How To Craft the Perfect Multi-Day Roadtrip Playlist

Surya Yadav

On a normal day, you probably wouldn’t volunteer to drive across the country and spend hours in the car to get to your destination. Long road trips are sometimes unavoidable, especially if you need to move to a new city or visit family far away. Music can make or break your trip, so here are all the tips you need to craft the perfect multi-day road trip playlist.

Embrace Diversity

Even if you are a huge metalhead or indie rock fan, you should embrace the diversity of different genres for your road trip. Listening to the same genre for hours can make it feel stale. You might even find yourself drifting off to sleep because there’s nothing piquing your interest.

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Arrange by Mood

For music to be the most enjoyable, it has to match your mood. Since you’ll be in the car for many hours over the course of a few days, you should expect your mood to shift at least a few times. Choose a few albums or pre-made playlists that can meet you where you’re at, including when you’re feeling gloomy, contemplative, groovy, energetic, nostalgic, and more.

Vary the Tempo

If you’re not the type to do a lot of pre-trip planning for your music, then you can at least mix up the tempo of the songs you put on during your drive. Although it’s tempting to listen to upbeat and fast-paced tunes the majority of the time you’re on the road, it’s important to give your brain a break from time to time. Plus, by varying the tempo of songs that play, you’ll be less likely to doze off.

Try Old and New

Make sure to mix in old songs with new hits while you’re working out your road trip playlist. Take the opportunity to throw in your old favorites from many years ago or queue up an entire list of songs from animated films and TV shows you watched as a kid. If nothing else, it’ll start a conversation with your driving buddy or set the stage for a great sing-a-long.

Collaborate With Friends

Whether you’re driving alone or with other people, make sure to involve friends in your playlist programming. This is the time to actually listen to all of the music recommendations that usually go over your head. Reach out to your community to find new and interesting genres and up-and-coming artists.

Add Podcasts and Audiobooks

For those times when you need a break from melodies but still need something to fill the dead air, throw on a podcast or audiobook. Choose something like comedy or murder mystery to keep you engaged while you drive.

Use Music To Amp Up Your Journey

Your road trip playlist isn’t going to look like anyone else’s. Take advantage of the opportunity to dive into unexplored musical territory and remember to keep the pace and genres varied so you don’t lose interest before you get to your destination.

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