SwifDoo PDF to Password Protect Your PDF File

Surya Yadav

Encrypting a PDF file is a practical solution that allows you to secure the data contained in this type of document. Do you store confidential information in PDF format in the cloud, do you want to send it by e-mail or share it on an external drive? To do this without worrying about sensitive data being shared, you can password protect your file. How to encrypt a PDF file with ease?

Free PDF security

If you want to encrypt a PDF file, you can use the PDF protection programs. One of them is SwifDoo PDF. If you want to encrypt a PDF file using it, select the “Protect” option from the menu field, then select: “Encryption”. By selecting the “Open Password” or “Permission Password” fields, we can enter a sequence of numbers or digits that will protect all files printed by PDF creator.  

Another method to secure a PDF file is to use the 7-zip program. This application, available completely free of charge, is intended to compress data – by “packing” them, we can easily send files that are too heavy. At the same time, however, it enables encryption of archives generated with it. 

How to encrypt a 7-zip PDF file ? Just right-click on the PDF you want to assign a password to, then select the 7-ZIP option and then: “Add to archive.” In the generated field, in its lower right corner, you will find the “Enter password” option. After accepting the password entered twice with the “OK” button, we receive an encrypted archive with the PDF we are interested in.

Encrypt with online tools

If you want to encrypt a PDF document quickly and without having to download additional software, you can also use the tools available online. These are free services that allow you to protect PDF files with a password – you can perform this type of operation in just a few seconds. One of the most popular online PDF encryption applications is a tool provided by Adobe.

All you need to do is select the file you want to protect, send it to the server and enter the password twice. You can download the PDF generated in this way to your computer – to open it, you will have to enter the password. Do you want to send such a prepared file by e-mail and are wondering how to encrypt a PDF file in e-mail? Nothing could be simpler – just attach a previously password-protected file to the email – opening it will require entering it.

Paid PDF encryption methods

Paid programs for encrypting PDF files include the Microsoft Office office suite and the aforementioned SwifDoo PDF Pro(a good alternative to the Adobe Acrobat). If you want to encrypt a document once, there is no need to purchase such advanced tools. However, if advanced editing of doc and PDF files and their encryption is your daily routine, these applications may prove to be very useful. 

They will allow you to perform a number of additional activities related to editing PDF files – e.g. introducing protection against editing them. This will allow you to limit the possibility of modifying the document – its recipient will not be able to move objects placed in it, add new ones, edit text or add fields in forms – but they will still be able to complete an already prepared form, sign the document or comment on it.

Encrypting PDF files to block the editing

To lock PDF editing, open the file you are interested in the SwifDoo PDF program, then select “Protect”, Encrypt with permission password from the menu. At this stage, you can protect your document from editing, but also from printing, by selecting “Restrict the ability to edit and print the document”. 

That’s not all – using the “Printing allowed” and “Allowed changes” fields, you can independently select the scope of changes that the user can make to your document or specify the resolution at which he will be able to print it. 

In both cases – by selecting the “None” setting, you deprive users of the right to print and edit the file in its entirety.

Final words

Encrypting a PDF file means that a person who wants to access the content of the document will have to enter the password that protects it. This is an effective method to avoid confidential data being intercepted by unauthorized persons. 

With the right PDF encryption tools, encrypting a PDF file is easy as never before.

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