What to Expect with an Ancient I Ching Psychic Reading

Surya Yadav

I Ching is an ancient system of divination in which yarrow stalks or coins are used to reveal the lines of trigram and hexagram symbols. Learn more about how psychics provide I Ching psychic readings online or over the phone and why this method offers useful insight into open-ended questions, especially inquiries concerning personal or career advancement.

Connect with Your Inner Wisdom

The I Ching is a system of cleromancy, or the drawing of lots, guided by flows of spiritual energy. Readers are trained to interpret hexagrams consisting of six lines which can be broken or solid and correspond to the concepts of yin and yang.

These ancient Chinese philosophical concepts describe opposed yet interconnected forces. The concept of yin is associated with receptiveness and disorder. Yang is associated with the active principle and order.

You can start to connect with your inner wisdom by forming an inquiry for an I Ching reading. This method works best with questions that require more nuance than simple yes or no answers.

Gaining Clarity on Complex Issues

I Ching is a precise system that can be ideal for offering clarity on complex issues. This method allows for consideration of existing conditions and dynamic, changing situations.

Given the amount of information that each I Ching hexagram contains, it can be helpful to connect with psychic mediums online + by phone for readings with this system. You do not have to be able to see the coins or yarrow stalks used during a reading to grasp the full significance of a hexagram, as is the case with other divination tools such as tarot or oracle cards.

The responses that the I Ching provides to queries can be much more illuminating than pendulum psychic readings. While pendulums can answer simple questions based on your spiritual energy, every I Ching hexagram goes into extensive detail about every aspect of your query.

Interpret I Ching Hexagrams 

There are 64 possible hexagrams in the I Ching system, which means that any hexagram that forms the answer to your query will have distinctive details. In addition to the general meaning of each symbol, a reader can break down the significance of every line and the two trigrams that form each hexagram. 

In addition to being broken or solid, each line of a hexagram can also indicate a steady or changing state. The dynamic nature of these symbols can indicate how things currently are and how the situation will develop after a period of change or flux has passed. Readers who are trained in divination with the I Ching can offer greater insight than any attempt to do a reading yourself without prior training.

It is easier to connect with skilled I Ching readers online than in many locations around the world. Look for readers who specialize in this divination method and who specialize in the topic of your inquiry and who have a reading style to which you are receptive. You can choose from compassionate, inspirational or straightforward psychics who offer I Ching readings.

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