TikiTunes Review – Best Wireless Speaker In A Budget?

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tikitunes review

A Bluetooth speaker has been our all-time favorite, and particularly if you are a music lover, you cannot go anywhere without it. In such a scenario, it becomes really difficult to choose a speaker that will not just serve your purpose of producing the best sound quality while you are at home, but it should consequently be able to produce you the best sound while you are on the go! After a lot of research, we finally came up with the TikiTunes that is not just compact and lightweight, but at the same time, is going to meet your budget as well. It is really an affordable option, and if you have any recent plan of purchase, this could bd a really good product to look to!

tikitunes review

What is TikiTunes?

If you are one of those who love spending hours in the hot summer, by the pool or at the terrace, a Bluetooth speaker is going to be a must-have for you! This small ‘tiki torch’ with LED lights is just perfect to make your ambience. It is dust and water resistant (Ips65 rated). It is one of the best devices that would eventually become your favorite during the house parties, particularly due to its amazing sound quality and amplification. It syncs good and all that you would ever need is to place at any of the corners of your house, and you will be able to hear high quality sounds great in a proximity of 30 feet. Therefore, you do not need to make a special arrangement to keep your speaker. You can simply place it anywhere you feel like, and the sound will be amplified all by itself, without letting you or your products to compromise by any chance.

Things We Liked About TikTok:

You can experience a non-interrupted playtime of 6 hours with this device. It is rechargeable via USB cable, which means that you will no longer have to run short of power and spend a boring day all throughout. This is one of the most important features to consider particular when you are travelling. You will definitely not be able to afford your speaker switching all of a sudden while on a trip. Also, you would definitely not want to use a speaker that will turn off in the middle of your party. With an interrupted long-lasting power provision, this is no longer going to be your headache. As the battery continues to drain, there is a signal that will indicate the ‘low power’ so that you can put it on charge. This makes it easy to note when you need to recharge the battery all over again.

  • The dual sync capability of this TikiTunes device assures an amplified sound quality without any issue

Are you looking for a way that will not let you complain about the sound? With the TikiTunes, pairing devices will become easier than ever. With this Bluetooth speaker, you can easily pair up four devices so that even your guests sitting at the other room can hear the sound withoit any trouble. This works more effectively if you have your target audience spread all over a wide area, or in case the room in which you are playing the sound is so big that it isn’t possible for just a single speaker to do the job.

  • It is lightweight and portable

Thus, you can use it in your office room is well as at home. It is good enough for your casual parties as well. You may also choose to carry it along with you on roads, hikes and on trips too! From the next time you are travelling, and you are worrying about getting bored by any chance, make sure that you aren’t forgetting to take the TikiTunes along with you. This is extremely portable and won’t occupy much of your space. Hence, you can easily carry it along with yourself without banging your head about where to fit it in! It will just take a little space at the side of your purse or your backpack, so you can take it out while on the go, and keep playing your favorite tracks on it whenever you feel like!

  • Want both lighting and stereo together?

The LED lights of this TikiTunes device will make the perfect ambience for your night parties. The best thing about this Bluetooth speaker is that it offers a flickering light which looks apparently amazing even in a dark room. Thus, it creates a perfect atmosphere at your place without compelling you to make a huge investment. If you are one of those who have been looking for a homely ambience, you can simply switch off the lights of your room, or let the coloring lights be on, and you can enjoy the music, and have your friends to dance along with you all night.

  • It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices

There is nothing like you need to have a different handset altogether just because you have got this TikiTunes. There’s absolutely nothing as such. It works with almost all mobile phones. Just try connecting with your device, I am pretty sure that it is going to work!

  • It is absolutely easy to use

Even if you are not a tech savvy, you can still use this gadget. It works really amazing and you would not have to worry about learning to use it. The buttons are pretty big and are located right at the notch of your visibility. It is not just easily accessible for the tech guys, but for the adults and the kids too.

Things We didn’t like:

  • 5 Watt Speaker

More Details: 

  • The major reason for which this device has successfully managed to gain such a huge amount of attention among the users is all because of its compact design and portability. Although it is small in size, it does not make any compromise in regard to the sound quality by any chance. This is certainly a bonus to the device. Also, it is available at a really affordable price, so you would not require to break your bank to purchase it!
  • The 2000 mAh battery allows you to play music over a continuous span without any interruption. This battery is decent enough for going on a hiking or on a trip, and to have an all-night party. You would thus, be able to escape from the hassle of putting it on the charge again and again.
  • The back-charging port of this gadget is guarded to protect it from dust and water, with the help of a flap. Thus, it ensures that the device is not damaged from any external agent.

What is there in the box?

tikitunes box of contents

As you receive the product, you would find a user manual available right there. This mentions all the sets of instructions along with the details of the product parts, so that you can easily refer to it in case you have any trouble or confusion while operating the device. Alongside, the box will also contain the bluetooth speaker as well as the USB cable. Just as the order gets delivered to your residence, just open the wrapped box, and you will find the entire setup right before you. In case you miss to receive any of these, do raise your issue at the official website from where you have made the purchase.

How to use this TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker?

Using this TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker is no rocket science, nor do you need to know a lot about technology in order to be able to access it at ease. All you need is to turn on the speaker and it will automatically be available for pairing up with the nearby devices. Just provide the access, and you will be able to play your favorite tracks from your device whenever you feel like, without any further trouble.

