Yung Joc New Baby: How May Kids Does HE Have?

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Yung Joc Children

While many artists come and go, only a few leave their mark in the industry, and one such artist is Yung Joc. We are beyond enthused to share information about rapper Yung Joc and his fascinating fatherhood journey. For over a decade in the music world, Joc has delivered some of the biggest hits and continues to rule the Billboard charts.

Everyone knows about his work life, but do you really want to know how many kids does Yung Joc have? Let’s take a deeper dive and uncover unique details on not only this immensely talented artist’s background but also his experience as a dedicated daddy over the years. In this post, we have shared everything related to the man, his music career, and his many kids.

Yung Joc Children

Who Is Yung Joc?

Hailing originally from the musical mecca of Atlanta, Georgia, Yung Joc – was born with the given name of Jasiel Amon Robinson. He first burst onto the hip-hop scene in the mid-2000s. Through tremendously charismatic hit singles like the smash “It’s Goin’ Down”, this wildly creative music maker slowly but surely made a major name for himself in the industry.

However, beneath his rising chart success and fame as a performer, little did fans know at the time that this star had also quietly taken on the essential role of proud family man and doting dad. According to the WhosDatedWho website, Yung Joc’s first girlfriend was Fatimah Jester, with whom he got into a relationship in the year 1999.

While being in a relationship with Fatima Jester for about 10 years, they broke up. Later, in the year 2012, he came into a relationship with Carla Daniels, then with Sina Bina in 2013, and finally, he dated Karlie Redd in 2014. He dated all of these women while being married to Alex Robinson in the year 2002, and they got separated in the year 2014.

Yung Joc

Did Yung Joc Have A Baby?

In the relatively early stages of his booming career, Joc learned he would be joining the incredible ranks of fatherhood for the first ever time with the arrival of his firstborn child. When Joc was in a relationship with Fatimah Jester in the year 1999, they became parents to their first boy child, Amoni, in the year 2000.

According to Joc, he shares a special bond with Amoni because he was born when Joc and Fatimah were teens themselves. The birth of Amoni was not planned, and it made his parents learn the new chapter of their lives in a better way. Later, in 2008, the couple got separated, and Fatimah sued Joc for neglecting his financial obligation to his son.

How Many Kids Does Joc Have – Young Joc Kids Information

Over the many fruitful years since welcoming baby number one, estimating just how much Joc’s loving family may have grown is no easy feat. Yung Joc currently has 8 children from 4 different women. Not to mention, he loves all of his children and can be seen in restaurants and on many outings places at many times with them.

Yung Joc Wife

His youngest children are twin girls, Eden and Allon, with his ex-girlfriend Sina Bina. If you are one of Yung’s followers on social media, then you’ve seen many posts of him with these two kids. Since they are quite young, Joc loves spending time with them. More information about Yung Joc children can be obtained from the list given below.

NameGenderBornAgeOther Parent
AmoniMale200023 years oldFatimah Jester
Ja’KoriFemale200320 years oldAlex Robinson
AmirMale200617 years oldAlex Robinson
ChaseFemale201013 years oldAlex Robinson
CadenceFemaleAugust, 201310 years oldCarla Daniels
CamoraMaleAugust, 201310 years oldCarla Daniels
EdenFemale20149 years oldSina Bina
AllonFemale20149 years oldSina Bina

Who Are The Popular Yung Joc Twins?

Among all of these children, no one garnered more mainstream attention than his twin daughters Eden and Allon, born of a relationship with Sina Bina. Now entering their teen years, these impossibly cute little ladies regularly steal screens as breakout stars on the juicy reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta alongside their famous father and extended family.

But their social media fame far exceeds Joc’s at this point – with a massive 125k Instagram followers and growing, Eden and Allon are indubitably Atlanta’s most adored double dolls. Unlike other children, these two twins really love spending their time on the internet and share quite a lot of videos both on their own accounts and fan-made accounts.

