TVFix Caster Review – Should You Buy It Or Not?

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TVFix Caster Review

If you want to save some good money off your cable subscription, this TVFix review is what you need right now. When you sit down and calculate what you’ve sent to these satellite cable companies this year, you may end up breaking your TV(laughs) But don't do that yet because there's a simple solution for you. I found it, and it has simplified things for me a lot. Now I love my TV set instead of seeing it as a liability. Why was that?

Paying for my cable subscription every month was annoying because I don’t even watch all the channels on my package.  The funny thing is that sometimes, I had to subscribe to a higher package because I could only find my favorites channel on that package. What a waste of money. Sometimes, I wonder why I can't just select the channels I watch and pay for them instead of paying for 30 channels while watching only 5 out of it all. That's how it worked, and there was nothing we could do about it until I found this simple device that changed all that.

What if I tell you that now, you can say goodbye to paying high amounts on your cable subscription but watch everything you enjoy? Imagine that you can watch your favorites TV shows on your television instead of paying cable companies? How about playing your favorite games on your TV screen instead of straining your eyes on your phone? Yes! That’s all possible with a very innovative and portable device that costs almost nothing to purchase.

With the TVFix Caster, you can enjoy services like Disney+, Prime Video, Netflix, ESPN+, etc., on your television. These services are cheaper to use and also offers exciting programs and shows to keep you spellbound. I know you could only enjoy these sites on your smartphone due to an internet connection. But with this device, you can watch Netflix on your television even if it’s not a smart TV. All you need to get is the TVFix Caster, and you're set to go.

So, let’s go ahead and tell you everything about TVFix Caster.

What Is TVFix Caster?

tvfix caster

TVFix Caster is an internet-connected device that can transform any television into a smart TV. It is a TV-casting gadget that you can use on any tv with an HDMI cable. This small machine allows you to watch your videos on the television instead of your smartphone. So, instead of watching services like Netflix on your phone because you don’t have a smart TV, you can use TVFix Caster to improve your experience. One thing to commend about this device is that it is simple, portable, and lightweight, but it works amazingly.

Another way to describe this small buddy is that it is like a mirror reflecting what happens on your phone on the big TV screen. Some people thought it could magically generate free channels for them when they plug it into their television. That's a misconception of what this device does.

The TVFix Caster doesn’t hack into your cable services to open up channels that are not in your package. All it does is to accentuate your phone streaming experience on your television. If you have an account on services such as Cinemax, HBO, Curiosity Stream, Amazon Prime Video, Showtime, etc., you can watch them on your TV once you connect TVFix Caster to it.

You can now access your accounts on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter on your television. As for compatibility, this device can work with your computer and not only with your phone. It is also compatible with your tablet, such as an iPad, because it works for iOS and Android devices. But the best part is that you can also use your device on a friend's Television. TVFix Caster is like a one-size-fits-all gadget that you can use on any television featuring an HDMI port. But it is always better to buy more than one TVFix Caster if you have more than one television in your home. That way, you can prevent damages from overuse or handling.

Unique Features Of TVFix Caster:

One of the reasons for the increasing popularity and demand for TVFix Caster is that it comes with many impressive features. When you get the device, it usually seems ordinary until you put it to work. Some of its commendable TVFix Caster features include:

Ease of use

TVFix Caster is very easy to, and that's why many people are impressed with this little buddy. All you need to do is connect the device to your phone via a WiFi network and stream your favorite TV shows. Then relax and enjoy a bigger screen and cleaner quality experience because TVFix Caster can stream full-resolution videos. It also streams contents on 4k, and that's the highest quality for now. Like I said earlier, your android and iOS devices can work even your windows laptop, Chromebook can do the job for you. As long as your device can connect to the internet, TVFix Caster got your back.

Ability to browser internet on the TV

How would you feel to see your Facebook page on a wider and clearer screen? Imagine viewing all those Instagram pictures and Stories on your television. That’s what TVFix Caster can do for you. It allows you to surf the web on your TV screen. Instead of straining all the time to see your phone screen, put it on a broader screen, and enjoy it better.

There's no monthly subscription to pay

One good thing about this device is that it’s a one-off purchase. It’s not like a service you subscribe to or like the satellite cable companies that are draining your accounts. Once you pay for this device, that’s all you’re going to pay. But you can use TVFix Caster for as long as it lasts.

