Klay Thompson Squidward House – All You Need to Know

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Klay Thompson House photos
NicknameBig Smokey
Date Of Birth 8 February 1990
Height1.98 m
Relationship StatusIn a relationship
Net Worth 70 million USD

Who is Klay Thompson?

Klay Thompson is one of the most popular American professional basketball players at present, and why won’t he after becoming a four-time NBA champion along with his team – the Golden State Warriors – and a five-time NBA All-star! Not only that, the young player has captured the hearts of thousands of fans in the USA and across the world. 

Klay Thompson’s house pics are strikingly charming. It is a 2.2 million property in Dana Point, California. Tiffany Howell is the luxury designer who must take credit for a wonderful redesign of this property that happened recently during the pandemic. If you are a fan of clever architecture, you must check out the house photos of this wonderful place.


Like many sportspersons, Thompson was born in the sunny city of Los Angeles, California, on 8 February 1990. He has been playing for as long as he can remember and has been winning awards ever since his junior season. Thompson started his college life as a full-fledged player at Washington State University. He earned all of the Pac-10 team honours when he led the season as a junior. 

So many women would give a lot to learn that Thomson is single; it is unfortunately rumored that he is dating Laura Harrier as of the present. We are also certain that a part of his affection is truly reserved for his English bulldog Rocco. He is also really fond of his parents, who were also players in their youth.

Everything To Know About Klay Thompson’s House

Thompson’s house is a 3500 square foot property facing the seaside, 400 miles away from the headquarters of LA. 

The interior was always classy, before and after Tiffany worked her magic. A rustic, mysterious ambiance always surrounded the house of this NBA Star player. There is a sense of calm and precision of placement in this house that makes it one of the most stylish homes that any NBA player has ever owned. 

It has its own ranch house and courtyard. And it seems our athletic NBA legend will not be deterred from viewing the ocean in absolute luxury since a hundred-foot-wide patio has been designed for this very purpose. There are three bedrooms in this building.

Thompson also has a family home in California, a message structure that is 2400 square feet in area and exquisite in form and design. Check out the house pics of this sprawling piece of artwork to get an idea of the glamour we are talking about!

FAQs About Klay Thompson’s House

1. What is Klay Thompson’s address?

35211 Camino Capistrano

Dana Point, CA 92624 US

2. What is the name of Klay Thompson’s house? 

The name of the house owned by Klay Thompson is not known. 

3. Where does Klay Thompson live?

Klay Thompson lives in Dana Point, California.

4. When was Klay Thompson’s house made? 

Thomson purchased this house in 2015 and had it renovated during the pandemic.

5. What is the cost of Klay Thompson’s house?

The cost of Thomson’s house is around 2.2 million USD.

6. Is Klay Thompson gay?

There have been many rumors and controversies where Klay Thomson has been reported to be bisexual. However, the star has never confirmed this and is publicly in a relationship with Laura Harrier.

Klay Thompson House photos
Klay Thompson House pics

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