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Andrea Canning is one of the most well-known journalists at this moment. Besides fame as a media personality, she’s pretty popular as a writer. Just like other celebrities, the netizens are interested in exploring new things about Canning.

We have seen many people search for Andrea Canning’s net worth. Yes, apart from her achievements and personal life, there are so many things you can discover. So, after doing our research, we found some interesting facts about Andrea Canning, especially about her net worth.

In this article, we will share everything related to Andrea Canning. Moreover, we will share some interesting facts about her. So, let’s get started. 

About Andrea Canning: An Overview

Andrea Mead Canning is a popular Canadian-American writer and journalist. She contributes to various popular channels including NBC Nightly News, Today, MSNBC, and more. She also works as an anchor and fill-in anchor for Today and Weekend Today.

As we noted before, Andrea is also a writer besides being a popular journalist. Canning is an active member of Alpha Gamma Delta, an international organization. She received this organization’s Talent of Leadership Award in 2015 and the Distinguished Citizens Award in 2018.

Andrea Canning Early Life & Career

Canning was born on 10th December 1972 in Blue Mountain, Ontario. However, she spent most of her childhood and teenage years in Collingwood, Ontario. As per some sources, she attended the University of Western Ontario and got a degree in psychology. 

Later, she also attended Ryerson Polytechnic University to study radio and television arts. Andrea started her career as a reporter and co-anchor for WCPO-TV. Later, she worked for WPTV-TV and CKVR-TV.

It was 2004 when Canning started working for ABC News where she covered news topics like the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Iraq War. Besides these things, she also contributed to World News, Good Morning America, Nightline, and more. 

In 2012, Canning joined NBC News. She’s a correspondent for Dateline. The best part is Andrea has been working as a screenwriter since 2016 and she has written various movie and TV show scripts. 

Andrea Canning Personal Life

Before we start with Andrea Canning’s net worth and income source, let’s find a glimpse of her personal life. Even though she’s directly connected with the media, she tries to keep her personal life private.

However, she’s living a happy life with her family. As per sources, she’s been married to Lt. Col Tony Bancroft, a former F/A-18 instructor pilot. He’s currently working as a finance analyst. They got married on 7th June 2008. The loving couple has five daughters and one son. 

Even though she shares updates about her family and kids, you can’t get everything about her personal life on social media. In this case, we have to respect her privacy.

Is Andrea Canning Available on Social Media?

Whether it’s a popular movie star or the face of your favorite news program, most people want to follow them on social networking sites. If you are wondering if Canning is available on social media, you’re lucky.

The popular news anchor is very active on Instagram as she has around 65k followers. You can follow her at @andreacanning. Besides Instagram, she’s also available on Twitter at @CanningAndrea. Here she has around 35k followers. 

We are not sure if she’s available on other social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. Still, you can get her personal life and work-related updates from Instagram and Twitter.

Andrea Canning Net Worth

You see, when it’s about someone’s net worth, it’s quite challenging to get the exact details. Since Canning is a popular face in America, her information is available on various websites. As per some sources, Andrea’s estimated net worth is between $2 to $5 million.

Since this information isn’t 100% accurate, the net worth can change in the future. However, Canning has various sources of income.

Andrea Canning Income Sources & Salary

There are so many questions about Andrea’s net worth and salary. As Canning is quite popular in the news world, she’s been earning a good amount of money. According to an unofficial report, she has an annual salary between $1 to $1.5 million for Dateline.

Another report stated that she earns an average annual salary of $1,014,605 for ABC News. As Andrea has written scripts for 14 movies, she’s earning good as a screenwriter. So, you can understand that she has multiple sources of income.

Since Andrea is pretty famous, she has done some collaborations. However, we have no idea if there’s more income source. But, we are sure that she’s very successful in her domain.


Finally, you have an idea about Andrea Canning’s net worth. As she’s exploring different niches, it’s helping her financially as well. Moreover, we also share other interesting facts about the famous News personality. If you want to know more about this beautiful lady, do your research online or follow her on social networking sites.


Q: What is Andrea Canning’s net worth?

According to some sources, Andrea Canning’s estimated net worth is between $2 to $5 million. Most of her income sources are working for news channels, writing scripts, brand collaborations, events, and more.

Q: What is Andrea Canning doing now?

Andrea Canning is working for various news channels and magazines. Besides that, she’s been writing movie and TV show scripts since 2016.

Q: Is Andrea Canning available on social media?

Yes, Andrea Canning is available on Instagram and Twitter. Her Instagram handle is @andreacanning while her Twitter handle is @CanningAndrea. She’s probably not available on Facebook or other platforms.

Q: Is Andrea Canning married?

Yes, Andrea Canning is married to a reputed F/A-18 instructor pilot named Lt. Col Tony Bancroft. The couple got married on 7th June 2008. They have five daughters and one son together.

Q: Is Andrea Canning still working for Dateline?

No, Andrea isn’t working for Dateline anymore. She’s currently contributing for various news shows and working as a screenwriter for movies and TV series.

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