George Strait House: The San Antonio Villa

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George Strait House
NicknameKing George 
Date Of Birth 18th May 1952
Relationship StatusMarried
Height1.58 m
Net Worth 300 million USD

Who is George Strait?

If you are an enthusiast of American music, chances are you have heard of George Harvey Strait Sr, the man popularly known as the ‘King of Country Music’. His career started in the illustrious decade of the 1980s, and he played a pivotal role in the popularization of the neotraditional movement. 

George Strait is also known for having a spectacular, one-of-a-kind luxury home in Texas, a place that has every possible national and international facility that you can imagine. Anyone who comes across the house photos of this fabulous place is mesmerized by the combination of vintage architecture with modern minimalism. Unfortunately, George had been looking for a buyer to his massive mention for the past few years and had finally sold his estate to Shannon Ralson in the January of 2021.


George Strait was born on 18th May 1952 in Poteet, Texas, and it was this happy coincidence that gave him a chance to be introduced at a young age to the inspirational culture of music that Texas was so famous for. 

It was in the spring of 1981 that George finally released his first single, “Unwound”. This single quickly rose to rank sixth on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart that year and kick-started his career. He delivered 17 number-one hits in that decade and even played the main character in the 1992 film Pure Country. He was presented with many awards in his lifetime, including the record of winning the most CMA awards ever.

Everything To Know About Goerge Strait’s House

Goerge Strait lives in San Antonio, Texas. His estate is a massive 7.5 million USD mention which has the perfect mixture of futuristic luxury with a timeless aesthetic. The entirety of his home is built on an unbelievable 7925 square feet of land. It is a part of a 12-acre private surrounding and sits on a hilltop from which a 360° view of the surroundings is easily visible.

The premises include a formal dining room, breakfast room, and a living room carefully designed to blend the outdoor spaces with the internal areas of the house. There is a separate bar area in the room. 

The chef’s kitchen has tiled countertops and a designer setup that includes high-quality appliances from all over the world. There are three massive bedrooms in this building, with six baths – plus a detached casita in addition, of course. The main designer of this mansion, Bill Tull, even had his original sketches displayed as a part of the interior. Some special rooms in the house include a walk-in safe, a home gym, and a private sauna.

George Strait’s house includes wonderful luxuries like 14 hand-sculpted fireplaces and a covered terrace. There is a rustic ambiance to the entire decor. Take a look at the house pics to get a better idea of this extraordinary place.


1. What is George Strait’s address?

24123, Boerne Stage Road 

Suite 150

San Antonio, TX 78255-9405

2. What is the name of George Strait’s house? 

The special name for the mansion owned by George Strait is not publicly known.

3. Where does George Strait live?

George Strait strait lives in San Antonio, Texas.

4. When was George Strait’s house made? 

Goerge Strait’s house started being built in 1995 and it took Bill Tull 2 years to make it.

5. What is the cost of George Strait’s house?

The last public listing of Goerge Strait’s house evaluated it at 6.9 million USD

 6. Is George Strait gay?

Rumors about mega-celebrities are not a new phenomenon. What we do know for sure, however, is that the famous country star George Strait has been happily married for more than 50 years now.

George Strait House photos
George Strait House images

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