Should Players Choose High or Low Volatility Slots for Better Chances to Win

Surya Yadav

When players start to become familiar with online slots, they’ll start to be interested in the likelihood of winning and how much slots may pay. That’s where high and low volatility comes into play.

It’s all about weighing out risks and figuring out how much is on the table to win. Let’s explore the concept of volatility in online slots and the difference between high and low volatility.

What is Volatility

In online slots, volatility refers to how much and often players can expect to win. High volatility means players get bigger wins, but it will happen less frequently. Low volatility is the opposite–users get smaller wins that happen more often.

How volatility affects pokie casinos payouts is that it determines how much of a payout players may get and how frequently it will happen, perhaps making them sway their decision as to which pokie they will use. For example, if a player is after a rare chance at a high payout, they would choose a high volatility slot, and vice versa.

High vs. Low Payout Frequencies

Payout frequencies are how often a slot game will pay out with winnings. Some slots will have higher payout frequencies than others, but users won’t win huge amounts.

In high-volatility slots, the payout frequency will be lower. Players may win less often, but when they do, there are great winnings. Some examples of high-volatility online slots are ‘Book of Dead,’ ‘Dead or Alive 2’, and ‘Bonanza.’

Low volatility slots will payout more regularly, but players will notice that they will only be small winnings. Online slots with low volatility include ‘Starburst,’ ‘Immortal Romance,’ and ‘Gonzo’s Quest.’

It all depends on personal preferences when playing online slots. If players prefer a steady stream, low volatility is the better choice, but if they prefer the thrill of big payouts, they will enjoy high volatility.

High Volatility Pros and Cons

To help choose what volatility may be best, let’s take a look at what CasinoAustralia thinks are the key pros and cons of each. 


  • Players will receive higher payouts when they win
  • There are often more bonus features available


  • There’s a higher level of risk involved
  • Players have less opportunity for potential payouts

Low Volatility Pros and Cons


  • Players will see a more steady payout frequency
  • Consistent but small winnings will make players feel accomplished


  • The winnings players make are going to be small
  • The games may not be as exciting because there’s no risk factor

What Type of Volatility is Best

Deciding what type of volatility a player wants depends on their preferences and what kind of risks they’re willing to take for the chance of a big payout. Players should think about what experience they’re looking for.

If they love risks and thrill, high volatility is great. If they’re all about a consistent stream, they may prefer low volatility.


When playing online slots, the choice between high and low volatility is entirely up to the player. The starting point is being informed of the differences between the two to make a decision that works best. Low volatility will give more options to win, but a high-volatility game lets players chase a bigger payout.

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