassle. It is actually worth the price that you are paying for it. The best thing about this watch is it offers an unmatched durability and you can get it at a regular price. Also, it is dust and water resistant, which makes it very clear that you can avail it for your daily routine.

  1. Is the T-watch worth the money you pay for it?

As earlier mentioned, you would get smartwatches at a really expensive price. However, T-watch is way inexpensive than those! Besides, with the T-watch, you are actually able to get all the features of a premium smartwatch at a much lower price.

  1. Can I go for a swim with this smartwatch on?

Yeah, you may! The best thing about this smartwatch is that it allows you to go swimming while wearing it. You may easily go into the water while wearing this smartwatch. It is waterproof, so there is no trouble at all.

Wrapping up:

T-Watch offers the best smartwatches available worldwide. It comes at a really alluring price pack. Not just this, the T-watch also offers you all the features that it promises, beyond just serving as a time piece. If you haven’t tried it out yet, you should definitely give it a try!

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