You don't need a remote controller

TVFix Caster is a device you plug into your television and forget about it. All you need is to open your account on Netflix or any other services like it and stream away. Once the shows start, you will be watching them on your Television. The only device you need to control is your laptop, iPad, smartphone, etc., and not TVFix Caster.

Easy installation

Another reason for the high demand for TVFix Caster is that anyone can install and use this device. It doesn't require any technical skills or any engineering knowledge to use it. Someone may think that since it has to do with gadgets and Wi-Fi, there’ll be some coding or programming actions to take for it to work. Well, I am telling you that you only need to connect it to the HDMI port on your television and start using it immediately. The good news is that TVFix Caster comes with a manual you can consult for easy installation.

TVFix Caster Supported VOD Services:

TVFix Caster supports almost all the popular Video On Demand services and heightens your experience by streaming even 4K contents. Any media that can show on your mobile devices and laptops can also display on your television through this device. If you have a running subscription to VOD services such as Amazon Prime or Netflix, you can now enjoy them more through TVFix Caster. Moreover, you can enjoy your torrent files and YouTube streaming on your TV once you connect this device.

That’s why the manufacturers emphasize that the TVFix Caster device is a money-saving buddy that everyone should get. If you're a music lover, you can enjoy your passion for any of these services through TVFix Caster.

Music Streaming Services

  • Sound Cloud
  • Radio
  • Spotify
  • Google music
  • iPayer radio.

Also, with this device, you can watch different programs and shows on the following services:

TV Shows/Movies Streaming Services

  • Amazon Prime Videos
  • Show Time
  • Cinemax
  • HGTV
  • Starz
  • MLB
  • Pluto TV
  • NFL
  • Curiosity Stream
  • PGA Tour
  • NBA

Another amazing thing about using TVFix Caster for streaming is that you can use it for educational and official purposes. For instance, you can use this device for seminars, classroom studies, lectures, presentations, etc. Instead of looking for cables to connect your device to a big screen, this portable device can do the trick for you. Once you connect it to the HDMI port on the screen, you can now share the contents of your phone with others.


  • Anyone can use TVFix Caster because it is easy to setup.
  • The compact design makes a perfect travel companion.
  • TVFix Caster is very affordable but delivers your content in high-quality resolution and audio.
  • This device doesn’t send your data back to the manufacturers.
  • TVFix Caster protects user's privacy since it doesn't store your activities.
  • It changes your device into a smart TV, so you don't have to buy one.
  • With this device, you can say goodbye to satellite cable subscriptions.
  • TVFix Caster is compatible with every television that features an HDMI port.
  • It allows you to enjoy many types of VOD services and also stream music from your favorite channels.
  • There’s an option to reclaim your money through the 30-days guarantee.


  • You can only buy TVFix Caster from the official website.
  • TVFix Caster is not compatible with the old TV model that doesn't feature the HDMI port.
  • Sometimes the manufacturers extend the shipping time.

Should you Buy TVFix Caster?

It is not always easy to decide on devices like the TVFix Caster. So, if you’re still wondering whether to buy or not to buy, I can understand your predicament. But this device is a must-have if you’re someone who wants to stop spending excessively on monthly subscriptions. It will help you to control what you pay for when it comes to entertainment. You don't have to pay for channels you won't ever open from month to month. Have you ever wondered why the cable companies mix your favorite channels with those you don't need? That because they want you to increase your subscription every month in search of those few channels you enjoy.

cable fees monthly bill

Another reason to buy TVFix Caster is that it is of better quality compared to other devices of its kind. If you want to authenticate this, go and search for customer reviews on TVFix Caster. You’ll be surprised that many people who have used this device has only good things to say about it. All the users expressed their satisfaction with TVFix Caster and also commended that this device won’t compromise their security as a smart TV would. You already know that smart devices can communicate and share details to facilitate their functions.  It has always been a concern that these smart devices can compromise the users' personal information or even create a pathway for hackers to infiltrate a target. So, if you've been skeptical about internet-connected devices but need them, you can buy and use TVFix Caster instead.

