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Handy Heater Review

Now that it's time to say Good-Bye to the summers, and welcome the winters. I know winters can be slightly uncomfortable, especially during the peak of it. But don't worry as Orbis Heater is here for your rescue. Orbis Heater will make sure that you stay warm all through the cold season. Indeed, it is magical equipment that is capable of solving your issue without any trouble. The best part of the heater is that it's super small in size! You may easily carry along this device wherever you go. All you need is to plug the device into an electric slot, and you are done! The product sticks to its promises, and certainly, it stands in offering one of the best innovations of its kind.

Traveling to colder regions can become a real hassle. However, with this heater, you do not need to refrain from going around cold places. You can easily carry this device along with yourself, even in regions of heavy snowfall. With Orbis Heater, there is no need of kerosene, alcohol, gas or methane; all you would require is to have a source of electricity.

Hence, whenever you go on a trip soon, you will no longer have to bang your head, whether there is any provision for a heater. You will no longer have to get annoyed by calling the housekeeper in the hotel you are staying in and asking him to fetch a heater for you. This device is basically a personal heater that will keep you warm everywhere. All that you would need is to plug the pin into a power outlet, and that's it! No more shivering in the cold; the heater is capable of filling the entire room with warmth in a few minutes.

What Is Orbis Heater?

Orbis Heater is primarily a small electric heater that could be your best companion every time you visit cold places. Do not waste your winter vacation staying at home anymore. Go and travel the whole earth, including the cold regions; this Orbis Heater is here to settle your trouble. No more sitting inside the closed doors; keep traveling even if it's chilling cold throughout the day. Just as the name says, it is extremely handy, and you can easily carry it anywhere you feel like! Though it is not pocket-size, but it is not bulky either! It won't occupy much of your space!

What is the reason behind the growing popularity of Orbis Heater?

Everyone loves to go for small and compact deals right now! The manufacturers of Orbis Heater have decoded the preference of today's customers such that they have come up with this device that does not only excel in terms of functionality, but is also designed in a way that it is extremely convenient to deal with! Well, if you have just a small space to heat up, this device is the one for you. It is capable of warming up to a radius of approximately 3 meters. You may not find it too effective for larger areas, but it is good to go for a small enclosed space. This small socket heater is way ahead of the other fan heaters available in the market. Also, you would probably get a wide range of full radiators for sale, but the easy accessibility and convenience that this Orbis Heater provides is worth the price you pay for it.

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Why do you need this Orbis Electric Heater?

You may not see the Orbis Heater promoted throughout the internet, but trust me, it is really a good choice for people looking for a device that can heat the place without any trouble. I won't say that it is a substitute for the full-fledged heater, but it is certainly one of the best deals for people who have been looking for a gadget that would warm small enclosed places without taking any significant space. This is going to be an ideal choice for people who have been looking for a heating system either in the attic, or in the basement. The heat-dissipating provision of this system is so astounding that you will not regret anyway post the purchase.

What are the advantages of this Orbis Heater?

As already mentioned, this Orbis Heater will serve your requirement for offering the right amount of warmth. There are a few advantages that this gadget comes with, and you cannot ignore them whatsoever!

No fuel is required

You do not require any fuel, kerosene or gas to use this Orbis Heater, which means that you will not have to stress yourself about finding a source to help yourself during the cold weather. Bringing fuel and arranging for it seems to be additional work, and since our Orbis Heater is devoid of all such mechanisms, it becomes easier for a user to use it without any worry.

Electric consumption is low

Since the Orbis Heater does not use any fuel to produce warmth, its only power source is none other than electricity. All you need is to plug it into an outlet, and you are done. You might also be worrying that it will add a huge amount to your electricity bill, but that's not the case with this Orbis Heater. Its electricity consumption is pretty low such that you do not mind adding another gadget to your list of equipment.

It cuts your expenses

Instead of worrying about breaking your bank and compelling yourself to the edge wherein you have no other choice but to make hefty investments, this Orbis Heater is here to cut your costs. It cuts your expenses and makes sure that you get an absolutely practical gadget and get something you actually pay for! It is indeed a fantastic choice and the price tag that it comes up with, is extremely affordable.

It offers easy installation at the socket point

The Orbis Heater is not just useful, but at the same time, it offers an easy provision for installation without any hassle. You do not require to be a tech freak in order to use this device. You can easily put it into the plug and have your functionality served instantly. In case you are thinking that you might need to call up a technician who would guide you through the procedure of installing this gadget, that's not needed!

It turns off once the desired temperature is reached

This is yet another amazing thing for which you can rely on this gadget. Suppose, you fell asleep while putting on this gadget. Well, you do not need to wake up every now and then to see if the temperature is apt. You can simply go off to bed and relax. It's absolutely fine even if you fall asleep. The Orbis Heater will automatically switch itself off once the desired temperature of the room is attained. This is yet another amazing thing for which most people prefer this gadget. This automated feature is absent in a lot of other models belonging from the same category. Hence, this feature is pretty cool to keep you tension-free.

