Where does Jeff Bezos live? Inside pics of the house

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Jeff Bezos is a multitasking man who is the executive chairman, founder, and CEO of Amazon. Also, he is the 3rd richest person in the world, with an amazing network worth US$128 billion in 2023. He has a great personality and the perfect business approach.

Age 59 years
Nickname Jeffery Bagles
Height 1.71m
Networth 11,780 crores USD
Relationship StatusSeparated
Born 12 January 1964 

Bezos has property around the country.

His most well-known property is his $165 million Beverly Hills Jeff Bezos’ house, known as the “Warner estate,” which was built by none other than Jack Warner.

Jeff Bezos has an impressive property portfolio. According to the Independent, Bezos owns property in Texas, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and New York City, in addition to his residence in Washington. The Texas site is less residential and more commercial in nature, as it is where Bezos manages his burgeoning private space enterprise. He owns a mansion in Washington, D.C., as well as a $23 million old textile factory. He also paid $24 million for a seven-bedroom Beverly Hills estate.

Bezos just paid $80 million for three adjacent penthouses in a luxury New York City skyscraper. When all of this is added together, Jeff Bezos’ house collection has one big residence with 12 bedrooms and 17,000 square feet to utilize as he pleases. He spent another $16 million to build a fourth level to his Fifth Avenue portfolio in 2020.

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Early Career

He graduated from his college in 1986, and the most recognized companies approached him, such as Intel, Andersen Consulting, and Bell Laboratories. He laid the foundation of his career by starting at Fitel, a financial telecommunications start-up, where he developed international trading systems. 

Jeff Bezos’s House

Starting in 1994 as an online book store, Amazon has grown into a multi-trillion-dollar corporation with Bezos, 57, at the helm. Since then, he has built a massive land portfolio worth over $500 million, signifying a significant increase in value. Bezos has a house for every occasion in Beverly Hills to West Texas, and even in New York City and Washington, DC. While it is unclear how Bezos and Scott have decided to divide their land resources, the residences he has purchased are scattered around the country.


Where does Jeff Bezos live?

Originally the Textile Museum, Jeff Bezos’ residence is located in Washington, DC’s Kalorama district.

Where is Jeff Bezos’ house?

Medina, Washington / Evergreen Point Road, 1001.

How much does Jeff Bezos’ home cost?

Jeff Bezos set a record in America by paying 165 million dollars for his Beverly Hills property, which is the one of the most costliest real estate transactions in California.

What is the size of Jeff Bezos’s house?

The estate includes a residence with 13,600 square feet, two guesthouses, a pool, and a tennis court.

What is the number of bedrooms in Jeff Bezos’ home?

There are eleven bedrooms, twenty-five baths, and five living areas.

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