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Are you a meme lover? Then, you might have heard about the Animan Studios meme. Well, the topic is getting popular day by day, thanks to the internet. With this, everyone is curious about the video.

If you are one of them, we will clear everything out in this article. After doing some research, we found some interesting facts about the Animan Studios meme. By reading this article, you will be able to explore a whole new side of the digital meme universe. So, let’s get started.

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About Mr. Animan & Animan Studios

As we noted above, Axel in Harlem became very popular on social media. The credit goes to the creator of this meme, Mr. Animan. Well, if you have been following Animan Studios, you might know about him.

Mr. Animan created Animan Studios and has been making numerous cartoons since 2011. He published his first cartoon on 6th November 2011 on a website called Seattle Gay Scene. However, he hasn’t revealed his true identity yet. 

According to an interview by the Seattle Gay Scene publication, he is an American but living outside the country and following the 1960s retro style.

Animan Studios Meme Online History

Even though Mr. Animan started making cartoons in 2011, he didn’t create his official website. The official website for Animan Studios ( was created on 22nd February 2016. 

This website started posting various things related to gay cartoon pornography. However, the basic style of this portal was Hanna-Barbera art. Later, in 2017, Animan Studios started hosting adult content.

Besides this website, Mr. Animan started posting content on Tumblr. Well, he started gaining followers after creating a Twitter account. According to a current report, Mr. Animan’s Twitter following is over 110,000 in 2023.

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The Origins of Axel in Harlem

Mr. Animan first posted a download link for his new cartoon’s trailer called ‘Axel in Harlem’ on 27th April 2016. That cartoon gained over 140 notes after that. Later, in 2018, he posted the complete video of ‘Axel in Harlem’ on his official website. The viewers can download the video too.

In 2020, Mr. Animan first posted a trailer video of ‘Axel in Harlem’ on Twitter. The key focus was Axel, the man-slut, who attracts men like a magnet. Since the video was posted, it became viral overnight.

According to a report, the video got 105,500 views and 3,200 likes in three years. However, that was not the only thing. The Discord server shared the cartoon video on 19th September 2022 dedicating One Piece Cock Edits.

Venta y Reparación de Consolas y Videojuegos XIII, a group, shared a small clip from this video on 1st January 2023. And it received over 760 reactions in a month. The video was edited for a song called ‘Vámonos De Fiesta A Factory’ and went viral.

Animan Studios Video

As we noted before, the video from Animan Studios became popular among netizens. The video was first posted on Twitter and just like other interesting videos, it went viral on that platform. However, the original video was posted on the official website beforehand.

In fact, there are tons of similar videos and images you can find on the official portal. Visit the website and explore various memes on the same topic. The best part is you can download all videos and use them.

However, the viral video is quite interesting as compared to other related videos on the website. And the main reason is it has so many characters. That’s the reason why viewers enjoy watching this one. 

The video has background music which makes it more enhanced. ‘La Cumbia De Free’ by Bukano and ‘Ballin’ by Roddy Rich are featured in this video. However, if you are underage, you should skip watching the video due to the explicit content. On the other hand, make sure you are not watching it in front of your kids.

Animan Studios Meme

The creator first posted the video on Twitter. However, the memes got more viral in this ‘Axel in Harlem’ video. As the video went viral, many users started retweeting it and sharing particular scenes as memes.

However, some elements of the video caught everyone’s attention. For example, the video shows how Axel attracted other men as soon as he entered the lift. And everyone started doing unethical acts after that.

These types of scenes in this video caught the younger viewers’ attention. As a result, all started making various memes on social media. Besides Twitter, they started posting memes on other social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

As the memes went viral, netizens started watching the video as well. And all memes are available everywhere. You can search for Animan Studios Memes online. However, you can also find the video on the official website.


Finally, you know why Animan Studios Meme went viral on various social media platforms. Even though ‘Axel in Harlem’ became so popular online, it’s not appropriate for younger people. That’s the reason why the video is age-restricted as well. For more details, you can visit the official website or do some research on the internet. 


Q: Where did the Animan Studios meme come from?

The creator of Animan Studios meme is Mr. Animan. However, we are not sure about his identity. According to some resources, this website is operated by a group of designers.

Q: Is Axel in Harlem a real person?

No, Axel Johnson is a fictional cartoon character who is known for the ‘Axel in Harlem’ video.

Q: Who is the creator of the Axel in Harlem meme?

This viral video was created by Mr. Animan from Animan Studios Meme. He first uploaded the video on the official website before sharing it on social media platforms.


The key purpose of this article is to share proper information only. We don’t advise watching explicit content. If you are underage or uncomfortable, you can skip the video. Plus, don’t show the meme video to your kids.

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