Unwritten Rules of Dating We All Should Follow in Australia

Surya Yadav

Unwritten Rules of Dating We All Should Follow in Australia

Australians have long been known for their hospitable and welcoming qualities. The modern nation has been built on successive waves of immigration, with people from every corner of the globe being inspired to build exciting new lives for themselves ‘down under.’ Those typical Aussie qualities – a gregarious personality, forthright views, pragmaticism, not to mention a devilishly sensual streak – are perfect for romance. But what are the realities behind the stereotypes? Are Aussies always party animals, surfboard in one hand, a pint of grog in the other? Does their upbeat sense of humor sometimes grate? Let’s take a closer look at Australian singles, separating the reality from the preconceptions. What are the unwritten rules of dating, Aussie-style?!

How people prefer to date – from online encounters to real dates. 

While digital matchmaking is everywhere these days, a lot of singles can’t see past the idea of meeting face-to-face. But even the most sceptical would benefit from at least giving the online version a try. If you’d like to explore the possibilities of interacting with prospective partners via your web browser, your first port-of-call should be looking into dating sites in Australia for hookups. By checking out reviews on this platform, you’ll get considerable insight into the merits of various websites and apps catering to romance, from Perth to Sydney. Every aspect of these services will be outlined, from how user-friendly they are, to the overall design features. There will also be a useful breakdown of the many tools available to help you find your ideal match.

Main traditions of dating, custom peculiarities 

Dating culture in Australia tends to be a bit more casual and laid back than other Western-oriented nations. Guys in London or New York are sometimes taken aback when cute Aussie girls think nothing of bounding over to a table to chat them up! Down under, don’t expect the bloke to automatically pay the bill like they usually do in England or the USA. There’s more of a sense of equality, especially if both parties are students. Australia’s location in the southern hemisphere also influences some peculiarities. Nestling between the Indian, Atlantic, Pacific, and Southern Oceans, it has absorbed all sorts of cultural influences. Many people you’ll meet might have Polynesian heritage. Get used to trying out exotic food and drinks for the first time, or hearing about exciting ancient traditions. Another aspect to get familiar with is that dating in Oz isn’t always a one-on-one situation. Once you’ve got together with someone via your favorite Australian dating platform, expect to get involved in group chats about arranging communal dates. These group encounters can be a lot of fun!

Tips to be successful dating in Australia

How about some useful pointers towards achieving dating perfection? Where you’re located will have some bearing on conversation topics. So, think of appropriate icebreakers for your chat that will establish common ground. For instance, if you’re in Sydney, you could always discuss the classic architectural points of reference, such as the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, or the world-famous Opera House. Over on the sun-baked Gold Coast, with those Pacific breakers crashing along the coast, your focus could be on watersports. Perhaps your prospective partner is keen on surfing? Or diving around the Great Barrier Reef? Even if these are subjects you don’t necessarily specialize in yourself, at least having some background knowledge gleaned from online research will give you the tools to create a strong impression.

Suggestions for fabulous dates down under

Australia is blessed with wonderful scenery, from sparkling beaches shaded by tropical palm trees to its rugged interior, where long stretches of straight roads seem to disappear towards the horizon. Jump into a car and head for a romantic cruise. If you’d prefer the aquatic variety, there are so many places where you can hire kayaks and paddle through azure waters. Whether you’re hiking in the wilds, or simply strolling around one of the many parks in Adelaide, Melbourne, or Brisbane, just make sure you have a picnic packed so you can find somewhere suitable to stop and drink in the views. Australians may have a reputation for its brash locals, who can out-drink pretty much any other nationality on the planet, but they also have a lesser-known sophisticated side. There are art galleries and museums galore, brimming with examples of art stretching back millennia. When the sun sinks, it will be time to hit a club with your partner and dance to the grooves. You could always tour some of the more memorable examples, choosing from Sydney’s long-running Chinese Laundry to Adelaide’s Fat Controller; Revolver Upstairs in Melbourne to Prohibition in Brisbane. If you’d prefer more sedate date activities, then check out the local restaurants. Australia’s status as an ethnic melting pot means you’ll be spoiled for choice!

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