Traditional Lock Vs Smart Lock: Which is Good For Your House?

Surya Yadav

Having a secure door lock is essential in today’s world. Most people still use traditional locks at this moment. However, smart locks are getting popular, thanks to advanced technology. But which one is good for home security?

This is a burning question at this moment. There are so many considering factors you have to check while choosing your door lock. Before you look for the best locksmith in Washington DC, make sure you do some research.

In this case, we can help you out. In this article, we will share the key differences between traditional and smart locks. Explore which one is preferred by the locksmith company ServLeader. By the end of this guide, you will be able to choose the right one for your house.

Traditional Lock

As the name suggests, traditional locks are pretty common. There are different types of traditional locks available in the market. And you can see them on every door. The most popular traditional locks are Mortice, Euro, or Yale. These locks are very common and need a physical key to open the door. 

Smart Lock

Well, smart locks are totally different from traditional ones. The word ‘Smart’ refers to a lock that can be controlled by an electronic device such as your smartphone. Most smart locks are highly advanced and can be connected via WiFi or Bluetooth. That means it doesn’t need a physical key to access.

Smart Lock Vs Traditional Lock: Key Differences

There is so much confusion when it comes to choosing the right locks for your doors. Before you contact a locksmith company, you have to understand the basic things. Plus, choosing a locking system depends on various factors. Let’s find out the key differences between traditional locks and smart locks in the following section:

1. Security

Security is a major factor when it comes to your house. A traditional lock is easy to break. Hence, it’s not that safe if you are looking for high security. In this case, a smart lock can be a better option. However, when a smart lock is connected to an internet device, it can be hacked too.

2. Versatility

The market for smart locks is growing day by day, thanks to advanced technologies. Because of the demand, many companies are introducing smart locks with new features. For example, some smart locks can be controlled with a physical key along with a connected device.

On the other hand, traditional locks aren’t as versatile as compared to smart locks. Sure, there are various types available in the market but they aren’t that versatile.

3. Access Control

As we noted before, traditional locks can be only controlled by a physical key. It’s good when you don’t want to go for complex technologies. On the other hand, smart locks can be controlled by various devices. Even though a physical key is provided, you can activate the remote control by connecting with a device.

4. Convenience

A traditional lock can be only accessed by a physical key. That means you can’t grant someone access to your house when there’s no physical key. However, it’s easier when you use a smart lock. It doesn’t need a physical key and you can access the lock from miles away.

5. Cost

Without any doubt, a traditional lock is the better option when you are looking for something budget-friendly. That’s the reason why these types of locks are available everywhere, for different purposes. On the other hand, smart locks are quite expensive because of their advanced features and high-security option.

The Winner: Smart Lock

By reading this article, you can understand that a smart lock is more suitable for putting an extra layer of security. In the following section, we will unfold the best feature of a smart lock. Let’s find out:

Connect Via Bluetooth/WiFiOne of the best features of a smart lock is it can be connected via Bluetooth or WiFi. Plus, most locks are compatible with smartphones or other electronic devices. That means you can access your home security even though you are not at home.

Remote Control AccessAs we noted above, you can activate remote control access for your smart locks. You see, there are various types of locks available in the market. If you want to access your home security from somewhere else, install this system.

Improved SafetySafety is an essential factor when it comes to home security. However, most smart locks come with top-level security that you can’t find with traditional locks.

Complete AccessWhat we loved most about a smart lock is it comes with complete access. Plus, when you get complete access to your house, it will be easier to keep everything safe. Make sure you choose a trusted company in this case. 


Finally, you know the key differences between a smart lock and a traditional lock. If it’s for basic use, the traditional lock is a good choice. However, if you want to install extra security in your house, go for smart locks. With advanced features and top-level security, it’s the best option.


Q: What is the disadvantage of smart door lock?

As smart locks are connected to your smartphone, you’ll face some issues if your phone is stolen or hacked. There’s no backup in this case.

Q: What is the most secure lock design?

According to many experts, deadbolt lock doors are the most secure ones and they are used for a house’s exterior doors.

Q: Is Digital Lock better than a normal lock?

Yes, digital lock doors are way more secure as compared to the normal lock. They need a code, fingerprint, or an electronic device which depends on the type of the lock.

Q: What type of lock is best for a safe?

Even though there are various types of locks available in the market, level locks are best for keeping your house safe. Plus, you can also go for smart locks.

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