Virat Kohli Total Centuries In All Formats

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Virat Kohli Total Centuries In T20

Virat Kohli’s remarkable batting talent has always been there for all to see. From a young age, he had an unwavering passion and drive to succeed at the highest level. Fans all over the world feel connected to Virat through his journey of ups and downs. Among all the achievements he has, the best ones so far are all the centuries he has scored.

In this post, we are going to tell you everything about Virat Kohli’s total centuries in all formats until 2023. While information about his latest century can be found on every other news channel, only a few know about all the international and IPL centuries he has scored. So, be ready to dive into the centuries world of Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli Total Centuries In All Formats

How Many Centuries Does Virat Kohli Have In 2023?

As of October 2023, Virat Kohli has amassed 6 centuries across ODIs and Tests this calendar year. In the ODI format, he scored the first hundred against Sri Lanka, while his 2 Test century came versus Australia and West Indies. Both formats have seen him play crucial innings to help India win or draw matches this year. Detailed information about all can be found below.

Virat Kohli Centuries In ODI

With 48 ODI centuries to his name, Virat Kohli firmly holds the record for most hundreds in this format. Notable tons include his career-best 183 against Pakistan in the 5th match of the Asia Cup and 166* vs Sri Lanka in 2023. Through consistent performances over the years, he has established himself as the modern ODI great for India.

As of 2023, Virat Kohli is in the 2nd spot to have the highest number of centuries in cricket (all formats). The first spot is of Sachin Tendulkar, who has a total of 100 centuries in all formats. While Virat Kohli has 48 centuries in One Day International matches, Sachin has 49. It will be really interesting to see when Virat will reach the #1 position.

Runs#BF4s6sSROppositionGroundStart Date
183148221123.64v PakistanMirpur18 Mar 2012
166*110138150.90v Sri LankaThiruvananthapuram15 Jan 2023
160*159122100.62v South AfricaCape Town7 Feb 2018
157*129134121.70v West IndiesVisakhapatnam24 Oct 2018
154*134161114.92v New ZealandMohali23 Oct 2016
140107212130.84v West IndiesGuwahati21 Oct 2018
139*126123110.31v Sri LankaRanchi16 Nov 2014
1381406598.57v South AfricaChennai22 Oct 2015
136122162111.47v BangladeshFatullah26 Feb 2014
133*86162154.65v Sri LankaHobart28 Feb 2012
13196172136.45v Sri LankaColombo (RPS)31 Aug 2017
129*96192134.37v South AfricaCenturion16 Feb 2018
128*119121107.56v Sri LankaColombo (RPS)31 Jul 2012
127114133111.40v West IndiesDharamsala17 Oct 2014
123111112110.81v New ZealandNapier19 Jan 2014
12395161129.47v AustraliaRanchi8 Mar 2019
122*9493129.78v PakistanColombo (RPS)10 Sep 2023
12210585116.19v EnglandPune15 Jan 2017
1211259296.80v New ZealandWankhede22 Oct 2017
12012514196.00v West IndiesPort of Spain11 Aug 2019
11812111197.52v AustraliaVisakhapatnam20 Oct 2010
11712314095.12v West IndiesVisakhapatnam2 Dec 2011
11711772100.00v AustraliaMelbourne17 Jan 2016
11612010096.66v AustraliaNagpur5 Mar 2019
115*66181174.24v AustraliaNagpur30 Oct 2013
115108131106.48v ZimbabweHarare24 Jul 2013
114*99140115.15v West IndiesPort of Spain14 Aug 2019
11310691106.60v New ZealandKanpur29 Oct 2017
11391112124.17v BangladeshChattogram10 Dec 2022
11387121129.88v Sri LankaGuwahati10 Jan 2023
112*98160114.28v EnglandDelhi17 Oct 2011
11211910094.11v South AfricaDurban1 Feb 2018
111*11512296.52v West IndiesKingston6 Jul 2017
110*1169094.82v Sri LankaColombo (RPS)3 Sep 2017
1081207090.00v Sri LankaMirpur13 Mar 2012
10711411193.85v Sri LankaEden Gardens24 Dec 2009
1079391115.05v EnglandCardiff16 Sep 2011
1071268084.92v PakistanAdelaide15 Feb 2015
10711910189.91v West IndiesPune27 Oct 2018
1061139093.80v Sri LankaHambantota21 Jul 2012
10692111115.21v AustraliaCanberra20 Jan 2016
105104100100.96v New ZealandGuwahati28 Nov 2010
1041125292.85v AustraliaAdelaide15 Jan 2019
103*9764106.18v BangladeshPune19 Oct 2023
102*95110107.36v BangladeshMirpur11 Jan 2010
10283132122.89v West IndiesPort of Spain5 Jul 2013
100*8382120.48v BangladeshMirpur19 Feb 2011
100*5287192.30v AustraliaJaipur16 Oct 2013

