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zalgo text

We are living in a world where written content is ruling, whether it is in the form of image content or through articles. And the most important part of this content is texts. Yes! Texts undoubtedly play a very crucial role in making content more attractive. People nowadays are very much inclined towards doing experiments with these texts and especially people who make memes. You yourself must have witnessed different memes with very creative and unique texts. There are various texts that are being used by the content creators among which Zalgo text can be considered to be one of their favorites.

zalgo text

What is Zalgo text?

Zalgo texts are basically where texts go through random and unique transitions and modifications. These texts are mostly used by the meme-makers but are also used for several other purposes like one can also use it for writing any informal letter or for some campaign. Before choosing a text, a lot of thinking is done and texts are chosen as per their themes only.

Zalgo text is one such weird style text which is used for those contents or memes that are supposed to be scary. This text is used as it has the capability of catching a lot of eyeballs for some creepy or scary content. These are also famous by another name, called, Glitch text. As the name suggests, it is called glitch text because these appear to be in an ambiguous way. The way it looks makes people think that there is some kind of lag or glitch.

Zalgo is itself a very unique name but it surely has a meaning. Zalgo has come from the name of a character who is taken as a sign of terror. Now, the Zalgo text, being called scary, must be making sense to you.

There one question also arises that how is such text designed? And the answer is pretty much simple. For generating such text, a specific kind of script is used where simple characters are combined with Unicode standards and all these together are displayed in the space where a single character was supposed to appear. But for combining them, a proper and suitable strategy needs to be used by the developers. And then we get the required output and give it a scary look for the people watching it.

Controversy related to Zalgo text

No doubt that the Zalgo text has become famous among people but controversy has also come up with this popularity. Although the controversy has nothing to do with its being popular. The problem that has been witnessed with this text is that it has many a time resulted in crashing of browser. There have been several claims saying that the injection of Zalgo text leads to the shutting down of the messenger or the browser. It has also been witnessed that the iMessage application of Apple has not been able to process these texts properly. And this has not only been the case with Apple, but similar cases have also taken place when Zalgo text was used in a Gmail application of Google.

There was a hacker working in a company, who discovered that apart from shut down of several browsers, even the Gmail of Google is also facing a similar issue. This hacker himself performed a couple of experiments to see what happens when Zalgo text is inserted in a browser. On doing so, the browser crashed and the device got shut down for some time. After which the same experiment was done on Gmail and the result was pretty much surprising. It was the time when it was found that Zalgo texts via Gmail are leading to the crash down of the app.

The email containing Zalgo text sent by a sender is received effectively by the receiver. But what happens the next is interesting, as the mail shows the “Error 500” and then the app automatically gets shut down. This tells that there is some internal server failure but the reasons for the same are unspecified. These results are something that can be called not so encouraging for the people using it.


Yes! This controversy related to the Zalgo text is capable of making it undesirable but if this issue can be tackled then the scene might be different. We have already discussed how this text is becoming a favorite for memes and other content creators. So, Zalgo text is not an absolute waste for sure and can help in making extremely creative content that’ll be capable of getting people’s attention. In fact, the fan base that is currently using Zalgo text via different mediums is all in love with it and is creating an amazing impact through it. So, unlike other texts, Zalgo text is surely beyond just a text and has a lot to offer.

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