The Aging Challenge: Why Shedding Pounds Gets Tougher with Time

Surya Yadav

Many people wonder why they continue to pack on the pounds even when they eat less or start working out at the gym more. The day comes when they can no longer cut out treats or visit the gym more often to remove those unwanted pounds. They may do so, only to be disappointed with the results. 

As men and women age, they typically gain a pound or two each year. Taking this weight off becomes harder with time. Even those who have always found they can maintain the same weight no matter what they do might find the pounds are starting to arrive and stay. This problem affects countless individuals today as America’s population is aging. Here’s why it is harder to lose weight as you age.

Lipid Turnover

Most individuals have never heard of lipid turnover, but it affects their lives in countless ways. Fat remains on the body longer as a person ages. Humans cannot remove fat as quickly as they did when they were younger. Stubborn fat hangs around even as they try to remove unwanted pounds. 


However, lipid turnover isn’t the only factor contributing to this weight gain. Hormones also play a role in how much a person weighs. A woman’s estrogen levels drop as she gets old, and the same is true for a male’s testosterone levels. As these hormone levels decrease, losing weight becomes more difficult. Women, in particular, find they gain abdominal fat that hangs around even if they lose weight. 

Decreasing Lean Muscle Mass

As the weight appears, lean muscle mass declines. Once people turn 30, their lean muscle mass decreases by three to eight percent every decade. Sadly, this loss of muscle mass means the person burns fewer calories throughout the day. Muscles come with more metabolic activity than fat. As muscle mass decreases, the metabolism slows, which leads to gradual weight gain. People must either increase their physical activity or decrease their eating to slow the weight gain.

Taking Off This Unwanted Weight

While it can be challenging to lose unwanted weight as one ages, it can be done. Most people find strength training is the best way to help them maintain muscle mass and burn more calories as they go about their days. A person can begin strength training at any age and see results quickly. Wouldn’t dropping a pant size in a few weeks be nice? Strength training is the way to achieve this goal. 

Seek Help

A personal trainer may be helpful for those who struggle to lose weight regardless of what they do. Wearable fitness devices are also beneficial, allowing people to track their daily activity. People who seek help when trying to lose weight are less likely to injure themselves, so they won’t be sitting on the couch idle and watching their weight increase even more. 

However, food also plays a role in weight gain. Men and women need to watch portion sizes and consider what they put in their bodies. People cannot eat as much as they once did, mainly if they are less active. Start paying attention to the body when eating and stop when full. People often eat more than they should out of habit rather than because they are hungry. Changing portion sizes can help remove the pounds and keep them off for good. 

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