Mastering Blackjack: Advanced Strategies for Seasoned Players

Surya Yadav

You know what they say about blackjack — it’s easy to learn but incredibly hard to master. Most players don’t realize this in the beginning until it hits them halfway through a multiplayer game against a bunch of sharks. But fear not, we have you covered with some neat, advanced approaches to the game. Just ensure you’re adept at using charts to execute basic blackjack strategy beforehand. 

1. Card Counting

Card counting is a strategy where players track high to low-value cards in the deck. It’s mostly used at land-based casinos, although you can execute it online, too. When there are more high-value cards, increase your bets. 

Conversely, with more low-value cards, you ought to tone down the wagers. For what it’s worth, this strategy requires concentration, quick thinking, and practice. When done correctly, card counting can give you a statistical edge over the casino. However, keep in mind that it’s more difficult to count in games with multiple decks.

2. Shuffle Tracking

Shuffle tracking, on the other hand, involves monitoring the shuffling of cards and following clusters of high or low-value cards throughout the shuffle. By identifying these clusters, a player can predict when favourable cards will be dealt and adjust their bets accordingly. This strategy is complex and requires excellent observation, concentration, and mathematical skills

Although it’s similar to card counting, it’s somewhat broader and allows for more in-depth insights. Shuffle tracking works best with simpler shuffling methods, but it can also be thwarted by casinos using continuous shuffling machines. So don’t count on it always. If it works, it can provide a substantial advantage in the game.

3. Wonging Technique

The Wonging technique is much different, though. It’s named after professional gambler Stanford Wong and involves observing a blackjack table without playing, waiting for the count to become favourable. Once the count reaches a point that offers you an advantage, just join in and start with a higher bet.

By only playing during these “high tide” times, you can increase your overall edge against the house. Be warned, though — Wonging can be seen as suspicious at land-based casinos, so you must be discreet no matter what. When you’re online, though, things are much more relaxed. They’re also more random, especially at 32Red online live casino tables.   

4. Composition-Dependent Strategy 

This particular approach differs from basic blackjack strategy by taking the exact composition of the player’s hand into account rather than merely the point total. 

By considering the specific cards you’re holding, you can make more refined playing decisions in certain situations. But like every other strategy on this list, it’s not 100% effective. It requires a deep understanding of blackjack probabilities and can be more complex to apply. 

However, it can offer incremental advantages that improve a player’s overall odds. Composition-dependent strategy is an advanced approach that may be used in conjunction with other techniques to enhance a seasoned player’s game.

5. Risk Management 

Risk management in blackjack is another essential approach and can be combined with every other strategy on our list. It involves controlling bets, setting loss limits, knowing when to change tables or quit, and managing a bankroll effectively. By assessing the volatility and dynamics of a game, you’ll be able to know when to pounce and when not to. As a result, your gains will be optimized and your losses minimized. 

And remember, it’s not solely about individual hands — look at the broader playing session. If you feel like it’s not your day, remove yourself from the fold and don’t accept unnecessary risks. 

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