The truth is that TVFix Caster is safe for everyone to use. It is not an attempt for large organizations to steal sensitive information from millions of people. Far from it! In fact, you can ensure your privacy more by using the device. It doesn't store your data and doesn't transfer it to any large database where hackers can compromise any time they want. All it does is to replicate what's happening in your phone on the big screen for a better viewing experience.

improve family time tvfix caster

Another good reason to buy this device is that it will improve your family time. If you have kids around, you’ll understand the need for this more. Most of the time, parents spend more on cable subscriptions because they search for a package with educational channels for their kids. It will surprise you that the cable companies know this as well, and they usually reserve those highly-demanded kids channel for high subscribers. So, if you must get them, you'll pay higher for them, and those who don't have the money won't access them.  Well, instead of doing that, get a TVFix Caster device and subscribe to such a service online, and let your kids watch it on the big screen.

vod services

If you also want to share an exciting TV show on Netflix or other VOD services with your family, this device will make it happen. Instead of hitting their heads together while straining to watch on your phone, you explode the show on the TV and let everyone enjoy it at once. This is even more important when you have guests over and need to entertain them. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, most of the movies you find on cable channels are often old and not the latest releases. If you're a torrent enthusiast, you will agree that you can find newer and popular shows online than satellite cable channels. So, it's better to subscribe to an amazing VOD service online and use TVFix Caster to enjoy the shows.

You don’t need to run cables all around your TV set and your streaming device before using TVFix Caster. It operates wirelessly and offers high-quality audio, picture, and sound. You can even travel with it to avoid boredom in your hotel room. You already know that many hotels usually control their cable from the reception area. Unless you’re staying in those expensive and modern hotels that focus on customer satisfaction. If you happen to stay in those affordable ones without many facilities, you had better use your TVFix Caster to improve your experience.

I think everyone needs this device because using your phone to watch long hours of movies can destroy your eyes. We all know that you must bring the screen closer to your face if you want to see clearly. For someone who’s already battling with an eye problem, you may increase the intensity by always watching your Phone screen. Now with TVFix Caster, you can hold your phone but sit far from the television and enjoy your favorite shows.

How to Buy TVFix Caster?

If you have decided to join thousands of satisfied TVFix Caster users by ordering your package now, you're on the right track.  Like we said earlier, you can only buy this device online and not even in online markets such as Amazon. To get the real product and protect your personal information, head over to the official website, and place your order. Even if you find this product from any other vendor, we'll recommend that you buy from the manufacturer directly.

One of the reasons to buy from them is that they'll send you the original device and not some knocked-up fakes that'll disappoint you. Also, they have many payment options that protect users' details. So instead of entering your credit card details to a dubious seller, let's play it safe and stick with the manufacturers. They allow users to pay with their PayPal account or their credit cards on the official website. So, you can decide on the payment option for you.

If you buy from the manufacturer, you'll get an ongoing 50% discount on your purchases. You can also enjoy other package deals, such as getting a lower price when you buy more than one TVFix Caster in your order. For instance, the unit price for one device is $49.99 due to the 50% discount right now. But when you buy 2, 3, or even 4 of this device at once, the unit prices fall lower than what you can imagine.

Another reason to buy this device from the manufacturer is to activate your money-back guarantee. The manufacture is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee to protect your interests. Let’s say you get the TVFix Caster and didn't enjoy using it, or the device didn't work at all; you can send it back to the manufacturer and get a full refund on your money. The only money you'll lose is the shipping and handling costs, which are non-refundable.

But bear this in mind, the 30 days start counting from the day the product leaves the company warehouse to your location. Also, make sure you keep the product in the same condition they sent it and keep the packaging intact.

How to Setup TVFix Caster?

Using TVFix Caster is very simple, and anyone can set it up within 5 minutes. You don't need to program it or write some codes to sync it with your phone, laptop, or iPad. So, if you get yours, do the following things:

  • Unbox the TVFix Caster from its package and check it thoroughly for damages.
  • Connect it to the HDMI port located at the side or back of your Television.
  • Also, connect the device to the USB power cable that comes with it.
  • Then open your Television setting and choose “HDMI” with the TV remote controller.
  • After that, pair the TVFix Caster with the WiFi network you’re using.

Once you’re done installing and paring the TVFix Caster with your television and your network, go ahead and select the service you want to use. All these won’t take more than 5 minutes to complete.


  • How does TVFix Caster work?

The device works through an HDMI cable that you connect to your television. After pairing it to your WiFi network, it can show everything you watch on your smartphone, iPad, laptop, Chromebook, etc., on the television screen. The setup is really simple, and it offers a seamless wireless experience.

  • Can I trust TVFix Caster to deliver as promised?

You can trust that this device will surpass your expectations. Many customers who used the portable device are commending the simplicity and functionalities. Their reviews are encouraging if you take the time to read them. Also, the whole process is transparent, and the manufacturer also offered a money-back guarantee. So, you can be sure that this device will work.

