How To Use Groovy Bot In Discord – A Detailed Guide

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How To Use Groovy Bot In Discord

People use Discord to connect with people; it allows them to communicate on calls, text messaging, and video calls. It also allows files and media sharing along with private options. And Groovy Bot offers Discord users to play their favorite tunes while communicating with their friends. It can play your favorite songs on the Discord server from popular platforms like YouTube, Spotify, etc. Groovy Bot offers a lot of features that users find really helpful. Similar to other music players, it provides features like play, pause, queue, resume, next, back, shuffle, jump, etc. All you need to know is the commands to use these features on your Discord Servers. So, here is the complete guide on How to Use Groovy Bot on Discord.

Features of Groovy Bot

Groovy Bot comes with a lot of features that make it one of the best Bot for Discord. Some of the features of Groovy Bot are mentioned below.

  • Groovy Bot allows you to play your favorite music on Discord server from YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify.
  • Along with playing your favorite songs, it shows the lyrics as well. Also, it identifies the users and roles for accessing the Groovy Bot.
  • It offers all the features like other music players. It allows users to play, pause, next, back, shuffle, jump, skip, and more to songs.
  • Groovy Bot is free to use. And if you want to enjoy more advanced features, you can buy a subscription. The premium version allows you to save your queued songs, use the bot 24/7, and you can also use the bot on multiple servers at a time.

How to Add Groovy Bot to Your Server

To use Groovy Bot in Discord, you first need to add it to your Discord account. And to add Groovy Bot to your Discord server, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Firstly, visit the official website of Groovy Bot.
  2. Once the website is opened, Click on the Add to Discord button from there.
  3. After clicking that, Now, log in to your account.
  4. And then verify that you are not a robot.
  5. Now, you need to give access to the bot to your Discord account.
  6. With this, Groovy Bot will be successfully added to your discord server. You can now start enjoying your favorite songs on Discord.

How To Use Groovy Bot In Discord

Using Groovy Bot is not a challenging task. All you need is to know the commands to use Groovy Bot. But before that, you need to follow the steps given below.

  1. To begin with, you first need to join a voice channel. It will help you to use Groovy Bot through commands.
  2. After that, you can command it to play a song.
  3. Once you give the command, it will automatically join your voice channel and play the particular music.
  4. Similar to the play command, you can also use more commands.

Groovy Bot Commands

Groovy Bot can perform different tasks just like other music players. It requires commands to perform a particular task. Here is the list of commands that you can use for Groovy Bot.

  • Play – You can use this command to play any song of your choice through the link as well as search queries from YouTube or Spotify. And then click Enter to Play.
  • Join – This command will help the bot to join.
  • Next – This command will help you to change the current song and play the next one.
  • Shuffle – This command will help you to randomize the tracks that you have added to the queue.
  • Queue – With this command, you can see all the tracks that are available in your queue list.
  • Back – You can use this command to skip back.
  • Resume – This is the command with which you can resume the track that was paused.
  • Jump – You can use this command when you want to skip to a particular track.
  • Clear – If you want to clear your queue list, you can use this command for the same.
  • Pause – This command will pause the song which is currently playing on your server.
  • Bass Boost – This command is especially for Bass Lovers. With this command, you can increase the bass. And you can use the Reset command to turn it normal again.
  • Disconnect – This command will disconnect the Groovy bot from your voice channel and then clear the queue.
  • Lyrics – Lyrics command will start showing the lyrics of the playing song. This command is the best for those who love to enjoy singing along with listening.
  • Remove – If you want to remove a particular track from your queue list, the Remove command is for the same.
  • Song – With this command, you can get information about a particular track from your queue list.
  • Nightcore – Nightcore command will enable the Nightcore mode and add more ambiance and play similar tracks.

Is Groovy Bot Shutting Down?

Groovy Bot was using the YouTube API to play songs for its users. Therefore, the founders of Groovy Bot received cease and desist letters. As a result, Groovy Bot had to shut down. It has not been working since Aug 30, 2021.

Alternatives of Groovy Bot

If you are searching for Groovy Bot Alternatives, we have found some of the best alternatives to Groovy Bot. You can use other bots like Rythm Bot, Hydra Bot, Mee6 Bot, and Octave Bot. These are the perfect replacement for Groovy Bot.


Is Groovy Bot illegal?

Groovy is a Discord Bot that allows users to play music from Youtube. And it is confirmed that Youtube is cracking the Discord Music Bots. Groovy is downloaded on more than 16 million servers worldwide. And it will no longer be active after August 30.

What are the commands for the Groovy Bot?

Users can use several commands in Groovy Bot. Here are all the commands of Groovy Bot that users can use. And to make it easier, we have categorized the commands listed below.

Basic: [/play], [/queue], [/skip], [/back], [/clear, jump], [/lyrics], [/pause], [/unpause], [/remove], [/disconnect], [/shuffle], [/song]

Player: [/play], [/skip], [/back], [/loop back], [/loop queue], [/loop off], [/lyrics], [/pause], [/unpause], [/disconnect], [/song], [/bass boost], [/volume], [/speed], [/pitch], [/nightcore], [/vaporwave], [/reset effects], [/fastforward], [/rewind], [/seek], [/stop]

Queue: [/queue], [/clear], [/loop track], [/loop queue], [/loop off], [/remove], [/remove range], [/disconnect], [/shuffle], [/song], [/autoplay], [/search], [/stop], [/move], [/saved queues list], [/saved queue create], [/saved queues delete], [/saved queues share]

Audio Effects: [/bass boost], [/volume], [/speed], [/pitch], [/nightcore], [/vaporwave], [/reset effects]

Settings: [/247], [/autoplay], [/announce], [/perms view], [/perms modify]

Is Groovy a good Discord Bot?

Yes, Groovy is a good Discord Bot, and it is because of its great features and easy functions. Users can enjoy music from Youtube, Spotify, and Soundcloud too. Plus, it allows users to give commands for shuffling, playing, pausing, queuing, and more.


So, this was all about Groovy Bot and a complete guide on How to use Groovy bot in Discord. We have listed all the commands that you can use to operate the Groovy bot for different functions. Additionally, we have also listed some of the Groovy Bot alternatives. You can switch Groovy Bot with the above-given alternatives to Groovy Bot.

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