A Guide on Boat Docks: Basics, Types, Benefits

Surya Yadav

A boat dock is valuable to a waterfront property. Plus, they can be used for several purposes. Whether you want to build a dock for your private waterfront or repair the old piling dock, a Minnesota dock manufacturer can be a big help.

Before you install a new boat dock, you can explore some interesting information. Plus, there are different types of boat docks you can explore. We are sharing everything about boat docks in this guide. Plus, you will also learn about the benefits of using a boat dock. So, let’s get started.

About Boat Docks

A boat dock is a human-made area that handles boats and ships. According to some sources, boat docks were discovered by an ancient Egyptian harbor on the Red Sea coast. On the other hand, boat docks were also discovered in ancient India during 2400 BC.

The structure and design of boat docks revolted with time. From aluminum docks to wooden docks, there are so many options available in today’s world. Besides handling a boat, a dock can be used for many purposes.

Common Types of Boat Docks

As noted above, there are different types of boat docks available right now. The best part is all types of boat docks are useful for various things including entertaining, sunbathing, and jumping into the water. Let’s explore the common types of boat docks below:

  1. Floating Boat Docks

This is one of the most common boat dock types nowadays. As the name suggests, this dock doesn’t have a framework or platform attached to the bottom. So, it’s not a good choice if the waterbody faces rough waves. On the other hand, floating docks aren’t suitable for high-wind areas.

  1. Long-Term Docks

Long-term docks are classic and ensure stability. Whether it’s a river or lake, a long-term dock will give security. Plus, this type of dock doesn’t need regular maintenance. You can even customize this dock by adding amenities and a roof. However, long-term docks can be damaged by ice and fluctuating water levels.

  1. Crib Docks

Made from wooden crates or cribs, this type of boat dock ensures stability and protection. In simple words, water can’t pass under the crib docks. This type of dock can be used for shoreline or wavey waterways. Despite being expensive, a crib dock can last for a long time.

  1. Modular Plastic Dock

Plastic is lightweight yet strong and durable. A modular plastic dock looks like legos as the plastic pieces are attached to each other. The best thing about modular plastic docks is they are very customizable. Besides this, plastic docks are easy to install and cheaper than other options.

  1. Suspension Docks

Have you ever seen suspension bridges? Well, suspension docks are quite similar to that. This type of bridge is supported by suspension cables instead of being attached to the bottom. Besides being visually appealing, these types of docks are environmentally friendly. However, they are expensive as well.

  1. Piling Docks

Piling docks are the most common one. They are typically made by inserting pilings or large wooden beams. Since the pilings are connected to hoops, it helps the dock rise and fall regarding the weather conditions. Piling docks are best for all types of boats since they are strong enough to fight currents.

Top Benefits of Using Boat Docks

Now, you have an idea regarding the common types of boat docks. Besides using these docks for multiple purposes, there are some benefits to using them. If you are planning to build a dock, let’s explore the top benefits:

  • Having a boat dock can help you with easy watercraft access. You don’t have to deal with crowded queues.
  • When your property has a private boat dock, the value of the property will increase with time. As per some reports, the value can increase by $1 million when you have a private boat dock.
  • Sure, public docks are good for easy access. However, if you want something unique, you can customize your private dock. For example, customizing a dock can help you use it for various purposes.
  • When you have a private boat dock, maintaining and repairing boats can be easier. Plus, it will also increase the safety of your boats.
  • Since there are various options available, you can install a boat dock as per your requirements and budget.
  • You see, storing a boat in a public dock can be expensive. When you have a private dock, you can reduce the storage cost. 


A dock’s structure depends on various factors including the area, the water condition, and more. Plus, you can use a boat dock for several purposes. Since a boat dock requires high maintenance, you have to be extra careful about everything, especially when it’s a private dock. For more information, contact your local maintenance service provider.

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