Thank Goodness Print is Not Dead; Magazine Subscriptions on the Rise

Certain Doubts

How about that? People are reading more magazines and in-print of all media forms. That is great news. I am sure it has something to do with our time availability or commitment levels. We want to read but large novels can be daunting obligations to those of us (99.999%) with less free time. 

Magazines provide entrancing focus and attention to specific topics. They have a high quality of engagement with their audiences and some readers have a strict following. Focused engagement with various groups allows advertisers the ability to focus product ads. This means we get less off-topic promotions in our way.

The high levels of engagement with readers trigger long-term memory and emotional intensity which keeps readers returning. Better quality stories and topic information, elevate enjoyment of ads, making them useful.

Magazines have extended reach in their markets. 70% of household shoppers are women. Their brand love and loyalty offer ROI in marketing strategies. 

The most popular and widely read, magazine is Better Homes and Gardens. With a readership near 2 million, they continue to increase their reach and market share of the 4.2 million regular readers in Australia. 

Whether you are an at-home chef, into crafting, gardening, alterations, decoration, fashion, or fitness, multiple magazine options will focus on your favourite trade, hobby, or pastime. When you need industry advice, new tech/trends, inspiration, or ideas, picking up a magazine can provide them all. 

The benefits of regular reading are known and documented. The sharper we keep our mental tools the crisper our mental work will be. 

  • Increasing your vocabulary is important today. The number of words being created and changed in definition requires attention. Reading a magazine for a specific sector will improve your comprehension of advances and changes.
  • There are layers of mental stimulation we receive when we read a magazine in comparison to a book, the vibrant pages and idea of the unknown on the next page keep us more engaged.
  • When we pick up something to read, we are mentally stimulated. Our memories improve by recalling the previous parts of a story or concept developments. Fanciful and imaginative verbal imagery, helps us create visuals of story events. 
  • The imagery enhances our focus and concentration. Repeated positive stimulation is what happens when you “just couldn’t put that book down”. 
  • Increasing the amount and quality of details on a subject allows our minds to go to work on data. This will dramatically improve thinking and analytical skills. Our brains are self-operating super-computers that decipher patterns to identify and absorb new data.
  • Have you ever known someone who seems to have “all the right answers”? I can tell you they read often. Their brains are constantly being filled with new patterns to apply to problems or roadblocks. That is using our evolution in a positive direction.

Read often. Read on a variety of subjects to introduce new concepts and ideas. If you need better software skills for work, you might read up on it. I want you to read up on life; explorers, developers, innovators, or the physics of the world and universe around us. Reading is fundamental. 

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