Slavic Woman: Paragraph for Her to Show Your Feelings

Surya Yadav

It’s no secret that most women love with their ears. If you need to win over a girl, then you should definitely think about how and what to say. If your choice falls on a Slavic woman, then be prepared to almost become Shakespeare in order to surprise her. Fortunately for you, we have prepared paragraphs that will definitely help you reveal your feelings and get closer to the lady of your heart. 

How Do You Express Your Feelings to A Girl in a Paragraph?

First of all, you need to be yourself, be honest, and be open. Words should flow by themselves from a pure heart. It doesn’t have to be a huge love letter. Even a couple of sentences can touch a girl and move her. The most important thing is that you have time to think about everything carefully before you write to her. However, we still understand that someone needs a push to continue further, and therefore we have compiled passages for different occasions that you can use, get inspired by, or paraphrase. Remember that the most important thing is to pick up the right moment and choose the appropriate words. Don’t expect an instant answer from the Slavic woman, because she will probably be pleasantly surprised by it. Give her time to think, and don’t rush her.

I love you paragraph for her

Many people worry about the difficult task of expressing their feelings of love. Thoughts are confused, and words cannot be found. But here’s where you can start.

  • I can hardly describe my feelings for you. When I don’t talk to you for a while, everything that surrounds me becomes gray. I want to spend hours talking to you, taking care of you, and getting to know you better than anyone else. I love you so much…!
  • I don’t know what is more important in this world than love. Next to you, I realized that this feeling exists. You appeared in my life and changed it. Now I have a reason to live, to become a better version of myself, and make you happy. I will do everything it takes to make you stay by my side forever. 
  • Every hour and minute, I’m thinking about you, my love. You are the best thing that has happened in my life. It’s a plan of God that we met, and I’m thankful for that. No matter what happens, you took my heart from the first moment we talked. You continue to fill it with love every single day, and I wish it wouldn’t ever stop. 
  • Not everyone is lucky to have a person whom you love with all your heart. But for me, it’s you. You’re the best gift I could ask for. Nothing is more important than to protect and love you. I want us to be happy together, my love. 

I miss you paragraph for her

Agree, that when we are in love, we miss our other half madly, but how can we say this in a less trivial way?

  • I miss you when you’re not online with me. I just want you to know that even though we’re not talking, you’re always on my mind. 
  • You are far away, and I am counting the seconds until I meet you. It seems that I will lose everything if you’re not around me. I miss you very much and am looking forward to seeing you.
  • It feels like something is missing. Maybe you, my love? Only you can calm me down and make me feel safe. Just come quickly, making me happy with your presence.
  • I’m so used to you that it’s never enough to have conversations with you. I constantly imagine your appearance, looking at strangers, and counting every minute until we talk to each other again. 

Long good morning paragraph for her

The first thing we wake up, each of us wants to hear our beloved. This is a great way to show that you don’t forget for a moment about a Slavic woman. 

  • Another new day makes me happy because I can say how much I love you again. Good morning, my lovely girl. I’m not sure what a new day will bring, but I want you to know that today you’ll be happier than yesterday with me.
  • Sometimes I wish the alarm clock didn’t wake me up because it bothers me to dream about you. Even the morning sunlight is not that important for me any more than the light of yours that fills my life. Waking up is full of thoughts about you that energize me for the whole day. 

Good night paragraph for her

Wishing her good dreams is another way to show that you care about her. 

  • Dear, go to sleep, so we can meet together in your wonderful dreams. I hug my pillow tightly, waiting to meet you in my dreams.
  • I don’t want you to leave, but your rest is what important for me the most. I will be there when you wake up. 
  • Close your eyes and get ready to plunge into the splendor of bright dreams. My soul will strive for you even in a dream.
  • Darling, sleep well because I will stand guard over your dreams. Just know that tomorrow I will love you more than today. 

Deep love paragraph for her

When you are overwhelmed with feelings, you should not hide them. Sometimes a passionate and deep confession of feelings gives a boost to your relationship. 

  • You’re the one who turned my world upside down. Since then, I know for sure that everything I’ve been through brought me to you, my love. It’s never enough to spend time with you. You are the air that I need to breathe in to live my life. The words can’t describe my feelings for you. No matter how much time is left I will be still filled with warm feelings and love. You’re my muse and the whole world. 
  • I recognize your laughter from a crowd, I know when you’re sad and what makes you happy. I love you even when you are capricious. You are the only person who makes me feel alive and live life for our love. I am so grateful you appeared in my life. I’ve never experienced anything like it and I’m sure that’s what love sounds like!

Summing-Up: How Do I Express My Feelings To Her Over Text?

There is no exact wording to perfectly describe the feelings you experience. No one but you can express them more accurately. Just don’t be afraid to open up and try writing. Having studied a Slavic woman, you can easily understand whether she likes deep and sensual messages or whether you should add a dose of humor. We are sure that today’s examples will help you open up and please her. 

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