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Nickname Seinfeld 
Date of Birth 29.4.1954
Relationship Status Married 
Net Worth $ 950 million 
Height 5 ft, 10

Who is Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld is an American entertainer who is well-known mostly for being a stand-up comedian. Jerry Seinfeld has also worked as an actor and as a producer and was a comedian in a show that was named after him, called Seinfeld. Born on the 29th of April in 1954, in the city of Brooklyn in New York, Jerry Seinfeld has a sprawling house that shows his impeccable taste. The interiors are breathtaking, and you should totally check them out. 

Bio of Jerry Seinfeld 

Jerry Seinfeld graduated from Queen’s College, New York. He is 68 years old and is married to Jessica Seinfeld. Together, they have four children. Jerry Seinfeld came into the limelight when he created a sitcom with Larry David that was named after him and where he played a semi-real or semi-fictionalized version of who he actually is. He is known for his impeccable coming timing and has enthralled the American audience for many years now. 

Everything to Know about the House of Jerry Seinfeld 

Jerry Seinfeld had a modern farmhouse in Colorado which he sold for 14.95 million USD and which spread out over 27 acres of land. The house has 11 bedrooms and now primarily serves as a guesthouse It is believed that the Seinfeld had taken a decision to sell this home, primarily because their children have grown up and also because the real estate market is quite fast moving now. In addition to eleven bedrooms, there are two half-baths and 11 full bathrooms within the house. 

Windows, characterized by a floor-to-ceiling length and which gives an excellent view of the surrounding mountains, is, perhaps, the most attractive feature of the house. A yoga studio, a gym, and a garage capable of housing four cars are some of the other interesting aspects of this house. This modern farmhouse is located ten minutes away from the famous Telluride Ski resort. 

The breathtaking view of the mountainside, coupled with the fact that the house features numerous modern amenities that are needed for luxurious living, helped it to get sold at a whopping price of $14.95 million even though it was bought by the Seinfelds for just 7.5 million USD back in 2007. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Jerry Seinfeld 

What is the address of Jerry Seinfeld? 

Modern Farmhouse, Telluride Colorado 

What is the name of the house of Jerry Seinfeld? 

Modern Farmhouse 

Where does Jerry Seinfeld live? 

Seinfeld currently has two other estates located in Los Angeles in California and East Hampton in New York, where he spends his time. 

When was Jerry Seinfeld’s house-made? 

The Colorado house of Jerry Seinfeld was procured as a readymade home in the year of 2007 at a price of 7.5 million USD. 

What is the cost of Jerry Seinfeld’s House? 

The Colorado Modern Farmhouse of Jerry Seinfeld cost 14.95 million USD. 

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