Norm Macdonald House: Former California Home

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Norm Macdonald House
NicknameNorm, Norm McDonald 
Age61 at the time of death
Date Of Birth 17th October 1959
Relationship StatusDivorced
Height1.88 m
Net Worth 2.5 million USD

Who is Norm McDonald?

Norman Gene McDonald is a Canadian-born writer, actor and comedian. He has worked in a number of genres including observational comedy, anti-humour, dark comedy, satire etc. 

Even though Norman is of Canadian nationality, he used to own a massive home in Santa Monica, California, United States. This was a much-coveted property due to the money and good taste invested in its creation. The property was purchased at 1.8 million USD. The house photos of this place reveal how utilitarian yet comfortable his home was.


Norman McDonald was born on 17th October 1959 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Some sources suggest that Norman was always the kind of kid who would joke around and look for humor in everything. He seemed to also have a knack for literature and words in general from an early age. Some credit also goes to his father who first him and his siblings to learn English as their first language from the time of infancy.

Did you know that Norm McDonald actually decided to study mathematics at Carleton University in Ottawa? However, it was lucky for the world that he decided to drop out and enroll in journalism and broadcasting television instead. Around this time he started working as a stand-up comedian in Ottawa. 

In his personal life, Norman had a gambling addiction. He was married to Connie Vaillancourt, but both of them divorced in 1999. They have one son named Dylan.

Everything To Know About Their Norm McDonald’s House

Normal McDonald owned a fabulous home in Santa Monica, California. It was a luxury two-bedroom house, which was known in Hollywood for its clever sophistication and attention to detail. The property was two blocks away from the beach, and Norman referred to the place as a ‘work loft’ along with a living space. 

His home was built in a 2000-square-foot area. Apart from two bedrooms, it also had two bathrooms, dramatic windows, roll-up patio doors, private covered terraces, high ceilings fitting to the mixed architectural style, and two parking spaces. In case you were wondering, yes, it was a condo surrounded by lush green surroundings. You could easily see the Pacific from the living room. His house pics talked of a man busy in the world of art and language.

Norman listed the property while he was alive, saying it feels like a place where a young man would fit in better. The property was handed over to its new owner after Norman’s death. 

FAQs about Norman McDonald’s House

1. What is Norman McDonald’s address?

The exact address of Norman McDonald’s house is not known as the place now belongs to someone else. However, we do know that he lived in Santa Monica, California.

2. What is the name of Norm McDonald’s house? 

The name of Norman McDonald’s house is not publicly known. 

3. Where did Norm McDonald live?

Norman McDonald used to live in Santa Monica, California, USA.

4. When was Norman McDonald’s house made? 

Norman McDonald bought his Santa Monica home in 2008.

5. What is the cost of Norman McDonald’s house?

Norman McDonald purchased his Santa Monica house for 1.8 million USD.

6. How did Norman McDonald die?

Norman McDonald was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2013. The illness was not disclosed to the public. The condition developed into cancer, and he died of acute leukemia on 14 September 2021. 

Norman McDonald House pics
Norman McDonald House photos

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