What Are the Different Types of Evidence Necessary For a Slip and Fall Lawsuit?

Surya Yadav


Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. These incidents can cause damage simply because people aren’t expecting it to happen. If you’re walking around a grocery store you assume if there’s no wet floor sign, the floor is safe to walk on. But if you’re not ready to protect yourself going down, then you could be left with major injuries. This is why seeking legal action can benefit you in knowing what to do next. The best way to receive compensation quickly is by building a case that can’t be disputed. This requires collecting evidence from the accident that is concrete and detailed.

Incident Documentation

The first and most crucial piece of evidence is proper documentation of the incident. Taking photographs and videos of the scene will help your case especially. If you see any unknown hazards or rough conditions make sure to jot that information down. Write down the exact date and time of the accident and if there were any witnesses. Talk about what you were doing before the accident happened and what led up to the fall. Detail what happened to you immediately after and the injuries that you possibly sustained.

Witness Statements

People who witnessed the accident can strengthen your case. They can give accounts that can establish who was responsible for the accident. This can help prove if the property owner or manager was aware of the hazardous conditions and chose to ignore them. Make sure to get their contact information after the accident. Have them write or record statements from that day and have them give every detail. They’re unbiased opinions can help your case get moving.

Surveillance Footage

If the slip and fall accident happened indoors then there’s a good chance, they had a surveillance camera. This is necessary evidence for your case. This footage will be hard to dispute if the opposing party has anything to say. With this video, you can use to show that your story checks out without having to stress about it. Make sure to act quickly and get that footage immediately. You don’t want to miss out on it if someone deletes the footage.

Maintenance Records

Property owners are responsible for making sure the conditions are safe for visitors. They need to know what is going on in and around the building. This is why it’s important to access the maintenance records. If they aren’t tracking down the history of any similar accidents or changes then they can be held liable. It’s their job to manage the building or property with immediate care. If they aren’t following the guidelines of their own job, then they need to be held responsible.

Weather Reports

In cases where weather conditions played a role in the slip and fall accident, obtaining weather reports for the date and time of the incident can be crucial. This is another way to show if the property owner was doing their job. If they weren’t paying attention to the weather, then their establishment is not safe to walk around or in. If the sidewalk was icy and there was no salt on it, then you could slip and hurt yourself. If there were no signs to indicate to not walk around a certain area, then it leaves people susceptible to slipping and falling.

Footwear Analysis

What you were wearing during the accident can provide relevant information. Especially when it comes to footwear. Don’t throw away the shows that you were wearing the day of your incident. Put them in a place for safekeeping. They may show signs of wear and tear that could help if it caused your fall. It’s best to protect yourself during this time. Anything that you were wearing on the day of your accident keep close to you so you can defend your case.

Medical Records

Your medical records are great evidence for your case. This is why it’s important to seek medical attention after your slip and fall accident. Doctors can check your injuries and give you the help you need. They have detailed reports that show what exactly happened to you and how severe they were. Don’t lose these documents as you’ll need them to build your strong claim.

Expert Testimony

If your case is complex, then it might require other opinions. That’s where expert witnesses come in to help. They can provide the insight necessary to figure out who is liable. They can look at the scene and see how exactly the accident happened. They’ll review your injuries to see if they were really caused by the slip. These experts are a great help in gaining insight into your accident to give you a stronger case.


Gather anything you need that will help you build a strong case. You want to make sure you are documenting everything after the accident. Have witnesses take down their statements and record the general scene of the fall. If you were injured, it’s important to reach out to a trusted attorney in your area. They will be able to assess the situation and get you the compensation you need. Don’t let this case blow over and miss out on what you’re owed. This evidence will help you get to court.

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