Rare and Limited Edition Lightsabers: Hunting for Unique Collectibles

Surya Yadav

Star Wars fans (regardless of what side of the Force they identify with) love lightsabers, and they have no problem showcasing that love. You can always see them showing off their lightsaber replicas at conventions, movie premieres, and fan meets.

Most Star Wars fans have extensive collections of replica lightsabers including ones like the Count Dooku lightsaber, and they are always looking to add more unique (even rare) replicas to their collections. If you’re one of such fans, below is a list of some rare and limited edition lightsabers, including where you can find them.

The Mandalorian Darksaber

The black-bladed lightsaber or Mandalorian Darksaber can be a quite rare and unique addition to your Star Wars collection. It is the rarest lightsaber in the Star Wars universe, with only a few being shown on screen (The Mandalorian, Star Wars- The Clone Wars). Although typically more expensive than other mass-produced lightsaber replicas, the Darksaber is definitely a worthy investment for an avid collector.

Mace Windu’s Purple Lightsaber

Another incredibly rare lightsaber is Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber which he wielded throughout the prequel trilogy. The lightsaber, which features an amethyst blade, is unlike any other fans have seen. The saber’s hilt also features an electrum-plated hilt (a gold-like metal reserved for only the highest-skilled Jedi Masters) which further distinguishes it from other lightsabers.

Dark-Side Rey’s Lightsaber

Although only briefly seen in Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker (during a prophetic vision), the red double-bladed switchsaber wielded by a Dark Side-influenced Rey was something that immediately wowed fans. A replica of this switchblade-like saber that would have made Rey into a very deadly Force-user is definitely worth adding to a Star Wars collection.

Ahsoka Tano’s Dual White Lightsabers

Following Ahsoka Tano’s exit from the Jedi Order, she created her very own twin white-bladed lightsabers. The lightsabers feature curved hilts and white (colourless) blades, which symbolise her neutrality to the Force.

Lord Corvax’s Ornate Lightsaber

Lord Corvax’s lightsaber may not be as popular as other lightsabers from the franchise, but its ancient and intricate design definitely makes it stand out. What really catches the eye about this lightsaber is its unique crossguard. However, because of its intricate design, a replica of this lightsaber serves a more aesthetic purpose (display) than a practical one.

Getting Your Hands on Rare and Limited Edition Lightsaber Replicas

Because rare and limited edition lightsabers are not mass-produced, getting your hands on them can be hard. However, there are ways to make your hunt easier.

First is to check with comic book stores. Many comic book stores carry a lot of Star Wars merchandise, including collector’s items like replica lightsabers. Purchasing a replica lightsaber from these stores may, however, cost you more.

Another way to get your hands on limited edition replica lightsabers is to order from online lightsaber stores. Many online vendors sell rare lightsaber replicas, with some of them even giving you the option of customisation.

Alternatively, you can pre-order some of these limited-edition lightsabers straight from the manufacturers. There may be a waiting period attached to these orders.


For a die-hard Star Wars fan, there is no such thing as having too many replica lightsabers. There is always room for more, especially if they are rare and limited editions. Above are some of the rare lightsabers you can consider adding to your Star Wars collection.

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