What are the different types of EEG kits?

Surya Yadav

In 2019, Neurotechnology (neurotechnology.com) combined its vast experience and expertise concerning AI and deep neural networks in the innovative field of BCI. This innovative project resulted in the development of advanced BrainAccess solutions and products for EEG and BCI applications.

BrainAccess Software provides the application of BrainAccess Board. It interfaces with BrainAccess devices to save and stream EEG data and serves as an access point to EEG and BCI apps. After acquiring BrainAccess SDK, a series of libraries that control this device, users can access and process EEG data. They can also download BCI algorithms after making their purchase. These libraries are available with C/C++ and Python API.

Different Types of BrainAccess EEG Kits Available

The varied designs of EEG Kits currently available from BrainAccess include the following:

1. BrainAccess Standard Kit
800 € Excl. VAT

The BrainAccess Standard Kit is highly portable and quite versatile as an innovative EEG solution. It offers an electroencephalograph with 8 channels and an EEG cap that has dry-contact electrodes.

Components of this Standard Kit include the BrainAccess MINI. This Bluetooth-compatible electroencephalograph is battery-powered. Users can mount it on the BrainAccess CAP back, and it offers 8 input channels with the same reference channel. It also provides added digital input and an accelerometer with 3 axes. This model is also equipped with active noise suppression, decreasing the effects of external noise to enhance BrainAccess egg solutions.

The CAP from BrainAccess is an EEG cap with electrodes that are dry-contact, shape-conforming. This cap design enables versatile configuration of the electrodes, which can be placed at varying positions on the cap. Since these electrodes are dry-contact, they do not necessitate the application of gel or scalp preparations.

The electrode spikes are spring-loaded, enabling them to fit the wearer’s head shape and offering pleasing comfort. The cap design offers 8 spike electrodes along with 2 pad electrodes for placing on the wearer’s forehead. These electrodes are utilized primarily for reference and bias electrodes within BrainAccess setups. The headgear is available in the three sizes of small, medium, and large, and an extra cap can be purchased.

2. BrainAccess Extended Kit
1,400 € Excl. VAT

The BrainAccess Extended Kit provides greater electrode/channel density than the company’s Standard Kit. Yet, it is quite portable as an EEG solution and device design. This model offers an electroencephalograph with 16 channels and an EEG cap that has dry-contact electrodes.

The cap has 16 spike electrodes and 2 pad electrodes for placement on the forehead of the wearer. This model also includes additional digital input and a 3-axis accelerometer. The Bluetooth-enabled MIDI is mountable on the back area of the BrainAccess CAP.

3. BrainAccess HALO
400 € Excl. VAT

The BrainAccess HALO is an integrated EEG headband that is wireless, portable, and offers a 4-channel system for acquisition. It has dry-contact electrodes placed over the forehead and occipital areas with the reference at Fpz. This model offers excellent monitoring of visual cortex and eye movement action.

The setup of this kit is easy, offering superior cushioning around the electrodes, and the device adjusts to conform to the majority of head shapes and sizes. The HALO design also provides total control plus data streaming with Bluetooth. In addition, it offers 8 hours of uninterrupted data streaming. The software, BrainAccess Board and BrainAccess SDK, are included free of charge.

This easily portable device is offered with a USB Bluetooth 4.2 adapter for communicating and streaming data to a computer via the BrainAccess MIDI. In general, another Bluetooth adapter can be used, for example, an integrated model in a laptop. The additional removable cushions designed for side box use improve this headband’s secure fit on the head. Users can acquire the BrainAccess software via a download from the Download Centre.

Discover more about the advanced and complex properties and easy-to-use features of the EEG kit, BrainAccess EEG solutions by visiting this innovative company’s website today.

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