Yung Joc Net Worth 2023 – Bio, Wiki, Children & More

For any noteworthy celebrity or entertainer, gauging their current overall net worth remains an evergreen topic of interest among fans and followers worldwide. According to many reports, Yung Joc’s net worth in 2023 is said to be somewhere around $4 million as he continues to earn royalty and money from sponsorships and advertisements.

Yung Joc Before and After

Not only this, but he does a lot of promotional posts on his social media handles, which gives him a lot of money, too. The YouTube channel, social media accounts, advertisements, and, of course, money from selling music all combine to give him thousands of dollars every month. While it is not confirmed, he charges around $ 100,000 for each sponsored post.

In 2011, Joc’s Swagg Team recording studio was robbed of approximately $70,000 worth of studio equipment. The thieves also took a hard drive that contained the unreleased songs that Yung Joc was planning to put on his third album. While accessing the video recordings, Joc identified one of the robbers as Honcho, who lived in Georgia.

Having been together since 2015, Yung Joc and Kendra Robinson got married in 2021 and are still together. In an interview, Kendra said that she didn’t want to be “one of Joc’s wives, but want to be the love of this life”. Well, Being married for 2 years now, the couple does not have any kids right now, and they’ve not spoken of such things in public either.

Yung Joc Eden and Allon

Yung Joc Losses $1800 On Zelle

In 2022, rapper Yung Joc posted an update on Instagram along with a screenshot of a transaction done by him on Zelle, a popular digital payments app in the United States. According to the post, Joc accidentally sent $1800 to the wrong person, and when he asked the person to return the money, he was blocked by the person right away.

He asked all of his fans and viewers to call or message the person to return his money. A screenshot of the conversation was available on his Instagram account, which was later taken down himself. Joc even added an instance when someone sent him $ 1,500 by mistake, and he returned it to the person, citing karma doing bad to the person who does bad to others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many Kids Does Young Joc Have?

Rapper Young Joc has a total of eight children from previous relationships. His first child, Amoni, was born in 2000. Over the years, he went on to have seven more kids – Eden, Ja’Kori, Chase, twins Cadence and Camora, Amir, Eden, and Allon. While he keeps the details of his children’s mothers private, he does post about his large family on social media.

Who Is Joc New Baby?

The youngest children of Yung Joc are the twins Eden and Allon. He became a parent to them in 2014, and the mother was Sina Bina. She is originally from Compton, California, and she got separated from Yung Joc in the year 2014. Not only with Joc, but she does have another son named Malik Naseem from her previous relationship.

Is Yung Joc Still Married To Alex?

No, Alexandria Robinson filed to divorce Yung Joc after being together for over 13 years and having 3 kids together. In 2012, Alexandria cited adultery as the grounds for divorce and demanded around $1800 per month as spousal and child support from Joc. Right now, they do not belong to each other and have not been seen together ever since they divorced.

What Happened To Yung Joc and Khadiyah?

When Khadiyah Lewis made a guest appearance on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, she admitted sleeping with Joc every night. The claim was made in season three of the show; later in season four, she claimed that her relationship with Joc didn’t prove to be fruitful. Right now, she is working as a corporate accountant and a business consultant.

How Old Is Yung Joc On Love & Hip Hop?

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is basically the second instalment of the Love & Hip Hop reality television franchise. When it was telecasted back in 2012, starring Yung Joc, he was said to be around 32 years old back then. Yung Joc was a part of the show right from season one and kept participating for various seasons, showing off his skills in the music industry, too.

Yung Joc and Kendra Robinson

Final Words

By now, this blog post has hopefully offered a thorough examination of rap star Yung Joc’s colourful personal life and family dynamics over the decades. Over the years since this rapper’s rise to fame, he has quietly grown his family away from the spotlight. But the media always find a way, and that is how everyone knows how many kids does Joc have now.

We have tried to bring in all the available information about him, and we hope now you know more about Yung Joc new baby, Yung Joc children, his wives, and what he is doing right now. You can keep visiting the Certain Doubts website, as we will keep this post updated with the latest news updates related to Yung Joc and Yung Joc children.

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