Virat Kohli Centuries In T20

Virat Kohli Total Centuries In ODI

Kohli has led the Indian team to many T20 victories but only has a single T20I century to date, coming versus Afghanistan during the 2022 Men’s T20 Asia Cup. Scoring a three-figure mark in the delicate 20-over format shows his batting adaptability and importance to the national team. It will be really interesting to see him scoring more centuries in this format.

According to ESPN Cricinfo, Virat Kohli has scored 122* in just 61 balls in this match, which includes 12 fours and 6 sixes. With a Strike Rate of 200, he was named Player of The Match. Not to mention, just like Sachin Tendulkar, Virat has always been a victim of the “nervous nineties” else he would have many more centuries under his belt.

Runs#BF4s6sSROppositionGroundStart Date
122*61126200.00v AfghanistanDubai (DSC)8 Sep 2022

Virat Kohli Centuries In Test Cricket

The Indian Test skipper now has 29 centuries in the longest format, second only to Sachin Tendulkar. Memorable Virat Kohli test double centuries were his 254 against South Africa on 10 October 2019 and 243 versus Sri Lanka on 2 December 2017. Challenging himself against the best attacks demands immense courage and character.

His volume of runs in the longest format establishes him as one of the greatest ever. Since India has played a very limited number of test matches this year, having 2 centuries shows a pretty good performance from his side. Fans are literally searching for when will Virat Kohli total centuries in international cricket will increase, and we are, too.

Runs#BF4s6sSROppositionGroundStart Date
254*33633275.59v South AfricaPune10 Oct 2019
24328725084.66v Sri LankaDelhi2 Dec 2017
23534025169.11v EnglandWankhede8 Dec 2016
21326717279.77v Sri LankaNagpur24 Nov 2017
21136620057.65v New ZealandIndore8 Oct 2016
20424624082.92v BangladeshHyderabad9 Feb 2017
20028324070.67v West IndiesNorth Sound21 Jul 2016
18636415051.09v AustraliaAhmedabad9 Mar 2023
16927218062.13v AustraliaMelbourne26 Dec 2014
16726718062.54v EnglandVisakhapatnam17 Nov 2016
15321715070.50v South AfricaCenturion13 Jan 2018
14922522166.22v EnglandBirmingham1 Aug 2018
14723020063.91v AustraliaSydney6 Jan 2015
14117516180.57v AustraliaAdelaide9 Dec 2014
13923010060.43v West IndiesRajkot4 Oct 2018
13619418070.10v BangladeshEden Gardens22 Nov 2019
12325713147.85v AustraliaPerth14 Dec 2018
12120611058.73v West IndiesPort of Spain20 Jul 2023
11918118065.74v South AfricaJohannesburg18 Dec 2013
11621311154.46v AustraliaAdelaide24 Jan 2012
11518412062.50v AustraliaAdelaide9 Dec 2014
10720615151.94v AustraliaChennai22 Feb 2013
105*13515177.77v New ZealandWellington14 Feb 2014
104*11912287.39v Sri LankaEden Gardens16 Nov 2017
103*1365175.73v Sri LankaGalle26 Jul 2017
10319314153.36v New ZealandBengaluru31 Aug 2012
10329511034.91v EnglandNagpur13 Dec 2012
10319111053.92v Sri LankaGalle12 Aug 2015
10319710052.28v EnglandNottingham18 Aug 2018

