Quickly Improve Your Interior Design With Natural Flooring Colors

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Why does improving the interior look of a home need to be such a big deal?

Those that are unsure about how to fully improve the look of the inside of their home should consider natural floors. Natural flooring is visually appealing and can help you produce a room that is both comfortable and calming. You should know more about natural flooring and its benefits.

We will discuss the reasons to use bamboo flooring and cork flooring by covering all that you need to know about natural flooring colors.

Read all about it below.


For quick floor design improvements, cherry natural flooring is the perfect choice! Cherry is highly versatile, available in a variety of shades, grains, and textures that can complement just about any existing décor. It has a warm, cozy hue that creates a comfortable atmosphere. This color is perfect for:

  • bedrooms
  • living rooms
  • entryways

Cherry is also incredibly durable and comes in a variety of finishes including:

  • glossy
  • matte
  • unfinished

It can also depend on your preference. This natural flooring is also quite affordable, making it an ideal option for those who want a fresh new look without breaking the bank.

With cherry, you can easily create a beautiful, timeless look for any room that will last without compromising on quality. If you want to increase the home value of your house, then check out Mohawk Flooring’s RevWood Premier to help you with flooring remodeling services.


Hickory flooring is an increasingly popular choice for those seeking to quickly improve the aesthetics of their interior design. Hickory offers a warm and natural tone. This color complements various styles of furniture and fixtures. This makes it a great way to quickly update your space.

The unique distressed detail of the hickory grain is exceptionally eye-catching. It also adds a hint of charisma to any room. Highly durable, hickory flooring is extensively used in busy households. This is due to its ability to resist minor scratches and stain absorption. Additionally, hickory flooring is provided in a variety of shades:

  • classic honey tones
  • chocolate-brown hues

These hardwood floor colors will easily fit within any color palette. Installing hickory flooring will instantly update the look of your home’s interior and bring a sense of timelessness and natural beauty to your abode.

Organic Green Color Scheme

Organic green color schemes are quickly becoming a popular choice in interior design. Not only does this color scheme bring a feeling of life and energy into the room, but it also provides a sense of relaxation and peace.

To quickly improve your interior design with a natural flooring color organic green scheme, start by choosing a room color that is light and airy. It should be complimented with a muted or pastel green accent color.

This will create a bright and serene atmosphere that will be sure to put you in the right mood. For a more dramatic feel, choose bolder, darker shades of green. Do this in order to give your space a bit more punch.

To complete the look, add a few natural materials such as wood, stone, or slate to bring a more rustic feel to the room. When done the right way, this organic green color scheme is sure to bring your interior design to life.

Nutty Brown Color Palette

Nutty Brown Color Palette is a great way to quickly improve your interior design. The nutty browns range from rich, chocolatey tones to more subtle beiges. They are perfect for pairing with a variety of colors and designs.

The gentle browns offer a calming, neutral look that won’t detract from your furniture. The texture of natural flooring adds an extra layer of muted beauty and can bring warmth to any room.

With this color palette, you can create an instantly inviting atmosphere without going too far out of your comfort zone. This timeless brown palette is perfect for any style of interior, from modern to country.

Nutty Brown flooring also provides a natural boost of energy and brings the outdoors right into your home.


Birch is an excellent choice when considering natural flooring colors for interior design. This light-colored hardwood is one of the most popular among homeowners for its:

  • seemed longevity
  • appealing grain pattern
  • enhance the overall mood
  • aesthetic of a room

The gorgeous, natural tones of this wood are perfect for highlighting colors within a space while also providing a neutral backdrop. With its bold, striking grain patterns, it can be used as a contrast against brighter colors.

However, it can also blend into a room with its shades of soft brown and cream evenly and smoothly. Adding Birch to your home can make an immediate, subtle transformation to any space.

Brown Maple

Natural flooring colors such as brown maple provide a great way to quickly improve your interior design. Brown maple has a warm, golden tone that exudes an air of sophistication.

Its subtle yet rich color has been used for centuries to enhance living areas and accentuate any style of interior design. It is also incredibly durable, making it an ideal choice for any home, no matter the budget.

Brown maple flooring is especially popular for traditional or rustic-style homes. With its durable finish, brown maple provides a seamless look that will last you for years. With its natural color, it also will work with any kind of décor that you choose.

Natural flooring colors are a great way to quickly improve your interior design with their timeless color and lasting appeal.

Watery Blue Color Scheme

Interior design can be beautifully improved with a watery blue color scheme. Watery blue is calming and serene, which can help create an inviting atmosphere. It can also do this while also adding a touch of character.

This popular and versatile color can be used throughout your entire home to help brighten up living spaces. Natural flooring is the perfect choice to quickly improve interior design with this color scheme.

