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Nickname Sydney 
Date of Birth 12.1.1997
Relationship Status Engaged 
Net Worth $ 5 million 
Height 1.68 m

Who is Sydney Sweeney?

Sydney Sweeney is a producer and actress in America. She came to fame by starring in numerous television programs such as The Handmaid’s Tale in 2018, Sharp Objects, which was aired in 2019, and Everything Sucks, which was aired in 2018. She also made an appearance in the film entitled, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, directed by Quentin Tarantino and released in 2019. 

Euphoria, a teen drama series that was aired on HBO, saw Sydney Sweeney play the role of Cassie. The White Lotus is a remarkable production that came out in the year 2021 and which saw Sydney Sweeney playing the role of quite a sardonic teen girl. 

Bio of Sydney Sweeney 

Sweeney was born on the 12th of September in the year 1997 in a place called Spokane, located near Washington. She grew up in a rural area and is believed to have belonged to a religious family. 

Sweeney has received a lot of acclaim for her acting skills and has won two prestigious Primetime Emmy Awards. She has even launched her own company, a production house by the name of Fifty-Fifty films. The production house was launched in the year of 2020. 

Sweeney has made guest appearances on a number of television programs such as Pretty Little Liars, Grey’s Anatomy, and Criminal Minds, among others. 


Everything to Know about the Sydney Sweeney’s House 

Sydney Sweeney owns a historic home in Westwood. It is a house that is situated on a hilltop, and there is a considerable degree of trekking that visitors have to undertake simply to reach the front door of the home. There is an alternative route that can be availed in order to reach the interiors of the house and which is a route that can be taken from the garage. 

The décor of the home is simple and not too ornate. The rooms look well-furnished and comfortable. Flooring made of hardwood and beautiful fireplaces is an integral feature of this home.

 Casement windows and chandeliers can be seen in most of the rooms in the house. The kitchen of the house is very large and spacious and is well-equipped with the latest cooking appliances. All the rooms of the house provide a scenic view of the surrounding landscape.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Sydney Sweeney 

What is Sydney Sweeney’s Address? 

The address of Sydney Sweeney is HJTH 450 N Roxbury DR 8th FI, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. 

What is the name of Sydney Sweeney’s House? 

Sydney Sweeney’s home is known as her Westwood property. 

Where does Sydney Sweeney live?

Sydney Sweeney lives in Beverly Hills in California. 

When was Sydney Sweeney’s House made? 

Sydney Sweeney’s house is quite a historic property, and it was constructed as far back as in the year 1933. 

What is the cost of Sydney Sweeney’s house?

Sydney Sweeney’s house is valued at 3 million USD. 

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