Virat Kohli Centuries In IPL Career

Virat Kohli Total Centuries In T20

With 7 IPL hundreds to his name for Royal Challengers Bangalore, Virat Kohli towers above others in the tournament. This includes match-winning centuries against various franchises at a high average of 113. His devotion to doing well for his team is exemplary for youngsters, and among the total 17 centuries ever scored by Royal Challengers Bangalore, 7 are made by him.

While he has never won the Highest Scorer award in any of the 16 seasons of IPL, he has scored 4 centuries in the 2016 edition of the tournament. Not only this, but he is among the only 3 players of the Indian cricket team to score 2 consecutive centuries in a single IPL season. He made this record in 2023 when he scored 100 (vs SRH) and 101* (vs GT).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have already mentioned everything related to Virat Kohli total centuries in all formats 2023, but you might have some questions related to him. Don’t worry; we have answered the most common questions related to Virat Kohli centuries in career, and you must read the FAQs mentioned below to know more about his achievements.

How Many Centuries Does Virat Kohli Have In World Cup?

Virat has scored 5 centuries in the World Cups he has played. The 183 against Pakistan in the 2011 WC semi-final will always be remembered. His 123 against Bangladesh and 107 against West Indies in 2015 are also memorable knocks. His century against Afghanistan during the 2019 World Cup proved his big-match temperament. With so many centuries already, he will be looking to add a few more World Cup tons before ending his career.

Total Half-Centuries of Virat Kohli In All Format?

The tally of Virat Kohli’s half-centuries currently stands at 49 in all international formats combined. He has scored 25 half-centuries in Tests, 20 in ODIs, and 4 in T20 internationals so far. Given his consistency, getting to 50 or more half-centuries is very much achievable. If he maintains his form, fans could see this number increase significantly before his retirement.

How Many Centries Did Virat Kohli Make In 2023?

In 2023 so far, Virat Kohli has scored 6 international centuries across formats. He scored 4 hundreds in ODIs against Sri Lanka and West Indies. Additionally, he hit 2 spectacular centuries against Australia and West Indies in Tests during the early part of 2023. With great form and the year not even finished, fans will be hoping for many more Kohli tons.

Can Virat Kohli Hit 100 Centuries?

If Virat Kohli maintains his impeccable consistency and terrific ambition, the possibility of him scoring 100 international centuries cannot be completely ruled out. However, it remains a monumental challenge and will require years of continued dominance. His total now stands at 71 centuries, and with the continued support of teammates and fans, this profound player may well go on to enter the 100-century club before calling it a day.

How Many Times Virat Kohli Scored 200?

Virat Kohli is one of the most successful batsmen but is yet to score a double century in Tests. His highest individual score is 254*, which came against South Africa in 2013. On a few occasions, he has gotten close to the 200-run mark but remained unbeaten in the 190s. With his hunger and class, if conditions permit, one day, Kohli fans do hope he can etch his name on the Honours Board with a mammoth 200.

Virat Kohli Total Centuries In Test Cricket

Final Words

Virat’s outstanding consistency sets him in a class of his own. The motivation and fight he shows inspire his teammates as well as crores of fans. When you see Virat Kohli centuries total, you can judge for yourself how good he is on the ground. Fans are eagerly waiting for him to complete his 100th century so he can move to the #1 position on the charts.

You can keep visiting the Certain Doubts website as we will keep this post updated with more information, like Virat Kohli total half-centuries in all formats. We have tried to mention everything about his centuries, but we might have missed something. If you have information on his centuries list against teams in the ODI World Cup and IPL, do share it with us.

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