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A businessman, investor, and television personality from Canada is named Kevin O’Leary. His participation in the reality TV programs “Dragons’ Den” and “Shark Tank” are what made him most famous. O’Leary was born in 1954 in Montreal, Quebec, and later studied at the Universities of Waterloo and Western Ontario, where he received an MBA and a degree in environmental studies, respectively.

In 1986, O’Leary founded a software firm named Softkey to launch his entrepreneurial career. Eventually, the business bought a number of additional software firms, growing to become one of the biggest educational software firms in the world. The business was sold to Mattel in 1999 for $3.7 billion.

Age 68 years
Born 1954
Nickname Mr. Wonderful
Networth US$400 million
Height 1.77m

O’Leary has since engaged in a variety of further business endeavors, including O’Leary Ventures, an investment fund, and O’Leary Funds, a mutual fund provider. In addition, he writes books that are bestsellers and frequently appears on business news shows.


O’Leary has occasionally been a contentious figure, especially because of his direct and somewhat harsh demeanor. His association with businesses that have been accused of predatory lending is only one of the business activities that have drawn criticism. He is still a well-known figure in business and a well-liked media personality, nevertheless.

Personal life of Kevin Oleary

Linda O’Leary and Kevin O’Leary are wed; they met at the University of Western Ontario when they were both students. They have two kids together—a son called Trevor and a daughter named Savannah—and have been married since 1990.

Two persons lost their lives in a boating tragedy that O’Leary and his wife were engaged in in Ontario, Canada, in 2019. While O’Leary first faced charges in connection with the event, the charges were ultimately withdrawn. O’Leary was operating the boat when the accident occurred.

In addition, O’Leary has been candid about his difficulties with dyslexia, a learning impairment that may make it challenging to read and write. He has acknowledged that his dyslexia has inspired him to put forth more effort and advance his abilities in other areas, including public speaking.

O’Leary generally prefers to keep his personal affairs private and does not divulge many specifics about his family or close ties to the public.

Kevin O’Leary’s House

In addition to Boston, Toronto, and Lake Joseph, Ontario, he also maintains properties in other cities. We will highlight his lakefront house. See the residence of Kevin O’Leary below.

Unknown numbers of baths and bedrooms are present in the home. Additionally, there isn’t a lot of information available about the house, but based on appearances, the pad is larger than 3,000 square feet. His family has more than enough space to unwind and hang out. The house features a pier and a boat house on the lake. Also, there is a boat garage where the boats may be kept warm and secure during the winter.

This lake house is really stunning and provides fantastic vistas of the surroundings. Even if it is chilly and the lake freezes in the winter, the region is not dull. Also, throughout these seasons, there are a ton of enjoyable snowmobiling and skiing possibilities. It is enjoyable to simply relax and cruise around the lake in the summer.


What is the cost of Kevin O’Leary’s house?

The cost of the mansion is $ 17.6 million.

How many bedrooms and bathrooms are there in Kevin O’Leary’s house?

Unknown numbers of bathrooms and bedrooms are present in the home.

What is the address of Kevin O’Leary’s house?

The address is Islandview Rd, Seguin, Ontario, Canada

Where does Kevin O’Leary live?

He lives in Ontario, Canada.

How much area is covered by Kevin O’Leary’s house?

3,000 square feet are covered by his house.

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