Jamie Dimon House: All You Need To Know

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James Dimon house
NicknameJamie, Jamie Dimon 
Date Of Birth 13 March 1956
Relationship StatusMarried
Height1.78 m
Net Worth 1.8 billion USD

Who is James Dimon?

James Dimon is one of the richest American bank chief executives of all time. He is also one of the most successful CEOs in New York, having maintained JPMorgan Chase for almost two decades now. He is also a Class A board member of the Federal Reserve Bank.

As is fitting to the billionaire lifestyle that Jamie Dimon is able to afford, he has multiple luxury homes awaiting him in various corners of the country. He has a massive house in Chicago, and one in Bedford, New York – the house photos of both of which will delight and surprise you with their extravaganza.

Jamie Dimon was born and brought up in New York City. He completed his University education at Tufts University and later joined the Harvard Business School. He started his career with Sandy Weill of American Express and stayed with him until he was asked to resign in 1997. At this point, James came upon the opportunity of becoming the CEO of Bank One in March 2000. 

James is married to Judith Kent, also of Harvard Business School. They have three daughters together, namely Julia, Laura, and Kara.

Everything To Know About Jamie Dimon’s House

Jamie Dimon had put up his Chicago homework 9.5 million recently, and news reports said he was having trouble finding a buyer. His Chicago home is located on the Gold Coast and is a 15000 square feet property, almost a palace, both because of the size and the luxury interiors. 

It has eight bedrooms, nine full-size bathrooms, and a fitting rooftop terrace. This house was actually built in the 1870s, and the majority of its architecture has been kept the same. The only thing that James has added is a bright palette of yellows and browns.

James Dimon has also built a field house in Bedford, New York. It is located in the upstate, surrounded by an actual forest on all sides. The whole property sprawls 33 acres, but most of it is kept untouched to create a nature sanctuary. 

The home itself is 8500 square feet and has six bedrooms. Complementing these bedrooms are eight full-size bathrooms and one open bath. While his Chicago house is decked with golds and silvers, the New York field house is a minimalist affair.

FAQs About Jamie Dimon’s House

1. What is James Dimon’s address?

The exact address of Jamie Dimon has not been disclosed to the public, but we do know that he lives in the Upper East Side, Manhattan, NY, USA.

2. What is the name of James Dimon’s house? 

The names of the houses owned by James Dimon have not been disclosed to anyone. However, the house pics of these renowned buildings are easily available for every enthusiast to see. 

3. Where does James Dimon live?

James Dimon currently lives in Bedford, New York City.

4. When was James Dimon’s house made? 

The Chicago House was purchased in 2000 by the Dimon couple, whereas the field house in New York started being constructed only recently in 2021.

5. What is the cost of James Dimon’s house?

Dimon’s Chicago house has currently been listed for 9.5 million USD. The field house, on the other hand, is evaluated to be 15.43 million USD.

6. Is James Dimon gay?

James Dimon has been happily married for many decades now to Judith Kent, and it can be concluded that he is straight.

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