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Joe Burrows house ohio

Joe Burrow started his football career as a second career option at Ohio State after playing football at Athens High School. Following a brief stint at Ohio State, Burrow transferred to LSU as a starter in 2018, guiding the Tigers to the College Football Playoff National Championship and a 44-16 triumph against Alabama’s Crimson Tide in 2019.

Height 1.93 m
Age26 years
Networth $1 million
Status Not married 
Born 10 December 1996
Joe Burrows

Joseph Burrow’s family information:

While the majority of his family members have played football at various levels, he is not the only athlete in the family. The National Football League and the Canadian Football League have both included his father, Jimmy Burrow, a former football player. Yet, most of the details about his mother are missing.


His mother, Robin Burrow, has said that she supports her kids, and she has been spotted standing in the stands and applauding for them when they succeed. Dan and Jamie Burrow are Joe Burrow’s brothers. The eldest, Jamie Burrow, was a linebacker for Nebraska University while he was a football player. 

Facts about Joe Burrow:

  • He signed a rookie deal with the Bengals and stated that he intends to save all of his money.
  • Joe is a big admirer of Kid Cudi’s music.
  • He is the 2019 Heisman Award winner.
  • He likes to play chess.
  • He is the one who advocated for abortion rights in the United States.

Where does Joe Burrows live?

Joe Burrow, according to his social media, lives in Cincinnati’s historic “Columbia-Tusculum,” which is recognized as the best area for leisure. The 3,000 square foot Joe Burrow house in Ohio has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths on 3,000 square feet of area.

Spacious bedrooms, towering ceilings, and three entire stories are among the attractions. Joe Burrow home is beautiful, and it has a charming backyard. In fact, all of the residences on this street are adorable and contemporary. Continue reading to learn more about his Ohio mansion.

Joe Burrow House/Ohio Mansion Specifics:

The Joe Burrow home was built in 2014 and boasts a clean, modern appearance. It has a fireplace and a garage large enough to store two cars at the same time.

The family spent $240,000 for this house in 2005, according to estimates; it is now worth $300,000.

FAQs About Joe Burrow’s House

What is the cost of Joe Burrow’s house?

The cost of the mansion is $300,000.

How many bedrooms and bathrooms are there in Joe Burrow’s house?

There are 3 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms present in the home.

What is the address of Joe Burrow’s house?

The address is Strafer St, Cincinnati, OH 45226.

Where does Joe Burrow live?

He lives in Ontario, Canada.

How much area is covered by Joe Burrow’s house?

2,886 sqft are covered by his house.


Where does Joe Burrows live

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