  • Is TVFix Caster for everyone?

This device is suitable for everyone who wants to reduce the exploitation of satellite cable companies. It allows you to select the few VOD services you need and subscribe to them. You can enjoy all the programs you want and still save a lot of money. Also, you don't have to own a smart TV to use this device. If your television set has an HDMI port, you can use it to stream your movies and shows without stress.

  • Can I watch every channel with TVFix Caster?

There are lots of supported VOD services that you can watch using TVFix Caster. It may not be all, but all the popular ones are at your disposal. Once you open the service on your phone or laptop, it will start showing on the TV screen.

  • Does this device need WiFi?

Yes! You will pair it with your phone or laptop through the Wi-Fi connection. That way, you'll stream your content into the device, and it will blow it up on the big screen. So, without a Wi-Fi connection, TVFix Caster won’t work.

  • Are there other things to buy?

You don’t have to buy another device to support TVFix Caster. All you need is to pay for the device and get your package. Once you connect it to your TV and pair it with your phone or laptop, you're set to go. You won't spend on buying any tools or replacement parts.

  • Are there compatibility issues I should know about?

The only thing you should know is that TVFix Caster doesn't work with older models of televisions that don't feature an HDMI port. Also, any model of phone, computer, a laptop that can't connect to your Wi-Fi network will not be compatible with TVFix Caster. So, make sure that you use it with the appropriate devices.

  • Can I use TVFix Caster on my WiFi at home?

Of course, you can! The device is so efficient that you can use it with any router or Wi-Fi connection in your home, office, hotel room, or anywhere. Also, if you take your portable device to a friend's house, you guys can have a great time with it.

  • Can TVFix Caster Compromise My Privacy

This device doesn't have the issues which smart devices of this era have. No one is tracking your data on TVFix Caster. The only device that it sends your data to is the television in your house, not outside. Also, there's no major corporation somewhere trying to find out what you do online through TVFix Caster. So, you can be assured that this device is very secure.

  • Is it necessary to install more than one TVFix Caster?

One of the things you should bear in mind is that one TVFix Caster goes for one television in your home. It can't work on all the television in your home at once. If you want to use it in different rooms in your home, it's better to buy more than one piece of TVFix Caster. The good news is that the more your quantity, the lower the unit price. So, you can utilize the discount and get more. Another reason is that plugging and unplugging the device from your TV may cause it to damage early. So, you can just install TVFix Caster on each TV and forget they're there.

  • Will I wait long before my order comes?

After completing your order on the official website, expect your package within the first 7 days after the order. You don't have to panic if it hasn't arrived because your location will also affect speed. All you can do is to track it with the code you'll receive from the manufacturers.

  • What should I do if TVFix Caster doesn’t work?

If this device doesn't work for you, there's no need to panic. Just keep it in good condition and return it to the manufacturer. According to them, you have 30 days from the shipping date to get your money back. They only ask that you return it in the original package and return it intact and not damaged.

  • Can I use TVFix Caster for other things?

Besides enjoying your VOD services on the television screen, TVFix Caster helps you browse the internet on your TV screen. Instead of straining your eyes to read an article on the phone, you can make it clearer and larger on the television and read easily. Another thing you can do with this device is the official presentation. If you have the project on your laptop or iPad, you can share it with others through a TV screen. You can even access Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms via TVFix Caster.

Final Words

TVFix Caster is your best friend when it comes to cutting down on your cable subscription payments every month. It is a simple device, but the effect it will have on your life will be impressive. With TVFix Casters, you can decide the contents you’ll pay for and the ones you don’t need. You can now enjoy your VOD services on the television instead of your small phone.

I love this device because you can carry it along with you anytime because it's so portable. It fits into your palm and can also fit into your small bag. With TVFix Caster, you can enjoy high-quality audio and video whenever you are watching Netflix, YouTube, or any other services like them.

As for security, this device has you covered. No one will steal your sensitive information for dubious activities. Also, hackers cannot compromise the device to steal your data. This device is a great solution for every household. If you check the pros and cons, you'll discover that TVFix Caster has more to offer than the amount you pay for it.

Due to the 50% discount, you can even get this device very cheap now. Also, if you increase the number of TVFix Caster you order for, the unit price becomes very low. Don't hesitate anymore when you can place your order today. Once you get the package, follow our guide to install and use it. You don't even need technical knowledge or additional tools to start using it.

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