Natural wood floors help to bring out the richness of blues, creating a lovely contrast to any room. The subtle warmth of wooden flooring provides a balance to the natural coolness of blues. Blue and wood pair perfectly together, making it the perfect combination for any interior space.

Red Oak

Having a warm and inviting interior design for your home shouldn’t be hard. Natural flooring colors such as the Red Oak color scheme are an excellent way to quickly upgrade the look and feel of your home.

Red Oak flooring is known for its strength, versatility, and commonness in many traditional and modern homes. Not only will it bring a natural and inviting environment, but it can also last decades with proper care and maintenance.

This type of wood is also easy to dye and stain to create custom designs and patterns. Regardless of whether you prefer a traditional or modern look, Red Oak is an ideal choice to spruce up your interior design. Plus, its timeless qualities and beauty can stand the test of time.

White Maple

White Maple is the perfect interior design choice for a modern yet natural look in any room. Its neutral color scheme and light hues offer warmth and softness to a space while still providing a contemporary feel.

The color is incredibly versatile and can be paired with a variety of different colors to create a sophisticated look. Maple is also an incredibly durable flooring material and is perfect for high-traffic areas.

The classic, natural shade of White Maple will instantly brighten up any room. It also helps to make it look inviting and cozy. Because of this, this color scheme is the perfect way to quickly spruce up an interior space.

White Maple’s versatility also allows for creativity when styling a room. There are many different accents and textures that can be used to create a beautiful, unique aesthetic. 


For quick improvement for any interior design with natural flooring, the Walnut Color Scheme is a great option. The deep colors of Walnuts can bring a sense of inviting warmth to any room.

This versatile color can go with many different design options and is unique enough to create a stand-out look that will not go out of style. Not only that, but the shade of Walnut can bring a warm and inviting atmosphere to any room, making it a great option for living spaces.

Besides its aesthetic appeal, Walnut is also an easy-able to maintain material for flooring and kitchen countertops. This means that while it looks great, it also proves to be incredibly low maintenance. All in all, Walnut is a great option for adding a subtle but sophisticated look to any interior design.

Warm Brown and Green Color Scheme

For many interior designers, a warm brown and green color scheme is a popular and timeless combination. The natural flooring colors of warm brown and green create a feeling of calm and serenity in any room. 

They are easy to incorporate into any interior design project. Warm brown is a great base color, creating a sense of depth and sophistication. It can be contrasted with the light and airy greens to create an inviting atmosphere and a warm, cozy feel.

To quickly improve any interior design, one could layer a few textured rugs to add texture and interest. Earthy accents like bamboo wall fixtures and wood or stone accents can be added as well.

To tie it all together, a light-hued sofa or armchair with earthy green accents will add a subtle yet contemporary touch to the space. With the right balance of warm brown and green, you can quickly create a timeless look in any interior design project.a

White Oak

This beautiful light wood color provides the perfect backdrop for colorful rooms. It adds a sense of warmth and comfort. The hue is:

  • natural
  • versatile
  • calming

Which makes it ideal for a number of decor styles, from traditional to contemporary. Additionally, white oak is extremely durable and offers low-maintenance cleaning and upkeep.

The light tones of white oak blend well with many other natural materials like granite and marble. If you want to really emphasize the naturalness of the material, pairing it with earth tones and other natural colors creates a homey, inviting feel.

White oak blends easily into larger color schemes, allowing it to become a subtle foundation for an overall décor. With this classic wood, you can quickly enhance the look of your interior.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is an excellent way to quickly improve the interior design of any home or office. The natural color of reclaimed wood instantly adds an element of warmth and charm to any design scheme.

A reclaimed wood color scheme can be used to create cozy spaces with an earthy, rustic ambiance. Reclaimed wood also offers a unique texture which is perfect for accent walls and furniture pieces.

Furniture in natural colors can also be paired with reclaimed wood to complete the look. Reclaimed wood works well with modern or traditional styles, making it a timeless addition to any home.

The character and charm of reclaimed wood make it an ideal choice for flooring and furniture that will stand the test of time.


An ash color scheme is an understated, but elegant color palette that will bring warmth and sophistication to any room. This subdued shade will work well with both contemporary and traditional designs alike.

By choosing ash flooring in a matte or glossy finish, you can create a look that’s modern and understated. The muted tones of this color palette also create a less hectic atmosphere, providing an opportunity for relaxation and calm reflection.

Not only does this color palette bring a sense of stability and reliability to any space, it can also be easily customized by adding accessories and furniture in rich hues. Ash flooring not only adds beauty to a room but also practicality and warmth.

Choosing the Natural Flooring Color for Your Home

To conclude, natural flooring colors can be a great way to quickly improve your interior design. From light and airy whites to elegant grays and urban browns, the range of options is vast.

To begin realizing the potential of natural flooring colors, start exploring the possibilities today!

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