BarxBuddy Review – How Good Is This Dog Training Device?

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barx buddy review

Have you ever felt so angry at your dog because it just wouldn’t stop barking?  Well, every dog owner can relate to that. Barking is their second nature, and we all know that. But when it goes on and on for some minutes, you'll give anything to shut it up. That's what we provide in this BarxBuddy review. The solution to a dog that refuses to shut up and allow you to rest. It is something that can ensure a good night's rest after the bustle and hustle of your day in the office. A device that will help your vocal cords to rest from excessive commands that your dog ignores.

Barking is not bad, especially when your dog is alerting you of danger, trespassing, or when it's trying to protect you. Dogs can only communicate their emotions through their barking. This may sound funny to you, but do you know that some dogs bark a lot when they're excited? It's their thing. But the fact remains that being able to control unnecessary barking is such a relieving achievement. Therefore, if your dog barks and makes everyone uncomfortable, the Barx Buddy device is for you.

This device gives you total control over your dog’s behavior to put your mind at ease. At least, you can shut the dog up when you’ve received its message in full. That way, it won’t get carried away with the excitement of hearing its voice (most dogs enjoy that a lot). You can also prevent it from destroying your properties with just a simple press of 2 buttons.

Let’s show you what we mean!


What is BarxBuddy?

It is a training and controlling device that uses high-pitch frequencies to regulate a dog’s misbehaviors.  The device is designed in a way that once your dog hears the frequencies, it will pay attention to the sound and stop misbehaving almost instantly. The person who created this tool works as a dog trainer and has studied and monitored different dog behavior and controls them. That’s why BarxBuddy is one of a kind.

One amazing thing about BarxBuddy is that the dogs only hears the sound from the device. Humans don’t hear it and have nothing to fear. So if you’re wondering about the implications of the high-pitch frequencies on human beings, there’s no need. The sounds don’t even affect the dogs negatively. It’s like hearing a familiar sound and trying to understand why or where it’s coming from while forgetting other activities.

BarxBuddy training device is like a pet’s whistle but at a more sophisticated level. It only distracts your dog from barking excessively as it tries to understand the familiar ultrasonic voice from the device. Apart from controlling their barking, Barx Buddy can also distract your dog from carrying out annoying tasks around the house. If your dog digs holes, scratch up your shoes or sofa and even jump at you all the time, this device will correct all that.  It is safe and bears no negative impact on a dog's health. On the contrary, it helps them to avoid a headache (if they feel it).

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Features Of Barx Buddy Training Device: 

Ultrasonic Sound

This device uses a sound to distract the dogs from any misbehavior of that moment. If your dog is barking, once it hears the sound from Barx Buddy, it will stop and pay attention. No matter what the dog is doing, the familiar sound from this device controls them instantly. Most importantly, the sound doesn’t harm dogs, and it doesn’t disturb humans since no one hears it.

Power control button

BarxBuddy features an on/off button that lets you control your dog's behavior with a simple press. It's like a remote controller that we use to control what happens on our devices. In this case, you're regulating a dog's behavior. Once the dog starts misbehaving, press the ON button to start the tool. As soon as it hears it and calms down, you can switch the device off with the OFF button. The buttons make the whole experience exciting and relieving.

Adjustable Collar

One reason to commend Barx Buddy is that your dog won't be uncomfortable wearing the collar. You can adjust the collar as you feel like to keep your buddy at ease. Moreover, the collar can fit different dogs, no matter their sizes. All it requires is a little setting to reduce or widen the collar to fit.

LED Flashlight

This dog-training device features a LED flashlight that serves as a warning sign to the dog. It shows him when you expect him to behave or stop whatsoever it is doing at the moment. Once you point that laser light directly on it, even though your dog is as hard as nails, it will pay attention to you.


Barx Buddy comes with a rechargeable battery to simplify things. Instead of spending money on replacement ones, you can recharge the battery and keep the device working well.

Sleek Design

Another commendable feature of the BarxBuddy dog training device is the design. The tool is very small and portable. It has a collar that you hang on the dog’s neck while you control it. You can carry this device anywhere, and the multiple color designs give you the option to choose your dog’s favorite color.

Pros of BarxBuddy Device:

There’re many dog training and controlling tools in the market, but BarxBuddy is one of a kind. We love so many things about this device, and you will find some to love too. Some of the advantages of using BarxBuddy includes:

  • The device is simple for everyone to use

This device is easy to use. Anyone can control a randy dog by simply pressing the on/off button plus the training button. Also, it comes with a rechargeable battery to reduce usage costs

  • Barx Buddy comes with a waterproof collar

One other good thing about BarxBuddy is the waterproof collar. This device will remain functional no matter the exposure to rain, swimming pool, or any other liquid. It also means that you can comfortably bathe your dog without removing the collar too.

  • The tool works for all breeds & sizes

It doesn’t matter the size of your dog or the breed, Barxbuddy works on them all. The collar is adjustable to fit the necks of every dog, and the ultrasonic sound works like magic on every breed. So, no dog is exempted from the effects of Barx Buddy.

  • It produces an instant effect

Barx, Buddy is not a device that you will use and find complaints. If your dog starts misbehaving, press the button, and activate the device. Once the sound comes out, the dog stops whatsoever it is doing immediately and obey. Also, the LED light works well to stop them from making your life miserable. You can now sleep well at night without stress.

  • The price is reasonable

Many users of this device are commending the price. It doesn't eat deep into your budget, but it serves the intended purpose. So, no matter how tight your budget is, this device will fit in without stressing you.

