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Piper Rockelle is a YouTuber. She has entertained and enchanted her viewers with her fun and effervescent attitude since 2016. She has almost 9 million followers who enjoy her videos, short clips, fun and exciting tasks, dance moves, and other fascinating stuff.

piper rockelle new house

She has crossed 10 million followers on TikTok. She is a well-trained gymnast. As a singer, her songs “Treat Myself” and “Butterflies” have made her more popular. She has also appeared in many films and TV shows. She is known for her appearance in the American online series Chicken Girls (2018) and Maniac (2018). She is a great dancer too.

Born21 August 2007
Height152 cm
Networth$3 Million
StatusIn relationship 
NicknamePipes/ Pippy/ Pips

All About Piper Rochelle’s Background

15-year-old celebrity Piper Rockelle was born in Georgia, United States. She is the daughter of Piper Smith and Tiffany Rockelle. When she was just a child, Piper had only had contact with her dad once. Her mother was her primary caregiver. 

She is a stay-at-home mom who runs a cat rescue. Piper is an adopted child. Piper struggled with dyslexia as a child, but this did not hinder her resolve. She has been in a few romantic relationships but is currently committed to Lev Cameron. He is an actor and dancer. 

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where does piper rockelle live

About Piper Rochelle’s House

Piper has been a resident of Sherman Oaks since November 2022. Piper’s house covers an area of around 4,500 square feet. Her house has six beautiful bedrooms and five bathrooms. The house has a modern, conventional, and diverse design, showing uniqueness.

The home looks purple from the exterior. With its multicolored accents, decor, furnishings, and other structural components, the interior offers an equally intriguing atmosphere. She is also interested in eco-friendly items for her home’s design and furnishings.

The view from Piper’s front yard looks like a Disney movie. The property appears stylish with its purple paint on the walls and white details. There is a tiled pathway that is surrounded by a number of plants and leads to the front entrance. The wall in the house is striped with pastel pink, white, and purple paint, just like the one visible from the backyard.

The entrance door has glitter on the sides. a two-story entryway with a stairway with RGB lighting. A floor-to-ceiling painting honors her music labels, Filthy Fangs and Thorne. The conventional living space and dining hall are nearby. Then there’s the servant pantry, which is linked to the kitchenette. 

A bell-shaped glass pendant chandelier with multi-color lighting hangs just above the countertop with a basin in the kitchen. Several colors are used to paint both drawer knobs and cabinet doors. Additional faucets may be located on the countertop adjacent to the large window that views the backyard, swimming pool, and outdoor barbecue. 

piper rockelle house address

A butler’s pantry with a marble counter, stainless steel gadgets, and a constructed coffee maker is also included. An artwork of paper roses hangs on the dining room wall.

The pool was also located nearby. The outdoors has a built-in BBQ, a kitchen, a jacuzzi, a fountain, and other water elements.

Piper bought this house for around $2.5 million.

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Frequently Asked Questions About his House

  1. What is the address of Piper Rockelle’s house? 

He lives at Turtle Lake Ct. SE, Marietta, GA 30067.

  1. What is the color of Piper Rochelle’s house?

Piper’s house is purple, which shows its uniqueness.

  1. Is Piper Rockelle in a relationship?

She has been in a relationship with Lev Cameron since 2020.

  1. For how much Piper Rockelle bought her house?

When she bought her house, the price was $2.5 million.

  1. Is Piper Rockelle studying?

She is studying at the Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology.

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