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simu liu house
Nickname Simu 
Date of Birth 19.4.1989
Relationship Status In a relationship with Allison Hsu 
Net Worth $ 19 million
Height 1.8 m 

Who is Simu Liu?

Simu Liu is a Chinese Canadian actor. He is best known for his portrayal of Shang Chi in the movie entitled Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, brought out by Marvel in the year 2021. He has also starred in the Netflix drama Kim’s Convenience, portraying a boy next door in his role. 

Simu Liu received the People’s Choice Award for his role in the movie Shang Chi in the category Favorite Action Movie Star, indicating his popularity among the North American audience. Liu has also been a recipient of the Game Changer Award. Apart from being a successful actor, Shang Chi has also been associated with UNICEF as an ambassador in Canada. 

Bio of Simu Liu 

Simu Liu was born on the 19th of April in 1989 in a place called Harbin in China. He graduated from the University of Western Ontario and has also studied at the Ivey Business School affiliated with the University of Toronto.

 Apart from his acting prowess, Simu Liu has also made headlines for his personal life. He was in a famed relationship with fellow actor Tina Jung in the years between 2016 and 2018. 

Together, Tina Jung and Simu Liu starred in the Netflix production Kim’s Convenience. They have also worked together on Beauty and the Beast, a CW TV Show. Simu Liu is as fluent in his native Mandarin as he is in English. 

Everything to Know about the House of Simu Liu 

Simu Liu has a fabulous property in Los Angeles which is known commonly as the Los Angeles Pad. The house is 4700 square feet, with six bedrooms and five bathrooms. The hero of the mansion is glass, with most of the rooms and halls featuring glasswork. 

There is not much color in the home of Simu Liu, with grey and white being the dominant shades across the property. An outdoor patio that comes with a lawn, a spa, and a shelf for sunbathing is some of the attractive features of this home. 

The garage located on the property can accommodate 2 cars. Floor-to-ceiling glass mirrors can be witnessed in the dining area of the home as well as the living space. After being procured, the house of Simu Liu was completely rebuilt in the year of 2018. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Simu Liu’s House

What is the address of Simu Liu? 

The address of Simu Liu is 2300 Mount Olympus Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90046. 

What is the name of Simu Liu’s House? 

The house of Simu Liu is known as the Los Angeles Pad 

Where does Simu Liu Live?  

Simu Liu lives in Hollywood Hills, California. 

When was Simu Liu’s house made? 

The house of Simu Liu was constructed in 1974 and was then rebuilt in 2016. 

What is the cost of Simu Liu’s house? 

The home of Simu Liu was procured for 5 million USD and is currently valued at 6.8 million USD. 

Images of Simu Liu’s House

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simu liu house los angeles


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