How to Sell your Car for Cash in Australia

Surya Yadav

If you live Down Under and the time has come to part company with your cherished old car, you have come to the right place, as we offer useful information on how to get the best prices for your car. Of course, you could go to the trouble of taking a few images and listing the vehicle on a car for sale website, but there is a better way.

There are online companies that sell cars for cash and they take care of all the legalities and the money is in your account before the truck arrives to collect the car. You won’t receive a better offer; simply enter the info in the data fields, click on ‘submit’ and within minutes, dealers all over Australia will be bidding for your vehicle.

Vehicle inspection

Of course, this isn’t compulsory, but it is wise to have the car looked at by an approved dealership before you list it on the car for cash website. At least you have the peace of mind, knowing the car is in good shape and you’ll get top dollar.

Simple bidding process

As soon as you arrive on the site, the sell my car data window appears; simple enter your state and rego, then click on ‘Let’s Go’ and 1000s of car dealers will start bidding for your car and when an offer comes through, you can accept or reject. If you accept an offer, the process is straightforward and before you know it, the money is in your account.

Get the best price

Of course, you want the best price for your beloved set of wheels and the great thing about 1000 dealers bidding for your car is the highest bid wins! A smooth process sees you with the cash and the car is transported away at your convenience. Nothing could be easier. Click here for things to check on your car daily.

No strangers coming to your home

Who wants total strangers turning up at their home? We certainly would prefer that not to happen and with the online car for cash platform, everything is done remotely. No negotiating, the price is agreed and the money is transferred very quickly and the dealer is in touch to arrange collection. We all have to be careful these days and when you list your car online, anyone could show up! Using the car for cash platform, you can reach 1000 auto dealers without doing anything.

Handling the paperwork

Of course, your car ownership has to be changed, which is done by the car for cash company, meaning you don’t have to do anything.  If you are ready, all it takes is a Google search and you can start the selling process within a couple of minutes. There is an FAQ page on the site, in case you have any questions.

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