Stevin John House: Where Does He Live?

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Stevin W. John, aka Blippi, is a renowned children’s entertainer. He was born on May 27, 1988, in America. He runs a YouTube channel named Blippi. Blippi is a character that John created when he saw his two-year-old nephew watching low-quality kids’ videos. Blippi wears bright-colored clothes and plays with soft toys. He also teaches kids playfully and excitingly. He has almost 17.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

Born29 May 1988
Height1,78 m
Networth$75 million 

About Stevin W. John Background

The birthplace of John is Ellensburg. Growing up, he was surrounded by a farming environment. His childhood was spent with tractors, cows, and horses. He dreamed of being a limousine driver or fighter pilot one day. When he was 18, he joined the US Air Force. He served as a loadmaster in the US military. After this, he also spent his next two years as a marketing consultant and in video production. 

Later, he started his YouTube channel and became an entertainer and educator for people on YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime.

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All about Stevin John’s House

Straight from Ellensburg to LA, Stevin John made this journey with the help of the fame he earned on YouTube.

Stevin John’s house is worth $5 million in Los Angeles. The house is two stories and covers 4100 square feet. This property has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. His home is designed in the farmhouse style, with a sleek aesthetic and a spacious layout.

The interior space has an open concept and is decorated in white and earth tones with black and grey shades. Each room in the house has at least two lighting options. The floors are brown hardwood, and the ceilings are white. The house is lit up by the natural light when entering through the huge french windows and glass doors. 

The living room and kitchen are in an open space and connected. There are white sofas and a beautiful fireplace. Opening the big glass sliding doors connects with the pool and patio. 

A master suite is also one of the more attractive places in the home. It is relaxing and refreshing as it shares the view of beautiful green trees. A balcony is also attached to it. The bathroom has a white freestanding bathtub.

The exterior of Blippi’s house looks elegant with the white color of the paint and the grey roof. The house is secured with an automated house system.

The house’s backyard includes a pool, a hot tub, a large patio with sun loungers, built-in grills for barbecuing, and an outdoor kitchen, which would be a great relief during parties and gatherings.

The front porch is a distinctly gorgeous part of this house. It has two chairs, a sophisticated center table, and pendant lights.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where does Stevin John live?

Clybourn Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91602

2. Who is the wife of Stevin W. John?

Alyssa Ingham is the wife of Stevin W. John.

3. What is the real name of Blippi?

Stevin W. John plays Blippi.

4. What is the income, Blippi?

Blippi, aka Stevin W. John, earns $75 million a year.

5. Does Stevin W. John have a child?

Stevin W. John is the father of a nine-year-old son, Lochlan David John.

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