We’re The Millers 2: Cast, Plot, Release Date

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There are a few movies that make a special spot in our hearts. And when we talk about these movies, we have to mention We’re The Millers. This crime comedy attracted millions of movie lovers around the world. 

That’s the reason everyone is waiting for the sequel. But, wait. We have some news about We’re The Millers 2 as well. Yes, you can enjoy the second part very soon. After doing some research, we found some fantastic news. 

In this article, we will share everything you need to know about We’re The Millers 2 including the release date, plot, cast, and more. Plus, we will share how to watch the movie. Keep reading to learn more.

we're the millers 2

We’re The Millers 2

About We’re The Millers 2

We’re The Millers was a box office successful movie that was released in 2013. Besides the unique plot, this movie became popular because of its stars including Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts, Jason Sudeikis, Nick Offerman, and more.

We’re The Millers earned $270 million globally. Plus, the movie won both MTV Movie Awards and People’s Choice Awards. Because of the massive success, New Line Cinema approached a screenwriter to start working on the script of the sequel.

The sequel’s name was ‘We’re Still the Millers’. However, the project didn’t work out despite being serious about the sequel at first. After that, there are some rumors about the sequel. However, there’s still no strong source for it.

we're the millers 2 release date

We’re The Millers 2 Release Date

We’re The Millers 2 Release Date

When is the release date of We’re The Millers 2? This question is quite trendy right now. As there’s no reliable news about We’re The Millers 2, we are not sure about the release date. The first part was a low-budget movie but got success worldwide.

Even though we searched for the information, we weren’t able to get the movie’s timetable. On the other hand, there’s no news if the cast is ready to join the sequel. Plus, the fans won’t like the sequel if the storyline isn’t attractive. Overall, it’s hard to guess the release date of We’re the Millers 2.

We’re The Millers 2 Plot

As we noted before, the makers were ready for the sequel after the success of We’re The Millers. The first movie’s key power was the storyline and a group of writers worked hard on it. After the success of the first movie, the producers asked Adam Sztykiel, a screenwriter, to write the script for the sequel.

However, it was a huge mistake. The work was put on hold after that. Nobody has any idea how the sequel is going to be. In fact, we can’t tell if they will continue with the same characters. We’re The Millers had a satisfying ending as The Millers had a beautiful house that helped them to earn a decent amount of money.

Plus, we watched how they were growing marijuana in the backyard. According to many people, the sequel will continue from this part. Plus, the second movie might reveal more secrets about the family.

cast of we're the millers 2

We’re The Millers 2 Cast

Cast is the pillar of any movie. If the movie has a good set of cast, it will rock the party. The casting was one of the key reasons why the first movie became successful. And if we talk about the sequel’s cast, it will probably remain the same. 

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The producers won’t make a big change for We’re The Millers 2. If you haven’t watched the first movie, let’s find out about the cast in the following section:

Jason SudeikisDavid Clark
Jennifer AnistonRose O’Reilly / Sarah
Will PoulterKenny Rossmore
Emma RobertsCasey Mathis
Ed HelmsBrad Gurdlinger
Nick OffermanDon Fitzgerald
Kathryn HahnEdie Fitzgerald
Molly QuinnMelissa Fitzgerald
Tomer SisleyPablo Chacon
Matthew WilligOne-Eye
Luis GuzmánA Mexican cop
Thomas LennonRick Nathanson
Mark L. YoungScottie P
Ken MarinoTodd
Scott AdsitDoctor
Sam RichardsonTSA Agent

As we noted before, there’s no official confirmation about the sequel’s cast. In fact, we can’t say if the cast will remain the same for the second movie. If there’s any news regarding We’re The Millers 2, we will also find out about the cast.

How to Watch We’re The Millers 2

As We’re The Millers was so successful, you can watch the movie on various platforms. The best place to stream this movie on Google Play or Amazon. On the other hand, there are some other platforms where you can stream this movie including Vudu, iTunes, and Instant Video.

However, there is still no news about We’re The Millers 2. Well, if the sequel releases in the future, it will be available on various platforms. Still, it depends on the success of the sequel.


Just like all the fans, we are waiting for the We’re The Millers sequel. Even though there’s no reliable news about the second movie, we can hope for the best. If you have been waiting like us, do some research to get the news. Until then, enjoy the first one.


Q: Is there a second We’re the Millers movie?

Even though the first movie was quite successful, there’s no news about the second part yet. However, there are various rumors about the sequel.

Q: Does Netflix have we are the Millers?

Yes, Netflix has We’re The Millers. You can watch the popular movie anytime on this platform. However, this movie isn’t available in some countries.

Q: Can a 13 year old watch We’re The Millers?

No, We’re The Millers isn’t suitable for a 13 year old kid. The movie is rated R which means it has pervasive language, drug material, and sexual content.

Q: Why was ‘We’re The Millers’ canceled?

The makers of We’re The Millers approached Adam Sztykiel to write the script for the second movie. However, it didn’t work well and they canceled the sequel. 

Q: Which streaming service has we’re the Millers?

You can watch We’re The Millers on Amazon Prime, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu.

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