How to bring a spark in your LGBT relationships?

Surya Yadav

Are you a gay guy who has grown tired of the same old routines? You might have reached a stage where you’re eager to start exploring ways of injecting your love life with excitement. The recent hit novel and movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, certainly introduced a whole new audience to the world of eroticism and BDSM (bondage, dominance/submission, and sadomasochism). And this wasn’t just restricted to the straight community. All over the globe, gays started experimenting with new ways of having fun in the bedroom. If you’ve been sorely tempted to find out more, read on.

Finding kindred spirits

The first thing you need to accomplish to introduce that all-important spark is coming across someone sharing your motivations and desires. A like-minded individual who is compatible. Here’s a snippet of advice for you: try going online. Dating platforms are all the rage, and these outlets have evolved way beyond straightforward ‘boy meets boy services.’ Nowadays, there are websites and downloadable apps for any sort of gay interaction. Why not check out sites for gay men seeking gay BDSM hookups? This might sound like a niche area, but it’s growing in popularity. If you start with a review site, you’ll gain an overview of the many BDSM services available for gay males, finding out about how user-friendly these are. There will be pointers about the tools available should you upgrade your membership, giving you excellent ideas for stoking the flames of passion.

Rounded communication

Once you’ve registered with a site, you can begin finding out about this intoxicating dimension of dating. What about the basic definitions? Fetishism might turn you on – arousal by objects or parts of the body other than the obvious sexual organs. Because this is a relatively hidden urge, you might not realise you have any fetishes until you try. That’s what makes this form of extreme dating so exciting! As well as interacting using online dating channels, you should also keep abreast of social media in its multitude of forms, surfing advertising platforms, and keeping an eye out for the incredibly diverse options that are out there. This will allow you to maintain an overall interest in the constantly shifting themes and preferences amongst the LGBT and BDSM communities. The more you research your subject, the greater your interest and imagination are likely to be charged. You and your prospective partner can have a lot of fun mulling over the possibilities!

Having a safe experience

Another aspect of putting a spark into your LGBT relationship is approaching whatever you do sensibly. Like all things in life, everything will get smoother with practice! For instance, BDSM encounters can seem a little daunting at first. It’s important to understand what your partner is prepared to do, especially if you want to introduce elements of bondage, or punishment. Always discuss these before embarking on your sessions, and agree on a ‘safe word’ either of you can use when you want to stop. Don’t look upon this as something that will automatically put a damper on your fun. It’s all part of the process of ensuring you get maximum enjoyment out of your time together.

Sparks will fly

There are so many other ways you can enhance your partnership. If the prospect of BDSM seems a bit extreme, at least for starters, there are many other ways to keep things interesting. We live in a digital age, so you can always snuggle together on the couch and stream a hot Netflix series, with refreshments to hand. Why not navigate to your photo galleries and reminisce about fun dates you’ve had? Check out your Instagram feeds, where you may well come across snaps you took of tasty meals, or exciting festivals you attended. An important part of ensuring there are always sparks in your relationship is to maintain strong lines of communication. Keep chatting with each other about all sorts of things. Take time to sit down and discuss outings you’d like to plan. Grab a fistful of brochures and consider weekend getaways.

To summarize, there are so many different ways of stoking the flames of passion in any LGBT relationship, just as there are with any sort of partnership. Plan regular date nights, making a point of looking for different activities than ones you might have tried before. Be adventurous. The world is your oyster, so why not think way outside the box? Go on a cycle trek. Take archery lessons. Book a ride in a hot-air balloon. Write some comedy sketches together. Think of subjects for a podcast you could collaborate on. And when it comes to personal contact, keep giving each other compliments. Show affection, and don’t be afraid to do so when you’re in public. Whispering sweet nothings will always put a spark into romance!

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