  • BarxBuddy gives you total control

This device is like a relief balm to dog owners. Some dogs can be annoyingly stubborn. No matter the command you dish out, they’ll ignore you. Even some that obey may do so for a few seconds and resume their misbehavior. But with BarxBuddy, your dog will behave well, whether it wants to or not. You can decide how long it should bark, whether it eats up your shoes or jumps on a stranger by just pressing a button.

  • The tool is free of chemicals

No matter how desperately you want to control your dog, you still want it to be healthy and happy. That's why this device is good for your dog because it is free of chemicals and good quality materials.

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Cons of Barx Buddy Device:

  • BarxBuddy is not easily available

This device is not available on Amazon or any other marketplace. It is only available on the official website.

  • Some dogs easily get familiar with it

BarxBuddy may work for some time on your dog, but after a while, it may not. The reason being that your dog must have gotten familiar with the ultrasonic sound and LED light. If that happens, these things won't have the initial distracting effect. Anyways, it all depends on how long it takes to happen to your dog.

  • Refunding is limited

The company provides a money-back guarantee if you don’t like the device or if it doesn’t work on your dog. The downside is that you will not get all your money back, especially the shipping costs.

  • The controller button may malfunction

This is another likely problem with this device. If you press the buttons wrongly or excessively, it may stick inside and never comes up. But you can prevent that from happening by handling the controller with care.

How Does Barx Buddy Work?

Like we said earlier, this device is commendable because using it is not difficult. The process is simple, and the features are not complicated. Moreover, you don't need extra knowledge or skill to set up the device. No one needs to teach you how to use it because it works straightforwardly.

When you pick the BarxBuddy training tool, you’ll notice the two buttons on the controller device. These 2 buttons serve as the power switch and the training button. You will use the upper button to put the device on and off while you use the lower button to stop your dog from misbehaving.

If you want to use BarxBuddy, switch it on, and push the lower button to control the dog. Once you press the training button, the device emits the ultrasonic sound that distracts your dog from unwanted behavior. Also, the button activates the LED light, and the combination of the two will control the dog no matter how stubborn it has been.

barx buddy before after

Only dogs hear the sound from BarxBuddy, and that's why the device is awesome. Once they hear it, they stop to listen either in irritation or in curiosity. That's all it takes to distract them from unnecessary barking and other annoying behavior.

But to get the best result out of this training tool, make sure you do the following things:

  • Comes closer to the dog whenever you want to use BarxBuddy
  • Make sure that the dog has seen you and is looking at you.
  • Point the device at him and press the sound button
  • Move towards them to encourage them to sit down.
  • Don't yell at the dog before using the device.
  • For stubborn breeds, use the sound and the LED light for more effects.
  • Once the dog calms down, switch off the device.
  • Don't forget to reward the good boy for good behavior as it will encourage good manners.
  • Always carry your training tool when you’re with your dog.
  • Don't forget to recharge the battery to avoid disappointments.

Overview Of Barx Buddy:

Does BarxBuddy Really Work?

There’s no reason to doubt the authenticity of this training device. The setup is very straightforward, that it leaves no doubt in our minds. The owner didn't claim to use a secret chemical or magical touch to create the tool. Everything about it is understandable.

BarxBuddy emits a sound which our dogs hear and calm down. It’s not like a mysterious hand is doing anything, but the sound distracts them from whatsoever they're doing at the time. It's like when a human being suddenly hears a loud sound, and he/she stops to know what's happening. We do that out of fear, irritation, or curiosity. That's exactly what happens to the dogs.

Moreover, if you flash a light directly at someone, they'll stop and give you an earful no matter what they're doing. In this case, the dogs can't speak, so they'll stop and look at you to understand what you want from them. Therein lies the magic of Barx Buddy. A more interesting reason to believe the suitability of this device is the positive reviews following it. Many users are giving it 4 to 5-star ratings, which indicates that they were impressed and satisfied with the device. You can search wider, but it's hard to find a negative BarxBuddy review.

This device may not be the only one in the industry, but it works. You can try it and drop your positive review as well.

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Where To Buy BarxBuddy Training Device?

After reading this in-depth BarxBuddy review, the next step is to grab yours now. But the best place to buy this simple but amazing device is on the official website. It is not available on shopping platforms such as Amazon. You can follow the link in this article to get the device directly from the owner.

Once you get to the official website, you’ll see more details on how to pay and receive your parcel. Also, there are lots of benefits to enjoy from the company. For instance, if you order more than one, you get to pay less for them. Moreover, the money-back guarantee is activated once you buy from them.

As for the payment method, the company chose a risk-free method to protect your details. After completing the ordering process, BarxBuddy will get to you in a few days, which may vary depending on where you live.

Final Verdict

BarxBuddy is a simple but efficient dog training device that offers peace of mind to pet owners. It doesn’t only control your dog; it molds it into an obedient pet. This device is a must-have if you have a dog, no matter the breed or size. It works on them all and helps owners to have more control over their behavior.

This device comes with amazing features that enhance its functionalities. The best part is that it is simple to set up and use. You don't need additional tools or knowledge to start using the device. All it takes to control your dog is the press of the buttons. Moreover, you can carry the tool everywhere since it is very portable.

The benefits of using Barx Buddy are numerous. For instance, the device is not harmful to the dogs, but it keeps them from harming others. You can say goodbye to excessive barking, embarrassing attacks, and the destruction of properties.

We all love our dogs, but sometimes, they can be so annoying. That’s why we took our time to present this BarxBuddy review to you. We’ve covered all the necessary information you need to know about the device. All that’s left is to follow the link to the official website and order for your dog training device.

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