Taylor Hawkins House: The Former California Pad

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Taylor Hawkins House

Taylor Hawkins is an American drummer renowned for his excellent work with the rock band Foo Fighters. Hawkins was born in California and started playing the drums early.  

Following the retirement of their original drummer, William Goldsmith, he joined the Foo Fighters in 1997. Hawkins has been a vital member of the band ever since, his forceful and dynamic drumming contributing to its sound and style. 

He has also recorded many solo albums, the most recent of which were “KOTA” in 2016 and “Get the Money” in 2019. Hawkins has worked with a number of artists, including Alanis Morissette, Slash, and the Coattail Riders, in addition to the Foo Fighters. 

Age 50 years 
Nickname Tay 
Height 1.79 m
Status married
Networth $40 million dollars
Born February 17, 1972

Taylor Hawkins’s professional career

Taylor Hawkins is a successful artist with a varied musical career. He joined the rock group Foo Fighters in 1997 and is most recognized for his work as their drummer. As a member of the Foo Fighters, Hawkins has contributed to several well-known albums and songs, such as “There Is Nothing Left to Lose,” “One by One,” “The Color and the Shape,”  “Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace,” and “Wasting Light.” He has also garnered numerous Grammy Awards for his contributions to the band.

Hawkins has undertaken a number of side projects and collaborations in addition to his work with the Foo Fighters. He has many solo albums to his credit, including “KOTA” in 2016 and “Get the Money” in 2019. Hawkins has also shared the stage with Alanis Morissette, Slash, and the Coattail Riders. He is highly regarded as a skilled and versatile drummer, noted for his aggressive drumming technique and passionate performances.

Hawkins has appeared in a few films and television shows other than music, including “The Country Bears” and “Supernatural.” In addition, he wrote and published a memoir titled “The Hawk: A Memoir.” Taylor Hawkins has had a tremendous musical career and remains an active and prominent player in the music industry.

Taylor Hawkins House

Taylor Hawkins lives in Los Angeles’ Hidden Hills area. Furthermore, the location is extremely secure and even gated. Only friends and family appear to be able to enter the full region. In addition, the surroundings are beautiful and provide excellent views.

A hot tub, a pool, and even a separate guest house are among the pleasures. Taylor Hawkins’s kitchen has a sizable island, worktops, and kitchen appliances made of stainless steel. The guest home also contains two bedrooms and a living room. Also, the lowest floor of the house includes a barn and house facilities.

FAQS About Taylor Hawkins’s Home

What is the cost of Taylor Hawkins’s house?

Taylor Hawkins’s house costs $2.7 million to build.

How much area is covered by the Taylor Hawkins House?

The home is 7,000 square feet in size. 

How many bedrooms and bathrooms does Taylor Hawkins’ house have?

 There are 8 Bedrooms and 6 Bathrooms.

What is Taylor Hawkins’ address?

The address is Robert Guy Rd, Hidden Hills, CA 91302.

Where does Taylor Hawkins live?

He lives in Forth Worth.

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