Ideal for small spaces

You might have several areas in your room wherein you cannot set up a heater, the big usual ones. Well, this Orbis Heater will solve your issue in such situations. It is capable of heating up your attic or the basement in just no time. It is generally ideal for smaller spaces instead of larger areas.

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Orbis Heater Key Features:

Orbis Heater claims to offer the following features and it keeps everything that it promises, which is yet another reason why this product has successfully gained such an immense popularity in the industry. Here they go!

  1. You get heat anytime and anywhere you feel like!

Being a small electric heater, you can wish to carry it anywhere and set up within a small and enclosed space. It gives you heat anytime you wish to! Whether you are at your home, and already using an ordinary heater, you can call this minimalistic equipment to offer you some extra warmth. Also, if you are situated within a small space, and you need a device to keep you warm, this is the one for you! Last but not least, if you are traveling and looking for a device that will keep you warm in cold temperatures, there won't be any better alternative than the Orbis Heater.

  1. Plugging it into a wall outlet is indeed the simplest method ever!

Well, you do not have to bring any fuel. All you need is to plug the device into the wall socket, and put it on. It will warm up the entire space in just some time. Hold your patience, and you can feel the surrounding for yourself. Besides, it automatically turns off once the desired temperature is reached.

  1. It is potent of heating up a room of around 250 square feet.

Although this gadget might not meet up to your expectations of heating up a large arena, it is good enough to heat up to a room of 250 square feet or even a little more than that!

  1. Comes with a unique and portable design:

It is lightweight and portable, which means that you can simply take it along with yourself while you are travelling. You do not need to cancel your trips to the colder parts of the world anymore. Just get this and carry it along with yourself, and you would not have to sacrifice your dreams any further! Certainly, it is not as small as you can slip it into your pocket or purse, but the compact design and the less bulky gadget won't be too much of weight either.

  1. It does not interrupt the peace of the surrounding:

It does not emit any noise while heating your room. While a lot of models exhibit an extremely annoying sound that you feel as if you won't be able to sleep the whole night, it's not the case with this amazing Orbis Heater. Therefore, once you put it on, you do not have to stress yourself about not sleeping the entire night. Just turn this device on, and you can have a good nap without any trouble.

  1. Features a digital LCD display on the unit:

Using this gadget is pretty simple. You will see a digital LCD right there on the unit wherein temperature control buttons are clearly marked, thereby allowing you to adjust the temperatures as you feel like!

  1. Provision to adjust the temperature between 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit:

You can set the control buttons and adjust the temperature based on your choice or requirement, which is surely one of the coolest features of this handy heating device.

  1. Alter the fan speed button:

It allows you to change the fan speed, and thus, control the blow of air as per the requirement of the surroundings.

  1. Available with a timer button:

When we say that the Orbis Heater allows you the utmost flexibility, we actually mean it! This Orbis Heater comes with a timer button wherein you may program it to run for a few hours, post which it will automatically be switched off without your monitoring. In case you are not at home, and you want it to keep the room warm while you return, this timer will do the wonder by automatically turning itself on as the timer is programmed.

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Cons of Orbis Heater:

  1. Apart from the fact that it is ideal for smaller places, you must not use this device with any surge protectors or extension cords for safety purposes. You should not use it on the GFCI outlets of the outlets in the washrooms or laundry rooms either.

Price/How To Buy Orbis Heater?

You can purchase 1 Orbis Heater at a price of $69.99 + S&H, or buy two at the price of $119.98 and get the 3rd one for free. You can also buy 3 at $179.97 and get another 2 free of cost. You also get free shipping with the last three deals.

Orbis Heater Overview:

Orbis Heater FAQs:

How does the Orbis Heater work?

Orbis Heater is an electric space heater that consumes up to 350 Watts of energy. It is ETL certified, which means that it is absolutely safe for usage. Be it in office dens, basements, garages or living room; you can fit it anywhere you wish to! It is featured with a thermo-ceramic design, which packs a good amount of heating power. It circulates the heat via the two-speed fan. Also, there is an adjustable thermostat that makes it easier to control the motion of the fan, and thus, set it to the desired temperature.

How to use the Orbis Heater?

  • At first, you will need to plug the Orbis Heater into a 240 W power outlet.
  • Now, simply press the On/Off switch to the On position in order to turn on the device.
  • Use the button to raise or lower the temperature. Leave it once the temperature is set.
  • Next, choose the speed of the fan. Select the High or Low on the digital display.
  • Once your room has become warm enough, simply put off the switch and unplug the heater from the power source.

Wrapping It Up

If you are still wondering whether or not you should purchase this device, I would rather recommend you to give it a trial, and I am pretty sure that you will not have to regret it by any chance. This gadget comes with several cool features that will let you remain awe-struck, and you are sure to ask about it to everyone you meet along with you on the trip.

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