CCSF Canvas Learning Management System – A Guide

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CCSF Canvas Learning Management System

CCSF Canvas is an online learning management system. It is specially designed for students so that they can access their course material, discuss important topics, and submit their work online. Covid-19 Pandemic encouraged distant or online learning in different countries of the world. And Canvas is a crucial system for online classes. And faculties need to get handy with this system. Along with faculties, it is also essential for the students. Therefore, in this article, “CCSF Canvas Learning Management System – A Guide,” we will share all the information that is crucial to know. Here is all the information about CCSF’s Canvas Learning Management System.

CCSF Canvas Learning Management System

Learn To Use Canvas

To learn Canvas is essential for both students as well as faculty. Canvas offers you different roles to use. You can use it as Admin, as an Instructor, an Observer or a Parent, a Student, and an Instructional Designer. So, it would be best if you learned to use Canvas accordingly. CCSF is offering different training courses to learn to use Canvas. You can be a part of webinars, workshops and can even learn from video tutorials.

How to Login to MyCCSF Canvas

To log in to MyCCSF, you will have to follow the procedure given below.

  1. Firstly, Sign Up your account to MyCCSF Canvas. For that, visit the ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Register’ page.
  2. You will be given a username (without any other characters) and a password (without any character).
  3. Once you are done with the registration process, you will be automatically logged in to your account.
  4. You can access the online classes with the given username and password.
  5. When you click on a video, it will take you to a new page; if it asks for login, then Log In to your account.
  6. Then, you will have to follow the basic registration procedure. You will also have to complete the necessary procedure like uploading a digital camera, selecting your course, and paying for your lessons.

Introduction to Canvas (FOR STUDENTS)

As we have mentioned above, the use of Canvas is different for different roles. You can find several tutorials on How to use Canvas on the Internet. Here is how you can use Canvas as a student and navigate to the Dashboard and different options in Canvas.

To begin with, you first need to log in to Canvas. Then you will enter the Dashboard of Canvas. There you will see three different viewing options, namely Card View, List View, and Recent Activity View. The Card View shows the course card for your favorite courses. There you can see your Assignments, Discussions, Announcements, and Files for different courses. Then List View shows the agenda view of graded as well as non-graded items from your course and Instructor that are directed for the To-Do list of a course. And the Recent Activity View shows you all the recent notifications from your courses which includes important announcements, discussions, conversations, peer reviews, and assignments.

Course Card And Recent Activity Views

If you want to access the course grades page, you can do the same from the Course Card and Recent Activity Views. Just click on the View Grades button, and you are all done. It will show you grades for all courses. You can click on the name of a course there to get more grade details for a specific course.

Global Navigation

You can see your complete course through the Global Navigation Button. For that, you have to click on the Courses link in Global Navigation and then select your desired course. Now, you will be taken to the homepage of the course that is set by your Instructor.

There you will see the Course Navigation links and breadcrumb navigation with which you can navigate to different portions of your course. You can do the same with the help of the Sidebar too.

To-Do List

You will also see a To-Do List in the Sidebar where you will find all the tasks that you (as a student) need to complete. It includes announcements related to the assignments, discussions, quizzes, pages and all the tasks that require students’ action.

Course Group

A Course Groups option is also there if in case your course includes the grouping of students. In the Course Groups option, you will see the list of groups; you can click on the particular group to open its homepage. There you can see the feedback for your assignments. From the Recent Feedback option, you can see the feedback for your recent work. Or just click on the name of an assignment to see feedback. You can find the feedback on the submission details page of an assignment.

The Global Navigation Menu is also there, which you can use to get direct access to the courses and other portions of Canvas.


From the Account Link, you can modify your user settings, check global announcements, manage your notifications, personal files, and ePortfolios. Also, you can get a QR code to log in to the student app.

When you click back the Dashboard link, Canvas Dashboard will be open. From there, you can quickly access your desired courses and groups with the Groups link.


Then the Calendar Link, which shows your course calendar along with your personal calendar.


The Inbox link will take you to the conversation page, where you send and view messages from your instructors.


History Link is also there, which shows you the list of course content and areas that you recently viewed.


And then last, the Help Link with which you can use the help resources.

CCFS Canvas Benefits

  • Students can access their profiles and get different information easily. They can get their study material, and more like they can raise questions about their study, etc.
  • CCSF Canvas allows you to upload your instructional videos. Along with this, you can also add notes and comments to your videos and send them to your mail anytime.
  • CCSF Canvas login training product is available for free on the website. And when a user pays for it, they get a username and a password.

Canvas For Faculty

There are several training options provided for faculty. They can get training through webinars, video tutorials, face-to-face workshops, one on one help, and self-paced training options.

Supported Browsers And Operating

Canvas is an essential program for every student, and that is the reason it is compatible with most browsers. It supports the current or first previous major release of different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

When it comes to the Operating Systems supported by Canvas, then it supports all the operating systems. You can run it on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, or any OS. The only requirement is that it must have a modern web browser. Users can experience issues if they don’t fulfill the browser requirements.


CCSF’s Canvas Learning Management System is an essential system for online or distance learning. With the help of Canvas, students can easily find their course material, submit assignments, and most importantly, learn online. There are a lot of features that Canvas offers for better learning. There are so many video tutorials available to understand this system. Several video tutorials are available to help students to navigate through and use canvas for their studies. And for faculties, there are several webinars and workshops are being held to provide training.

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