Charles Barkley House: The Scottsdale Estate

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The Scottsdale Estate
Nickname Sir Charles, Chuck 
Date of Birth 20.2.1963
Relationship Status Married 
Net Worth $60 million 
Height 1.98 m 

Who is Charles Barkley?

Charles Barkley is a former NBA star who entered the Hall of Fame for his gaming prowess and skills. He also experienced success as a restauranteur and an investor and is known to make millions of money through his endorsements alone. Barkley has acquired fame not just for his career as an NBA star, investor, and business owner but also for his fantastic car collection that is sure to make many around him envious. 

He has a lavish house with a suite of bathrooms and bedrooms. It is equipped with the best of facilities designed for a man of his standards. 

Bio of Steve Burton 

Charles Barkley was born on the 20th of February in 1963 in Leeds in the American state of Alabama, and has been married to Maureen Blumhardt since 1989. He has a daughter by the name of Christiana Barkley. Barkley joined the Houston Rockets as an NBA star in 1996. Prior to that, he was with the Phoenix Suns, since 1992 and with the Philadelphia 76ers from 1984. Barkley was associated with the NBA for as many as 16 seasons across these three teams. 

Charles Barkley is renowned for the skills that he was able to showcase on the court as an NBA player, but his off-court activities as a television analyst, restaurant owner, and investor have also brought him success. Today, he is known as one of the most successful sporting professionals in America and is much sought after because of his excellent analysis of NBA games.  

Everything to Know about the House of Charles Barkley 

The house of Charles Barkley is in Scottsdale, Arizona. It has six bathrooms and three bedrooms and is located over an area of 8600 square feet. The house is characterized by excellent construction quality, with lavish interiors and a beautiful swimming pool. The green grassy lawns on this property are especially breathtaking and are ideal for taking a walk in the evening or in the afternoon. 

Charles Barkley’s home is gigantic, spacious, and ideal for spending long hours at. The luxurious décor of the home makes it worth as much as 4.14 million dollars. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Charles Barkley 

What is the address of Charles Barkley? 

The address of Charles Barkley is Scottsdale, Arizona, 85258. 

What is the name of the house of Charles Barkley? 

The name of Charles Barkley’s house is known as The Scottsdale Estate. 

Where does Charles Barkley Live? 

It is in Scottsdale, Arizona, that Charles Barkley lives. It is a city which is much known for its beautiful and luxurious estates. 

When was Charles Barkley’s house  made? 

The house of Charles Barkley was built in the year of 1996. 

What is the cost of Charles Barkley’s house? 

The house of Charles Barkley is valued at 4.14 million USD. 

Images of Charles Barkley’s House

Charles Barkley House pics

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