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joel osteen house pictures
Nickname Joel 
Date of Birth 5.3.1963
Relationship Status Married 
Net Worth $ 50 million 
Height 1.82 m 

Who is Joel Osteen?

Joel Osteen is an American spiritual preacher, television personality and businessman. He is based in the city of Houston, Texas. Joel Osteen has made a name for his powerful speeches and counselling abilities. 

Joel Osteen’s communication is articulate, and he is able to capture the attention of people who listen to him. The word of God is preached by Joel Osteen using an extensive range of internet platforms. 

He has an active presence on social media and makes use of YouTube and other video-sharing websites to publish his talks on Christianity and the adjustments and changes that Christians need to make in their lives to follow the path of God. 

Joel Osteen owns a home in River Oaks, which is one of the most affluent suburbs in Houston, in Texas. 

Bio of Joel Osteen 

Joel Osteen was born on the 5th of March in the year of 1963. In the year of 1999, on the 17th of January, Osteen preached his very first sermon. Joel Osteen is associated with the Lakewood Church and conducts televised services for the church on a weekly basis. 

Osteen has been connected with the Lakewood church as a senior pastor since the 3rd of October in 1999. An interesting point to note is that the televised services carried out by Joel Osteen for the Lakewood Church on a weekly basis are aired in as many as 100 countries. 

Everything to Know about the House of Joel Osteen 

Osteen has gone on record to say that if one is able to live in prosperity, then it is God’s will, as much as it is his will if one must reside in a state of poverty.

The house of Joel Osteen has six bathrooms, six bedrooms, and five open fireplaces that are made of good. The various floors of the house are connected by three elevators. Additionally, there is a pool house, a large swimming pool and a guest house on the property. Pillars characterize the entry or the front door of the home. A beautiful driveway and a garage that is capable of accommodating as many as 20 cars in it are some of the other desirable features of this amazing property. The house of Joel Osteen is valued at 10.5 million USD. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Joel Osteen 

What is the address of Joel Osteen?  

Joel Osteen’s home address is 3700 Southwest FWY, Houston, Texas, 77027. 

What is the name of Joel Osteen’s house? 

The house of Joel Osteen in Houston is often referred to as the River Oaks Stone Property. 

Where does Joel Osteen live? 

Joel Osteen lives in Houston in Texas. 

When was Joel Osteen’s house made? 

Architects designed the house of Joel Osteen in the year of 2008, and it was completed in the year of 2010. 

What is the cost of Joel Osteen’s house?

The cost of Joel Osteen’s house is 10.5 million USD. 

Images of Joel Osteen House

joel and victoria osteen house
pictures of joel osteen house


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