Where should you purchase TikiTunes from?

If you are purchasing the TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker, make sure that you are purchasing it right from its official website. This will ensure the fact that you are receiving legit products, while at the same time, will save you from being scammed. Also, a purchase from the official site will help you get the best deals with the ongoing discount, warranties and all other provisions.


We would better recommend you to purchase your TikiTunes speaker from the official website with one gadget tagged at $39.99 + S&H. However, you get offers on the purchase of 2 and more gadgets too! You may also go for a Buy 2 Get 1 available at a price of $99.98. The Buy 3 Get 2 offer is tagged at a price of $149.97. Also, you can opt for the Buy 4 and Get 4 free at a budget of $199.96. These are some of the super saver deals, and thus, if you really want to save a good sum of money, you can definitely opt for any of these, and I am sure that you are going to love it!

How to pair the TikiTunes speaker with your smartphone?

Pairing your TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker with your smartphone (the most commonly used source for playing your favorite music tracks) is not at all difficult. The TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker comes with a Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility. You can easily access it with any smartphone or mobile device that is equipped with Bluetooth capabilities.

How to Pair Your TikiTunes Speakers Together?

When we say that TikiTunes speakers could be paired up together, let me teach you how to do it as well. Just as you put on the device, it gets ready to acknowledge the pairing mode. All you need is to select the device and thus, start enjoying your favorite tracks. Consequently, you can pair your TikiTunes speakers together. Here is how to do it!

Step 1: At first, place the two TikiTunes speakers together, side by side

Step 2: You will see a power button located right at the middle of the speaker. Put that button on, for both the speakers

Step 3: Now, hold on the power button of one device until it starts flashing.

Step 4: Once you put on one device, out on the other speaker too by repeating the same step.

Step 5: Now, you need to turn on the smartphone or the Computer, laptop, TV from which you want to play the music on your Bluetooth speaker

Yeah, it’s that easy and you are done! Remember that I said you that it is absolutely easy to pair up your TikiTunes devices. That’s not hard at all! Just a few steps and you are done! Hope the above-mentioned guide would help you to switch on your recently purchased TikiTunes speaker at ease, or in case you have got one as a gift any time before.

Frequently asked questions about TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker

Would I be able to play music on the TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker while putting it on charge?

Yeah! Absolutely! You will face no issue in playing your favorite tracks on the Bluetooth speaker while it is put on charge. The functionality of the wireless speaker remains the same and there’s no issue at all. You can play your favorite music on the speaker, as well as turn on the flickering lights without any trouble.

How to turn off the LED flickering light on your TikiTunes bluetooth speaker?

The LED flickering light is particularly known for enhancing the ambience where you put the speaker. Indeed, it is absolutely easy to do! All you need is to press the center button of your TikiTunes speaker. You will find it featured with the lightbulb icon. Simply put it ON and OFF based on your choice and it’s done!

Can you charge the TikiTunes speaker?

Yeah, you get a USB cable available right within the pack. Therefore, the TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker is rechargeable and you may charge it just like the way you do it by plugging in your smartphone into the power supply port.

How long do you need to charge the TikiTunes speaker?

Once the TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker is fully drained, put it on the charge for a span of 2.5 hours at a continuous stretch. It will get fully recharged till then. Once the battery is full, it will offer you a playtime of 6 hours at a go!

By what name would you find the TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker at the time of pairing?

You will easily be able to locate your TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker at the time of connecting it with your smartphone or PC, laptop by the name of TikiTunes itself.

How to get in touch with the support team of TikiTunes in case there is a trouble operating it?

Operating your TikiTunes bluetooth speaker would usually not be a problem. It is absolutely easy and you do not require to go through any hassle. In case things aren’t working, and you need to connect it to the TikiTunes support team to help you with some assistance, you can always connect to the support team for additional assistance at (855) 843-4828.

Safety information for TikiTunes bluetooth speaker:

Although you do not need to note a lot of maintenance tips to take care of your TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker, you should at least consider a few basic tips to handle your Bluetooth speaker safely. Here are a few tips that might help you:

  • It is generally recommended not to use your TikiTunes wireless bluetooth speaker close to any electric or magnetic field.
  • You must not use your TikiTunes bluetooth speaker at intense heat or underneath the direct sunlight.
  • You must not insert any sort of foreign objects into the openings of jack of your TikiTunes speaker. Even if your speaker isn’t working properly, take it to the technician or take the assistance of our customer support team to help you out. Make sure that you aren’t pricking it with any kind of sharp articles.
  • Make sure that you aren’t submerging the TikiTunes wireless speaker or its accessories by any chance. Although the speaker is water resistant, you should definitely not try out this stunt!
  • Do not expose the speaker to harsh chemicals.
  • Keep the TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker into a cool and dry place. Make sure that you aren’t storing if a place where the temperature exceedds 60 degrees Celsius

Final Thoughts: 

This speaker has undoubtedly earned such high reviews, and it truly deserves it all! If you are still wondering whether to purchase this TikiTunes or not, I would rather suggest you to go for it once and see how it works! You are sure to love it for the amazing sound quality and also for its easy to carry provision. Also, you can fetch it at a offer price for gifting it to your friends and acquaintances.

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